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Getting your child to take solids is an exciting milestone for parents. You research day and night for the different food you’ll prepare for your hungry little one. However, the reality isn’t always the smiles and giggles you imagined. 

Feeding a baby transitioning from milk to new foods can be challenging—and messy too! The kitchen floor that was once spic and span can be filled with baby food spills and food crumbles in your baby’s sixth month.

Now that you know what might happen, you can proactively work on this by having the best baby bowls with suction and other baby mealtime utensils. Believe us; they will come in handy!

8 Reasons You Need Suction Bowls

While we do not disagree that the regular bowls available at home are already good enough, we’ll give you several reasons why investing in BPA-free suction bowls for babies is still better. The taste of the meal will not improve, but your and your little one’s experience surely will!

  • Can Hold Different Baby Dishes

Mashed and pureed foods are the first solids your little one will consume. Then, slowly, you can introduce them to porridge and soup, which have more solid particles. And eventually, they can begin eating rice and larger chunks of meat, fruits, and vegetables. 

A baby suction bowl can hold all these foods. You do not have to switch from a bowl plate with every meal, which is convenient for you and your child!

  • Convenient Scooping for Baby

Your baby’s motor development is still developing as much as its ability to digest food. The first thing they’ll learn to do when self-feeding is scooping by using the fork to push the food to the spoon. This will develop the toddler’s self-feeding stage. 

With this, using a bowl of a perfect size can make it easier for your little one to scoop the puree or mashed food you prepared for them.

  • Encourages Independence

It brings a joyful feeling to parents like you when you do things for your little one. Diaper changing, bath time, and mealtimes are moments when you realize how vulnerable your little one is and how dependent they are on you. 

But unlike other activities, you can encourage independence during mealtime when you let your little one have their own set of utensils. Let them learn how to self-feed by using their own bowls and other utensils when eating.

  • Prepare Meals in Advance

Are you a busy parent who still wants to be hands-on with the food your baby is eating? Time management is always the key, and having a suction bowl with lids will greatly help. 

Prepare in advance your little one’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks in the bowl, and just put them in the freezer. Then, place the baby bowl in the microwave to reheat the next day, and it is ready to eat!

baby bowls with suction

  • Save Leftovers for Later

Your baby will not always consume what you prepare for them. A baby bowl with lids ensures the food is sealed and kept from contamination when stored in the freezer. 

Just be responsible for storing leftovers, as improper storage can spoil the food. Check the dish first before feeding it to your little one. Of course, you should always favor fresh food and dishes.

  • No Mess

One of the greatest advantages when using a bowl with suction is the bowl stays on the table or high chair tray no matter what. The suction base is meant to keep the bowl in place and your baby’s high chair and kitchen floor free from baby food. 

As a result, you’ll have less to clean after mealtime. Even your baby’s cute clothes are kept from food spills and kept fresh because the bowl is steady on the dining table.

  • Carry It Around

If you and your family travel a lot, baby meals can be more difficult to prepare, but a lightweight baby bowl with lids can keep your baby full during the trip because you can pack it in. Allot extra space in the diaper bag for the bowl, and take it out anytime your baby asks for snacks. 

If you are dining out and the restaurant lacks baby utensils, your portable baby bowl will come in handy. Both you and your baby can taste new dishes in a new place.

  • Enticing looks

You’ll know the difference between having plain things and having supplies with pretty colors when you become a parent. You know your little one accepts and changes their attitude toward adorable things. 

So, when you pick baby bowls with their favorite characters or bold shades, they will be more enticed to eat. With the right theatrics, mealtime can be a moment they look forward to.

5 Characteristics Of The Best Baby Bowls

There are plenty of baby suction bowls out there, and while it helps to get analyzed reviews as social proof, let us make the process easier for you. These are the characteristics you should look for in a baby suction bowl.


First, check the suction base. A wider suction base ensures that the bowl stays on the flat surface you placed it on. While you secure steady attachment, removal should also be easy, so pick the ones with quick-release tabs. The quick-release tabs allow adults to remove the bowl but not the little ones.

Lightweight and Child-friendly Design

Adult bowls are bigger, heavier, and bulkier, which can be dangerous when they fall and break. Meanwhile, baby bowls are lightweight and durable. Even when they fall, it won’t be a problem. The best baby bowls have the cutest designs too. The looks will encourage your little one to self-feeding.

Safe for Babies

Make sure the suction bowls you will buy are made of to see if they are BPA-free, non-toxic, and made of food-grade silicone. Pick suction bowls from trusted brands, as not all manufacturers show the material details of the bowl.

Easy to Clean

Aside from the materials suction bowls are made of, proper cleaning will keep your little one safe. Hence, pick a bowl that is rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. If you want to be sure your little one’s utensils are germ-free, pick the ones that are heat-safe so you can rinse them with boiling water.

Sold in a Set

What a joy it is to the eyes when your baby things are in matching hues or has a single character theme. You can achieve this simple happiness by buying a matching spoon and fork for your baby bowl. 

You can look for products that are sold in sets. If you can find a set with glass, sippy cups, and baby plates, that’s better!

baby suction bowl

Baby Suction Bowls And Mealtime Supplies Must-Have

Get ready to fill the top rack of your utensil holder with a suction bowl and a complete supply of baby utensils. Here are the must-haves when your baby begins too much!

  • Spoon and fork: Just like other baby utensils, pick the spoon and fork that are non-toxic and BPA free. Introducing these utensils will encourage self-feeding in your baby. 
  • Baby plates: Your little one will eventually outgrow bowls, so keep food-grade baby plates. You can also pick the ones with a suction base for your baby to enjoy a spill-free meal.
  • Suction cups: Sippy cups help in parent- or baby-led weaning. Pick a heat-safe sippy cup to put hot and cold drinks in it. A cup with a suction base attached to a smooth surface ensures the non-spilling of liquid. 
  • Bibs: Feeding bibs are champions in keeping your kitchen and baby clean. Bibs made with soft rubber are the best; they are baby-friendly and easy to clean.
  • Food pacifier: You won’t run out of supplies to ease your baby’s discomfort when they are developing teeth. A food-grade silicone pacifier’s soft and smooth surface will help ease gum pains.
  • High chair: Finally, give your baby their own safe and comfortable space in the dining area through a durable high chair they can use until they become toddlers. The high chair tray is multipurpose. They can use it as a table for eating and other activities.

Baby Bowls and Utensils By Ashtonbee

Mealtime supplies such as suction bowls for baby, bibs, and utensils are important for you and your baby. When looking for the best suction bowl for your baby, consider these factors: stable attachment, child-friendly design, safe for babies, easy to clean, and sold in a set.

If you are looking for the best suction bowl and mealtime supplies for babies and toddlers, look no further than Ashtonbee. We offer everything you need to make mealtime a breeze, from bowls and plates to utensils and bibs. 

All our products are designed with safety and convenience, so you can rest assured your little one gets the best. To learn more about our products, browse our site today!

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