Advantages of Silicone Baby Bibs Over Cloth Bibs

Mealtime is one of the many activities that infants enjoy. Babies love to play while they eat, and it’s something we should encourage for many reasons. 

Eating is an opportunity for their brain to be stimulated by new tastes and sensations. It means that they are getting familiar with the concept of food while building motor skills. It’s also a good time to bond and practice their language skills with you. 

Indeed, babies’ playing with their food is normal and even a good thing! With so many things to experience, eating is an adventure for them. However, it can sometimes be real work for parents to clean up after. Therefore, many parents use cloth bibs during mealtime to lessen the mess they need to clean on the baby’s clothes. 

But what if now you need to clean the fabric bib often too? Sounds like the chores would never end. 

That is why many parents opt to use silicone bibs instead. Read about the benefits of using silicone baby bibs here.

Easy to Clean

Arguably, the best feature on this list is the ease of cleaning silicone baby feeding bibs

Since they are made of food-grade silicone, you can simply wash off food stuck on the feeding bib on the sink with dish soap or put it in the dishwasher. In addition, you don’t have to spend that much effort scrubbing off stains and crumbs. In some cases, you can use an alcohol-free wet wipe for small food stains.

Having an easy-to-clean bib reduces the time you spend cleaning. And since the food doesn’t stick on the silicone, you can find comfort in the thought that bacteria won’t stay and multiply on your child’s bib.

Does Not Stain and Absorb Liquid

Cloth bibs are best used for dry food because when the bib gets wet, you will have to wash it completely and wait for it to dry. It’s a whole process. 

On the other hand, you won’t have that problem with a silicone bib. It’s resistant to stains, so your baby can try all types of food, wet or dry. And since it doesn’t absorb water, you don’t have to pop it in a dryer. It will dry off quickly enough for the next snack time. You will spend less time cleaning and drying with these waterproof silicone baby bibs.

Fun Colors

For parents, it would be safer to buy dark-colored bibs to avoid dealing with stains. But did you know that babies prefer bright and contrasting colors because they can’t quite perceive neutral to dark colors yet? 

Thankfully, stain-free silicone bibs come in exciting and colorful options! Here are some of the colors available:

  • Bright orange
  • Bright green
  • Bright blue

Sure, you can get different colors of cloth bib. But on a silicone material, the colors will stay bright for a long time. It means you can use the bib again if you’re planning to add another member to the family. Otherwise, you can give it away to another family still looking for a brand-new one.

BabyBib Main

Comes with an Attached Catch Tray

Usually, cloth bibs don’t have a catcher; crumbs and food debris go directly to the floor. To solve this problem, a silicone baby bib has an extra-wide pocket at the bottom to catch falling food. 

This feature is great for minimizing your cleanup work. And with a catch tray ready, your child may eat with their hands, allowing them more freedom in practicing their motor skills. 

Safe for Your Baby

We understand that you may be hesitant to use plastic materials for your baby’s needs. And since silicone is still considered plastic, you may have reservations when considering buying a bib made out of that material. 

However, a silicone infant bib can be BPA-, lead-, and PVC-free. But what do they mean? 


BPA or bisphenol A is a chemical found in plastics that has caused back-and-forth debates in the scientific and health community. Studies on animals have shown negative effects, although this doesn’t completely prove that they pose a large human risk. 

For example, although there is no reported death caused by bisphenol A, a 2020 study found a correlation between BPA exposure and increased risk of premature death. Thus, the health community is producing more BPA-free materials to avoid health risks. 


Lead ingestion is harmful to the body because it can affect blood cell production and calcium absorption. The bones, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels need calcium for them to function properly.


You might have heard of PVC before as it is the material that makes up plumbing pipes, which are used in many households. Regrettably, PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a toxic plastic. Therefore, it is not made for ingestion. 

Secure and Lightweight

With adjustable clasps, you can secure the silicone bib around your baby’s neck at the appropriate tightness. It also allows a longer use with a growing baby. And since it’s lightweight, your little bundle of joy won’t feel it.

Easy to Store and Carry Around

A silicone baby feeding bib is easy to roll and fold. As a result, it doesn’t need much room space. In addition, it’s portable, so you don’t have to worry about causing a messy table when your family decides to eat out in a restaurant.

Final Thoughts

Babies will understandably make a mess during mealtimes. But these messes allow them to develop mind and muscle while having fun. You don’t have to stop the fun; you just have to be ready to catch the aftermath.

Ashtonbee offers a mess-free experience with innovative products made with safe materials for your child, just like the silicone bibs. We guarantee that our products are safe and easy to use for mealtime, playtime, and bath time. 

You can get more feeding accessories like no-spill baby cups along with the best silicone baby bibs from Ashtonbee.

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