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When you have a baby, you can expect to deal with a lot of diaper changes in the first three years. Changing diapers is a messy business, and even when your kids are cooperative enough, it can still be gross.


Messes are expected, but there are ways you can lessen them. Whether you are a new parent or this is another newborn for your family, this article is perfect for you. We’ll share some helpful tips to help make changing diapers less messy and more sanitary for you and your kids.


Diaper-Changing Tips Every Parent Should Know

Raising a newborn is not easy, and most parents agree that diaper cleanup time is their least favorite part. However, it’s also something you cannot avoid. With that, here are some practices parents should consider regarding diaper changes.


Get All Baby Supplies Out

The first rule for easy cleanup is to prepare everything you need for changing diapers. You never want to leave your baby in the changing stations and fetch the supplies you’re missing. Leaving them unattended could cause unwanted accidents.


As a general rule, you should have diapers, sanitary wipes, and diaper cream with you. Depending on how big a mess your babies make, you can also prepare a warm tub of water, cotton balls, and a change of clothes if necessary. Have a diaper caddy ready, so you don’t need to scramble every time you change your kids.


Use High-Quality Diapers

Most parents overlook the quality of diapers they purchase for their kids. If you want to spend less time cleaning after your little one’s mess, a high-quality diaper is essential. Cheap diapers are made from low-quality materials and are usually thin. They can tear easily and have low absorption capabilities, which can lead to leaks.


Some diapers are lined with bamboo filters to eliminate the smell and promote good air circulation, which works against heat and diaper rash. However, high-quality diapers do not always mean the most expensive ones. You have to do research on which materials are suitable for your kids.


You can also consider waterproof materials to ensure the mess will stay inside the diaper. But most importantly, check if the material is gentle on your baby’s skin. Rashes and skin allergies may be caused by diaper material. So take note of your baby’s allergies, or better yet, look for an organic diaper brand.


Appropriate Diaper Size

One of the reasons why parents experience messy diaper changes is because of the incorrect diaper size. Bigger diapers hold more content, but if it is not a snug fit for your kids, they will only make a mess.


Furthermore, consider the strength of the diaper straps. During the day, your kids will move a lot, and their movements can cause their diapers to fall. At nighttime, using overnight diapers for your kids is best. It holds more content, so your kids can sleep through the night without distractions.


Know Your Kid’s Schedule

Unless your kids know how to say when they need to go to the toilet, it’s up to the parents to decide whether they need to change their kids or not. Some kids won’t say when their diapers are full. They’ll only show signs of irritation when it’s time.


A baggy diaper is a good indication that it’s overflowing with content. However, before you take notice, the contents may be sitting too long in the diaper, which can irritate your baby’s skin. So make a schedule for diaper changes. You can check their diapers every four hours unless it’s necessary.


Use Distractions

Wiggly babies are typical during diaper changes. It’s a struggle for parents and can turn into a messy business if you don’t control your kids. We understand that you want to finish the task as soon as possible but take your time when changing them. Rushing will only cause the mess to spill and the bacteria to spread on your babies.


Use distractions to calm your baby. You can give them their favorite toy, talk, or sing to them. The less your kids move, the faster and cleaner diaper changing will go.

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Changing Pads for Easy and Convenient Diaper Changes

The most helpful tip for parents struggling with diaper changes is to invest in a baby changing pad. You can change nappies on any solid surface, but changing pads will make it easier and safer for you and your little one. Here are changing pad features you should look for when you decide to make a purchase.


Safety Straps Are a Must

A diaper changing station should be safe for your kids. If you have changing pads, they should have at least a strap that goes around and secures your kid’s midsection to ensure they won’t fall over. That’s why looking for a safety strap is a must.


If you have a changing table, make sure you can latch it onto something to keep it stable. Furthermore, a changing table should have barriers for extra security.


Waterproof Material

No matter how careful you are when changing diapers, accidents tend to happen. It’s inevitable. If any mess happens, you should be able to wipe it off easily. If the changing pad isn’t waterproof, it’s not worth buying.


An absorbent changing pad allows liquids to seep under the cushions, which can cause odours, mould, and mildew. For extra protection, use changing pad covers when changing your kids. If anything spills, the disposable covers will protect your changing pad


Contoured Changing Pad

If you’re not getting a changing table, make sure your changing pads have contoured sides. A contoured changing pad prevents your kids from rolling off. Furthermore, look for a changing pad with a contoured head to protect your baby from bumps and hard objects.


Look for Certifications

The best changing pads are the ones with certifications. There are third-party organizations that test baby products specifically for their quality. You’ll heavily rely on your changing pads for more than a year, so ensure you get one that will last.


The most common certificate you should look for is the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) sticker. This organization is responsible for testing children’s products, from toys to everyday essentials. Other certifications also test if the materials are safe and non-toxic for babies. Look for them before making a purchase.



There are portable diaper-changing pad options you can consider. There are changing pads that you can fold into the size of a travel bag. If you often bring your kids or travel with them, portability features should be on top of your list.


If you want something more permanent and suitable for home use, changing tables are best. If you have a spacious nursery, you can have a dedicated changing station. You can also consider changing tables with wheels to move them around the house quickly. Just make sure those wheels can be locked in place for security.

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Ashtonbee’s Portable Diaper Changing Pad

To sum up every parent’s quest for cleaner diaper changes, Ashtonbee offers a high-quality portable changing pad that every parent should have. Why choose Ashtonbee? Here are the reasons why you should make this purchase.


  • This product is a 2-in-1 diaper bag and changing pad.
  • It has multiple compartments to fit all your kid’s essentials, such as extra diapers, clothes, feeding bottles, and more.
  • It is durable and made from water-resistant materials.
  • It has strong velcro straps to keep all the contents inside, and is easy to attach to baby strollers, car seats, and bags.


Final Thoughts

Parents will be changing diapers longer than they can imagine. Accidents can happen, and sometimes they can gross you out. It’s normal, but it’s also inevitable. We hope these tips on diaper changes make changing less messy and easier for parents.

Furthermore, if you are shopping for high-quality baby gear, don’t forget to visit Ashtonbee. Browse our collection of baby essentials, like feeding gadgets, baby toys, high chairs, baby pillows, and safety accessories. Shop with us today!

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