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As a parent, it is always your goal to make your baby’s everyday life as comfortable as possible. You ensure their relaxation and happiness from the moment they wake up, play, and do different activities until they sleep. We know how you feel.

The best toddler rail can make a difference because of the safety it provides. It can turn a fussy baby because of lack of sleep into a smiling bundle of joy because they had good sleep. Keep reading to know why you need this for your baby’s bed and other baby bedtime supplies to ensure your little one’s safe and peaceful sleep!


8 Reasons A Bed Rail For Babies Is Indispensable

As a parent, you need to decide whether to get a baby bed or co-sleep. Bed types like king and queen beds are huge enough to fit you and your little one, while a baby or toddler bed is perfect for your little one’s size.  

Whatever you choose, ensure that when your baby begins rolling, there are bed rails that will save them from falling. You can choose a bed with a built-in rail in the bed frame or invest in rails that attach to the bed. Whichever you pick, you can reap these benefits. 

  • Gives You Peace of Mind

Babies sleep several times a day, and when they are sleeping, you do different house chores. With bed rails, active sleepers are kept inside the bed even when they roll. Moreover, bed rails only need attachment on the bed frame using steel clamps, and no assembly is required.

When you know your baby is safe, you can do errands as they sleep. During the night time, when both you and your baby are sleeping, you can sleep in peace, too, knowing that your little one will not fall off the bed. 

  • Keeps Your Baby Safe

There are different kinds of bed rails. Some have rails, same with a crib, and some have a steel frame and a mesh fabric serving as cover. Regardless of the design, ensure that the rails have a sturdy construction and are made of non-toxic materials. 

If the bed is positioned against the wall, you can attach the bed rail on the other side where it is open. If the bed is positioned in the middle of the room, add rails on both sides and the feet area. Make sure not to leave any gaps. There can be falling culprits or spaces where your baby might get stuck. 

  • Allows a Fun Playtime

Bed rails are not only meant for sleeping but also for keeping your little one safe when playing in bed. The bed’s soft cushion will catch your baby when they fall, while the bed rails will provide extra safety.

You can set up the rails yourself because most designs require minimal assembly. The bed with rails gives the same experience as leaving your baby in playpens.

  • Perfect for Hanging Out With Other Babies

Playing is better with companions. Your baby will develop physically, emotionally, and socially when they have other babies to play with. So, when your relatives and friends with babies visit your place, you can let them enjoy playing in the bed together. Just make sure that your bed can support your child’s weight and the weight of their baby friends.

Your baby and their friends can also nap or sleep together in one bed. You can continue having fun with your visitors while your babies are safe and sound asleep in a baby-proofed bed.

best portable bed rail

  • Gives You Peaceful Sleep Too!

Aside from baby proofing using the two rails on the side of your bed, adding another rail on the feet area also works. Pick a bed rail with high support bars that can your baby’s attempts to get out of bed and lets you sleep without worry.

As a parent, it is challenging to wake up several times during bedtime to hush a crying baby, so tick off one worry with the help of bed rails.

  • Matches the Room Theme

Parents like you ensure your little one’s spaces and supplies are adorable and have catchy designs. The cute prints are not only for the aesthetics but also encourage your baby, especially those who cry when left alone, to stay and enjoy the bedroom.

For the bed rails that use flat iron bars, you can pick bright or pastel colors, depending on the theme of your room or your baby’s nursery. Meanwhile, when you choose a bed rail with mesh material, you can pick one with cute prints. If you want to make your design minimalist, mesh fabrics with plain colors are also available. 

  • Saves You Money

Anything you buy for your little one should be investment-worthy, and when it comes to bed rails, you are spending your money wisely. 

Usually, parents invest in baby cribs, which later on will be outgrown by their child. However, when you think ahead and invest in a big kid bed instead and attach adjustable bed rails, your little one can still use the furniture when they become toddlers and kids. You will not have a hard time turning it from a baby bed to a grown-up kid’s bed. 

  • Allows You to Travel and Move

Are you taking a vacation? Invest in a portable bed rail for toddlers and babies with a universal fit and foldable rails, so you can take them anywhere. This design ensures that they can easily fit into your car and not give you a hassle. 

You can also look at inflatable bed rails that you can deflate and easily fold when it is time to go. These rails are not as sturdy as the mesh fabric-made rails or the steel bars, but they are good enough to get you through and keep your little one safe when you travel. 

Portable Bed Rail for Toddlers

More Bedtime Must-Haves For Your Little One

As you ensure your baby’s safety and sound sleep using the best portable bed rail, add these items to your bedtime indispensables. They will upgrade your baby’s comfort and, of course, your sleep!

  • Baby pillow: What is a baby bed without a pillow? Babies are not required to have pillows, but when you use one, better use a pillow that helps you avoid your baby from having a flat head.
  • Swaddle: Newborn babies have a startle reflex during the first months and are very clingy. A swaddle keeps them still and startle-free as the cloth imitates your warm hug as they sleep.
  • Sleeping clothes: Clothes like sleeping gowns and nighttime onesies keep babies warm and comfortable when they sleep. Pick the ones made with soft material to avoid any skin allergies.
  • Mattress and sheets: Have a mattress and sheets that have the same colors or characters for aesthetics. The soft feel will encourage sleep if the bed can accommodate thicker mattresses.
  • Sounds and storybooks: Studies have found the positive cognitive effects of classical music and early exposure to spoken language through storytelling. Prepare classical music and storybooks and let your baby listen to them during bedtime.
  • Powder, lotion, and essential oils: Your soft touch eases your little one, allowing them to doze off quicker. Add powder, lotion, or essential oils made with sleep-inducing organic content for your baby’s sounder sleep.

Ashtonbee’s Baby and Toddler Bed Rails

Purchasing a bed rail for your baby is an excellent decision that will bring you and your little one countless benefits. It will give you peace of mind and provide a safe place for your baby to play while allowing you to get some rest yourself. 

Bedtime with your baby can be much more enjoyable when you have all the must-haves, like a comfy pillow, soft swaddle, mattress and sheets, and bedtime sounds and stories. Get the best toddler bed rails and bedtime supplies here at Ashtonbee. Check out our collection to know more!

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