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Baby Teething Relief Toy (5 Pack)


Looking for a relief for your child going through teething?

Get ready for the best relief toy we have come up with yet!
Children undergo a natural teething process as they develop their first milk teeth, which is a necessary step to ensure they can eat more solid foods. While the process is essential, it is also very painful and a source of soreness and discomfort for the baby. Babies cry a lot when undergoing the teething process, which can distress the parent. Thankfully, Ashtonbee has the perfect solution for you, in our amazing product!

★ Our teething toy set safely and effectively massages the sore gums of your child to relieve soreness
★ Made of 100% safe, FDA approved, non toxic material, for your child's safety
★ Comes in a pack of 5 for a superb value deal

Keep your baby happy and healthy during the developmental stages!!
This teething toy set is made of a soft material that is carefully designed to gently massage the tender gums of your baby. It provides comfort, and is perfectly sized for use.!

✓ Effective source of teething pain relief
✓ Made only of FDA-approved materials, which are non-toxic
✓ Comes in package of five
✓ Safe fit for your child, no choking hazard

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