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Pacifier Clip (5 Pack)

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Looking to keep your child's accessories free from harmful germs and bacteria?

Get ready for the amazing pacifier clips we have come up with!
Children are very vulnerable to diseases and infections spread via germs and bacteria. Often, these nasties are encountered on the floor, where thousands of germs and bacteria reside, waiting to pounce on the innocent child. Hence, it is essential that as parents, we keep our children safe and prevent this from happening. Our line of pacifier clips are designed for exactly this purpose!

★ Effectively keep your child's pacifier and accessories off the floor
★ Made of a strong, durable, easily washable material, for your comfort and ease of use
★ Versatile, and able to be used on virtually any baby accessory, so you can fit this on anything

Keep the germs away from your child!
The clasp in this product is secure, strong, and durable. Hence, we ensure that your baby's accessories are away from harmful germs and bacteria at all times, without compromise

✓ Effective preventive measure to keep your child's accessories safe
✓ Made only of FDA-approved materials, which are non-toxic, is easily washable and durable
✓ Comes in a pack of five
✓ Versatile product, able to be used on most accessories
We are committed to our customer's satisfaction. If you're not satisfied with this product, let us know and we will offer you 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Buy now while supplies last!

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