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Baby Safety Corner Guards And Edge Bumper With Cabinet Lock (12 Pack)


Looking to keep your child free of unnecessary injuries?

Get ready for the product we have designed just for your child's protection!!
Children are playful creatures, and they often can be found running about, frolicking and playing in the house. While this is indeed a joyous sight to see, children are at risk of picking up injuries when they bump into furniture. Sometimes, these injuries can be severe and horrible, especially when they involve the sharp edges. Ashtonbee hence came up with this product to stop this from happening.

★ Provides maximum absorbency and ease of installation
★ Does not damage the furniture it was used on
★ Made of non-toxic hypoallergenic materials to keep your child safe

Protect your children today!
We designed this product with your child's safety as the topmost priority. Hence, we have taken absolutely no compromise in the product design. You can be sure it will work for you and your child.

✓ Superior impact absorption
✓ Easy to install and fits most furniture
✓ Made only of safe, non-toxic materials
✓ Comes with a free set of cabinet locks

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