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One of the things that will be challenging for parents as they navigate how to take care of their newborns is their kid’s sleeping patterns. Babies are unpredictable; one moment, they sleep peacefully, and another, they won’t stop crying. 


Giving your kids good sleep improves their mood and aids their growth and development. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the common mistakes parents make regarding newborn sleep routines, and we’ll also talk about baby pillows and why it is important for safer sleep.


7 Big Baby Sleeping Mistakes Parents Do

With regards to taking care of your kids, there’s no such thing as overdoing it. Of course, as parents, you only want the best for your growing angels. But sometimes, parents tend to overlook things that actually affect their kids negatively.


With that, here are sleeping mistakes you should watch out for.


Making Newborns Depend on Parents During Sleep Time

It’s a common practice to carry your kids in your arms and rock them to sleep. It’s one of the most effective ways to put your kids to sleep. However, overdoing it can have a negative effect on their sleeping patterns. Babies will associate you with their sleeping time. Hence, they will not sleep unless you carry them.


Doctors recommend that when your baby feels drowsy, put them back into their cribs so their body gets used to the feeling. This way, your kids will subconsciously associate their crib with the feeling of sleepiness. As this grows longer, you and your kids will surely get a better night’s sleep.


Picking Up Your Baby Immediately When They Stir at Night

Responding to your kids when they cry or make a fuss is necessary, but not all the time, especially in the middle of sleep. For example, when kids stir in the middle of the night, don’t pick them up immediately and try to get them back to sleep. It will only awaken them more.


Observe your kids for a little while. Kids will learn to comfort themselves and go back to sleep. This skill will be valuable as they grow older and learn to be more independent.


Sleeping With Your Kids in Your Arms

There’s nothing quite like falling asleep and waking up with your kids in your arms, but there’s a lot of danger in doing so. Sometimes, even when parents don’t intend to sleep deeply, they will because of exhaustion, and there are many risks once you doze off.


Keeping your little one close to your chest can cause suffocation when you hold them too long and tight. Also, there’s the risk of dropping your kids when you’re in a deep sleep. If you want to be close to your kids, you can start co-sharing with your kids but always be cautious when doing so.


Sleeping Other Than the Bed or Baby Crib

We understand that your kids are small and can sleep on any surface possible, but that is a bad practice and the leading cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Some parents let their kids sleep in a car seat. It is a big no since the back and neck are not aligned, which can cause growth problems.


Couches are also not a proper sleeping place for your kids. The surface is too soft for the spine. Furthermore, there’s a high risk they could fall and, when they turn, suffocate them. Always invest in a crib and firm mattress for your kid’s sleep time to guarantee comfort and safety.



Repeatedly Turning the Lights on and Off

It’s understandable that you need to turn the lights on at night when taking care of your baby or navigating their room. However, this might be why your kid’s sleep is interrupted. Light exposure in the middle of the night prevents the brain from secreting hormones for deep sleep.


If you really need light to do something, make sure you use a dim light. As much as possible, keep the surroundings of your kids relatively dark. This will train your kid’s body that nighttime is time for sleeping.


Putting Your Kids to Bed Too Late

Your kid’s downtime may not be the same as yours. Putting them to bed too late will make it difficult for them to fall asleep immediately. Babies can soothe themselves to sleep, but bedtime is more tedious if they are too tired because parents tucked them in late.


Look for signs when your kids are sleepy. When they are rubbing their eyes or yawning, it is a good indication to prepare them to sleep. Newborns usually need over 14 hours of sleep a day, so don’t try to match your sleep schedule to theirs.


Lack of Consistent Bedtime Routine

Remember that little kids are learning things and picking up habits as they grow, so introducing them into routines and conditioning them will make parenting easier. For example, create a sleeping routine for your kids and stick with it.


You can do simple things to establish a bedtime routine. Give them a warm bath, put them into pajamas, and sing or read a book to your kids before they go to sleep. Do this every night to signal your kids that they are supposed to sleep soon.


Should I Let My Kids Sleep With a Baby Pillow?

Using pillows can improve sleep and make the most comfortable feeling, but when it comes to your little one, pillows pose threats to them. Newborns have no control over their head and neck movement since their bone structure and muscles are only in the first stages of development. They could accidentally cover their mouth and nose with a pillow which can cause suffocation.


Furthermore, kids are sensitive to allergens, and pillows are potential carriers that can trigger allergies like dust, feathers, mites, and many more. Most pediatricians recommend that little kids should start using pillows when they are older than two years old. 


Although there are baby sleeping pillows for newborns, always consult your doctors before letting your kids use them to avoid possible issues.


Ashtonbee’s Baby Pillow for Newborn

If you’re worried about the safety and comfort of your kids during their sleep, don’t worry! There are pillows designed for kids that guarantee their safety while they drift into dreams. Ashtonbee offers two baby pillows your kids can use. Let’s check out their features.


  • The baby pillow is made from 100% organic cotton to ensure your kid’s pillow is clean and allergy-free.
  • The newborn pillows have a concave design that cradles the baby’s head and supports the spine alignment to ensure proper body posture and development.
  • The baby pillow has an anti-bacterial memory foam that adapts to your baby’s head and helps prevent flat head syndrome.
  • The pillow material is soft and comfortable and promotes proper airflow to keep your kid’s head and neck cool.
  • Both pillows are travel friendly and easy to maintain. You can also use them in car seats, bassinet, cribs, and strollers.


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Sweet Dreams, Little One!


The first few months of your toddlers will involve a lot of eating and mostly sleeping. Proper sleep will keep your kids in a good mood and support proper growth and development. So as parents, give the most comfortable and safe sleep possible. For more useful parenting tips, don’t forget to subscribe to our blogs.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for more high-quality baby products, Ashtonbee has it all for you. Browse our wide collection of baby essentials, from feeding gadgets, protective gear, toys, and safety accessories. Shop with us today!

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