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Parents like you are all about securing your baby’s safety and comfort—always! It’s a parental instinct to ensure that all the products that touch your child’s skin and the objects that surround them are of quality. We bet that your time shopping online or in stores includes a couple of minutes carefully checking labels and imagining your baby using the items you are about to buy. Surely, there is also a long list of questions you ask the salesperson in charge before making any purchasing decisions.

If you are searching for baby socks with grip soles, let us help you answer some of the essential questions you have in mind so that when you go shopping, you know exactly what to get.

What Are The Different Variations Of Baby Socks With Rubber Soles?

Before you go online or physically shop in malls, let us take away the feeling of being overwhelmed with the many socks designs and variations that you can’t choose from. There are two main types of socks with rubber soles you would want to have.

  1. Socks with little rubber dots on the soles

best baby sock shoes with rubber sole

These socks don’t have regular soles. Instead of the sole of the socks having the same smooth cotton material, rubber dots are added so that when your child tries to walk, the rubber sticks to the floor and lowers the chance of your baby slipping.

  1. Socks with full rubber soles

The second design you’ll see is socks with full rubber outsoles. The outsoles are similar to what shoes have. However, instead of being connected to a leather body, the sole is connected to soft socks. The protection of your baby’s feet is achieved through the hard rubber soles, while still keeping them comfortable because of the breathable socks.

baby socks with rubber soles
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Why Should You Buy Baby Socks With Rubber Soles?

Now, let us answer the philosophical question “Why?”, but do not worry, we won’t give you any metaphysical answers but practical ones. Here are the top reasons why you should invest in socks with rubber soles instead of regular ones.

Shoe replacement

Wearing regular baby footwear entails having socks and shoes that may look nice but add too much weight to your baby’s legs, whose muscles are still developing. As a result, your child may have difficulty balancing, especially when learning how to walk. Through socks with rubber soles, you can skip wearing shoes as the sock designs look like boots, slippers, or sneakers! Your baby can sport any attire with matching footwear without any discomfort.


Baby rashes occur when body parts are always covered and moist. For instance, diaper rashes happen when diapers are not breathable and are not replaced immediately when full and wet. The same may occur for your child’s feet when wearing shoes that are not breathable.

Socks with rubber soles cross out this worry for you because they give you the same sole support and safety from shoes while ensuring your child’s feet are comfortable and dry—free from any allergy or rash.

Child-friendly design

There are a lot of adorable shoes you’ll see in shades of pink, purple, red, and blue and with little laces and straps. However, cuteness does not equate to comfort. However, for socks with rubber soles, you can put a check on both beauty and comfort because of these features:

  • They have no laces and straps, so having your child wear them will be as easy as 1-2-3.
  • They have eye-catching designs like baby animals, different prints, and designs mimicking shoes and sneakers.
  • Toddlers can develop independence by wearing their own footwear.

Machine washable

Finally, you should buy socks with rubber soles because it satisfies your desire to keep all the stuff your baby uses clean. Unlike shoes that require a more complicated process to clean (as some are sensitive to soap and may end up discolored), socks can just be thrown into the washing machine and be mixed with other baby clothes.

The only consideration you must remember is to put them in a separate laundry mesh bag before you start the machine so the socks won’t end up everywhere. Discoloration is also highly improbable unless you are using bleach.

When Is The Right Time For Babies To Wear These?

Socks can be worn as early as your baby comes out of the womb, but when can you let them wear socks with rubber soles? Check out the month-by-month development of your child to know which socks are excellent for them to use.

1–3 Months

Here are the key developments and milestones of your baby from their first to third months:

  • They can move and wiggle their extremities (their hands and feet).
  • They have a strong grip, so they are capable of holding different light objects with your help.
  • You’ll also see their first smiles at this time.
  • When on their tummies, they can raise their head.

So, the question is, can they already wear socks with rubber soles? Definitely! At this stage, the primary use of the socks is for feet protection and added cuteness, so the best designs to pick are those made with cotton and have rubber dots on the outsoles. Full rubber soles will still be too heavy for them.

4–6 Months

You won’t help but wonder how time flies because of all the changes and milestones your baby will have reached in just a couple of months. However, you’ll be amazed at the capabilities your child has at four to six months of age.

  • There is no need to assist your baby in moving from a lying position to positioning on their tummies. They can do this independently.
  • Smiles have now developed into soft giggles!
  • Aside from gripping things, they can reach for the toys they want on their own.
  • They are ready to sit up with support.

Your babies are now bigger, stronger, and more social too! Match the additional cuteness with outfits that include socks with rubber-dotted soles and child-friendly designs.

7–9 Months

Get your energy up because your baby has reached the stage of exploring their surroundings and reacting to what they see.

  • You can now play more with your child as they appreciate toys, songs, and dances.
  • At this stage, they can already crawl, hang on things to stand up, and walk while holding on to tables, chairs, and other furniture.

In all the stages of your child’s development, this is when socks with rubber soles would be extremely helpful. Since your baby already has stronger leg muscles, you can begin introducing socks with full rubber soles, but socks with rubber-dotted soles are still helpful in maintaining balance at this stage.

10–12 Months

Make sure to always keep your video camera within reach at this stage, as this is when your baby will make their first independent step! As months pass, they will start being more confident in walking independently. Some of the other milestones to watch out for are the following:

  • They can feed themselves alone, so you can begin serving healthy finger food. They can grab it with their fingers.
  • It is also the stage when they will begin to call you Mama or Papa.
  • They communicate with gestures at this age too.

Since the highlight of this stage is walking, having socks with full rubber soles is the best to keep their feet from stepping on scattered toys. It would help if you had a couple of pairs for your child to use daily.

baby socks with grip soles

Which Is The Best Baby Sock Shoes With Rubber Sole?

Now that you know why non-slip socks for baby girls and boys are worthy investments, and the type of socks to use for your baby’s age, let’s check the characteristics of the best socks with rubber soles to ensure that you’ll get your money’s worth.

A proper fit

Don’t make the mistake of getting the wrong size. Socks that are too big will stop your baby from walking, or will make your child stumble. On the other hand, socks that are too tight may hurt the toes, so it is important to pick a design that has enough toe box space and that fits well.

Most socks with rubber soles come with a size chart that includes the baby’s age. Measure your baby’s foot with a ruler or a measuring tape, and pick the socks with the corresponding size.

Has soft soles

Whether you get socks with full rubber outsoles or socks with rubber dots underneath, make sure that the rubber is soft and does not hurt your baby’s foot. Also, pick socks made with cotton for breathability to prevent your baby’s feet from itching, especially during hot weather.

Matches the weather

Speaking of weather, another consideration you should check to ensure you are getting the best pair of non-skid socks is the thickness and the materials it is made of. Most socks are made of cotton, and these are the pairs you’d like to have in the summer. Wool socks are best when the weather gets a bit chilly as your baby’s feet will be kept warm. Spandex, nylon, and polyester are also commonly used in socks, but it is better to stick with natural materials as babies’ skin is sensitive.

Sold in a reliable store

Why does getting baby products from a reliable brand or store matter? It is because you know you are getting quality and safe items every time. So, how do you determine if you can trust a store or brand? You can first check customer feedback and reviews on different eCommerce sites. Then, conduct mini-research by reading several reviews to know which is the best, and the pros and cons of the products.

Going for big brands may be an easy choice as their reputation is undisputed, but going for smaller stores is also excellent as they are usually cheaper for similar or even higher quality.

What Do Parents Say About These Socks?

Here is what we’ve researched to assist you with what other parents who have used these products have to say.

  • Parents love that you can use the socks indoors and outdoors, especially the socks with full rubber soles.
  • It helps keep babies warm and comfortable when the weather gets cold, although some think some socks are too warm for the summer.
  • Parents have skipped the hassle of their babies crying or kicking endlessly from the stress of wearing shoes because the socks with rubber soles are easy to slip on.
  • Toddlers can also practice wearing their shoes because of the simple process and the absence of complicated laces and straps.
  • Many have testified that they got their money’s worth.
  • Of course, parents cannot resist the different adorable sock designs that look super cute on their babies.

Check Out Ashtonbee’s Non-Slip Socks

These are all the answers to the questions that must be bothering you. When you become a parent, the desire to provide nothing but the best for your little one is normal. Here at Ashtonbee, we totally understand you. That’s why we design different baby products, including the best baby socks with non-skid rubber soles. Give them a try and see how they work wonders in making your child feel comfortable walking, while looking super cute too!

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