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Silicone Baby Bib (3 Pack)


Looking for a mess free feeding experience with your child?

Get ready for the product we have designed just for your comfort!!
Children are beautiful. However, when it is time to feed them, they can make your life, less than beautiful. All the mess that they create can be chaotic, and even the most patient parent will dislike constantly cleaning up crazy amounts of mess post-mealtime. Hence, Ashtonbee has designed a silicone baby bib to solve this problem!

★ Does not absorb water or food remnants, easily washed
★ Food pocket captures fallen food, which is then simply disposed of
★ Easy to use and clean, for your comfort and ease

Keep the mess away today!
We designed this product as we understand the difficulty parents face when dealing with mess around the house after feeding their children. We just want to make their life easier.

✓ Easily cleaned and hassle-free, simply use soap water
✓ Made of FDA-approved, toxin-free materials, for enhanced safety
✓ Comes in pack of three for added value

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