A baby portable high chair is good to have around as you can carry it anywhere because of its weight. But, there is more than just one design out there—making it complicated when it comes time to buy one. The question of whether to go for the traditional high chair also comes in. All of these thoughts (and misgivings) are completely valid; of course, you want to get the most from your purchase. And we’re sure you want your baby to be comfortable too. 

  1. Let us help you by going in-depth on portable high chairs—their designs, advantages of their use, and activities you can use them with.

Portable High Chair Designs

When you think of a high chair, you visualize the four-legged chair with a little seat that caters to babies. These chairs have removable trays and footrests. You may imagine one being made of wood or plastic. 


While this image of a high chair is accurate, not all high chairs look like this. There are plenty more designs available. Here are some of them.

Cloth Travel High Chair

The best portable high chair does not always need to be a full-blown chair with four legs. There are also designs that are made with cloth and straps. The cloth is shaped like a chair cushion, so you can place it on an adult chair for your baby to sit on. Use the straps to attach it safely to the chair. The straps in the front allow your baby to sit on the cloth travel high chair safely.

Clip-On Table Chair

A high chair’s stand makes it bulky and difficult to move. The good thing is that some baby chairs are designed without it, like the clip-on high chair. Just attach it to any table by tightening the screws on the arms and bottom part of the easy seat. 

You need to check that the table you are attaching it to is sturdy and stable to ensure that it won’t tilt and cause your baby to fall.

Portable Booster Seat

There are different kinds of booster seats. There are plastic ones shaped like mini chairs that you can attach to an adult chair for your baby to sit on. There are also foldable ones that can even be shaped into a carry bag for convenience. You can also find booster chairs with seat posts and a cloth cushion as seat cover. These booster chairs make your baby’s seat higher, putting them at the same level as you are to your dining table.

Foldable High Chair

Finally, the baby chair that looks the closest to traditional high chairs are the foldable ones. These high chairs usually have a front and rear stand or even four legs which can be slid together to be folded. When folded, you can fit it in small spaces and even under cabinets. You can fit these easily in a car trunk, making it a great choice for traveling.

The Best High Chair For Different Fun Activities

You already know the different kinds of high chairs. Where do you imagine using each one of them? Have you chosen a particular chair that fits your needs, or do you think it is best to pick more than one? Whatever your choice is, here are the different activities you and your little one can enjoy better.


Make mealtimes merrier by allowing your baby to join in. Set up the high chair before you eat. Whether you eat at home or outside, the best portable high chair will make mealtimes easier and more comfortable.

Mealtimes are also important when you go on a trip with your family and friends. Socialize your child and enjoy the moment as they comfortably sit in their chairs.


The great thing about high chairs is that they are multipurpose. Pick a high chair with a tray as it can assist your baby not only during mealtimes but also in their education. The trays cater to more than just food; on them, your baby can use activity materials like crayons, pencils, building blocks, puzzles, and more! Wouldn’t it be nice to see that your child is comfortable and safe as they broaden their knowledge?

Nap Time

Not all high chairs are designed for nap time, especially portable ones. The collapsible two or four-legged designs are best if you plan to use your portable high chair for naptime. These high chairs have better back support, and your baby can use them even when younger than six months. Nap times come more often for younger babies, so this will be a godsend.

Relaxing Outdoors

The outdoors bring huge learning opportunities for your little one. Being outside allows them to see and experience nature. However, because of their curiosity, they may wander without you knowing. Bring out the portable high chair to ensure that they stay where it is safe. The cloth high chair with standing posts is the best if you are at the beach or garden. 

You don’t need to worry about the extra weight or having difficulty in cleaning. You won’t experience these with this chair.


And, of course, family travels are probably one of the key reasons why portable high chairs are made. You can bring any of the high chairs mentioned above as they can all fit into your car and conveniently be added to your baggage. If your travel mostly involves time on the beach, pick the chairs that are easy to dry. If you see your family going restaurant hopping, high chairs designed for mealtimes are best.

Using a Portable High Chair is the Right Choice

Are you convinced that a portable high chair is just what you need to make every baby activity fun and comfortable? To give you a nudge that you are making the right choice, here are more benefits you’ll reap with a portable high chair:

  • Less Bulky: Portable high chairs can be folded, making them less bulky and easy to pack up inside the house or fit into baggage when traveling. 
  • Easy Setup: The best travel high chair or feeding chairs are easy to set up. With just a few clicks in place, your baby can use it. 
  • Travel Convenience: You can carry a baby travel chair anywhere you go. They are designed to be folded and carried easily.
  • Baby Comfort and Safety: You can keep your baby happy, comfortable, and safe as they eat, do activities, or enjoy the outdoors.

Get Your Baby’s Needs From Ashtonbee

A portable high chair is a great investment for busy moms and dads. You can use the best high chair for fun activities during mealtimes, education, nap time, while relaxing outdoors, and travels. 

Ashtonbee offers a wide range of high chairs that can cater to your baby’s every need. We have just what you need, whether you are looking for a portable high chair for on-the-go activities or a more permanent fixture for your home. 

Our team is passionate about helping parents provide their children with the best possible start in life. We are here to help you get the equipment you need to make mealtimes fun and stress-free. Browse through our website to learn more about our baby products and how we can help you give your child the foundation for success.

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