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When looking for baby supplies, there are plenty of details you should consider. If you are a mom or a dad with a small home, then looking for a space-saving high chair is a priority. 

Traditional high chairs are often bulky, not foldable, and not portable—as opposed to your goal of saving space. When your little one grows, you cannot use it to become a toddler chair. You need to spend on an extra chair. 

Now, you’re in luck! This blog post will discuss the different uses and characteristics of the best high chair for small spaces. We hope this information will help you make an informed decision when purchasing a high chair for your little one.

Dining and More: Uses Of A Baby High Chair

The primary function of a high chair is to assist you during mealtimes. Naturally, you want to ensure your baby is as comfortable when eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But high chairs fulfill more than just being a baby’s dining table. You can use them in many ways. 

Dining High Chair

Don’t let the small space in your kitchen or dining room stop you from incorporating baby supplies. Go for a slim high chair, so your family and baby can enjoy extra moving space when eating. 

Choosing a foldable design can add space-friendliness to your high chair, so you can easily insert it in tight gaps between your dining furniture. After dining, you can fold the high chair, have wider space in your dining area, and keep your kitchen and dining spic and span.

Arts and Crafts High Chair

Arts and crafts help develop your baby’s motor skills. They can draw from doodles to more definite shapes. Drawing and doing crafts are precious bonding times that can help your baby develop emotional and social skills. 

As a prepared parent, you know that arts and crafts also mean furniture in trouble of being your baby’s canvas. Space-saving high chairs for arts and crafts ensure your baby chair has an attached tray as a table for their papers, crayons, and art supplies. So they are secured in a chair and not roaming around in a limited space with crayons ready to draw on walls. 

Outdoor High Chair

The trees, flowers, grass, and earth are sights that will awaken your little one’s wonder. They will be introduced to different textures when you allow them to touch and feel the ground and other elements outdoors. 

While you want your baby to have fun, you also want them to be safe. So invest in a simple foldable high chair you can take with you to the outdoors. You can store this neatly in a small space at home. You can easily take it out when you need a garden chair, beach chair, or any outdoor high chair.

Travel High Chair

Space-saving high chairs are especially handy to have when you travel. Pick the ones with cushioned pads for the seat to ensure an enjoyable ride for your baby. When your little one is feeling cozy travelling, you’ll enjoy the trip, too, as you won’t need to hush and comfort a crying babe. 

You can conveniently set up the portable high chair when you stop at restaurants and scenic spots. You and your baby can enjoy the food, and your whole family can appreciate the ambiance and beautiful view.

best high chair for small spaces

10 Characteristics Of The Best Compact High Chair

Now that you can enjoy the same benefits as traditional high chairs in a modern high chair, you can pick this space-saving option design. But aside from a compact high chair, what other characteristics should you look for to get the best?

Stain Resistant

Baby meal time is when you turn into a chef to please your little foodie and keep him healthy. As your baby’s motor skills aren’t fully developed yet, it’s a challenge to clean up after. Having a stain-resistant high chair that you can just wipe off using wet cloth to clean will make your life easier. 

Has a Cup Holder

To ensure your baby is hydrated, having a sippy cup where you’ll put water, juice, or smoothies will be helpful. You can safely place the cup in the high chair if you pick a chair that has a cup holder in the food tray. The drink is within reach, so your baby will not have difficulty getting and sipping in the goodness you prepared. 

Fit to Table Height

Your baby will enjoy mealtimes better when their chair has a seat height allowing them to be on the same level as the kitchen or dining table. You can pick a high chair design that attaches directly to the table or one whose chair’s arms are the same level as the table. 

You can also pick a booster seat. What is the difference between a booster and a high chair? A booster is just an elevated cushion on top of a high chair. 

Well-Designed and Adjustable Tray

Check the tray insert very well when purchasing a high chair. A plastic food tray is excellent if you want something easy-to-clean. You can also go for a wooden tray for the aesthetics, but make sure you can tidy it quickly too. A removable tray with three tray positions will make it easy for you to adjust according to the comfortable level of your baby. 

Has a Three-Position Recline

Aside from an adjustable tray, a reclining seat makes a high chair have multipurpose use. Hence, find a chair with three recline positions, so your baby can use it when feeding, sitting back and relaxing, and taking a nap. A high chair with an adjustable footrest also ensures your baby can comfortably sit as their feet are not hanging.

wooden high chair - Beech tree wood legs and white polypropylene plastic seat

Has a Comfortable Seat Cover

As a parent, you think of everything comfortable for your baby. When you have a padded-seat high chair with cushioned pads strategically located in areas where the chair should support your baby, your baby will always have an enjoyable experience. When the comfortable seat pad you pick has an adorable high chair cover, your baby will have a fun time too!

Complete With Safety Features

Parents like you always provide a safe space for their baby, even when dining. Aside from a comfortable and fun high chair seat, pick one with a shoulder harness system. When your baby has harnesses on their shoulders, hips, and legs, you won’t worry about them overarching forward, the high chair tipping, and them falling. They’ll always be sitting safely.

Can Be a Toddler Chair

When you buy stuff, you always consider whether your child can use it even when they become toddlers. If yes, the high chair you can transform into a toddler chair will be the apple of your eye.

You can keep the removable tray and keep the chair. This is the chair your baby can use when they sit with you at the dining table. 

Has Non-scratch Floor Pads

Despite your home having small space, you make sure it is spic and span for your little one. An extra detail you’d like to check if your high chair has is non-scratch floor pads. While you can buy chairs with built-in pads like this, you can always invest in separate ones. Ensure they fit the stand edges perfectly so they won’t fall off.

Can Be a Carry Bag

If your priority for your compact high chair is portability and can easily fit into your car because you move and travel a lot, pick the one you can fold into a carry bag. If you think foldable high chairs are already great, wait until you see high chairs that parents like you can carry like a backpack. And you won’t think it is a high chair because they look like a backpack when folded!

High Chair For Small Spaces By Ashtonbee

If you have a small kitchen or live in a tiny apartment, don’t despair. Skip the traditional high chair and switch to small space high chairs that will make mealtime much easier. From dining to arts and crafts to outdoor use, there are compact high chairs that will suit your needs. 

And when it comes to choosing the best high chair for small spaces, look for one that is stain-resistant, has a well-designed tray, is adjustable, and comes with safety features. The Ashtonbee high chair ticks these boxes and more! So if you’re looking for a great high chair solution for small spaces, the Ashtonbee high chair should be on your list. 

Check it out now, so you can add it to your small but cozy home!

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