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Baby mealtimes are both fun and challenging. Be as creative as possible in preparing meals to ensure their food is healthy and enticing for your little one to consume. This will condition your baby’s mind that mealtime is an activity to look forward to.

But behind the successful snacks, lunches, and dinners also come the difficulties of ensuring your baby is well-nourished. You look for the best utensils to ensure they consume as much solid food and drink as possible with safe and baby-friendly tools. Most of all, as much as possible, you want to have everything you need.

Baby Feeding Set For Your Baby’s Meal 

If you are a first-time parent, here is the complete feeding set you need and how you can use these tools to make mealtimes fun and breezy.

Baby Suction Bowls

Babies eat at around four to six months, but their motor skills aren’t fully developed. Get baby bowls with suction to ensure food content won’t be knocked over, avoid food waste, and minimize food spills. These suction bowls for babies mimic adult bowls and have a strong suction base, which you can stick on high chair trays or table tops.

Suction Baby Plates

From a baby silicone bowl, your baby will level up to plates. But before you introduce them to the regular plates, use a baby suction plate first. There are plain designed plates, and there is a divided plate design too to separate various foods. The suction base plays the same role in keeping the plate in place and avoiding spills.

Food Storage Bowls

Is your family always on the go, or do you want to prepare baby meals ahead of time? Food storage bowls are the same as a baby suction bowl, only that they are designed to have covers. The covers ensure they can be taken when traveling and that the food stays clean even when you store them in the refrigerator for later.

Fork and Spoon Set

Baby bowls and spoons often come together in a set. In most sets, they are complete with forks, too. There are spoon and fork guards at the bottom of the handle to stop babies from plunging the utensils too far into their throats. Some spoons and forks have adjustable and twistable handles to help babies put utensils in their mouths with minimal arm bending. 

No Scooping and Balancing Spoon

“No scooping and balancing spoons” are designed to look like spoons, only that one version has dimples and the second one has a hole on the spoon. The first design is meant for pureed food, while the second is for thicker mashed food. 

The dimples and holes catch different foods, and the baby does not need to balance and scoop the spoon—tasks they aren’t so good at during their early feeding months.

Sippy Cups and Bottles

Aside from the solids, ensure your baby gets enough water and juices. This task is easier to achieve with a sippy cup or a baby bottle. These drinking tools are spill-proof, and others have built-in straws to adjust babies from suckling to sipping on cups. 

There are even multipurpose snack cups where there is a space for snacks and a space for drinks allowing babies to hold on to just one cup. For extra safety, you can pick a suction cup to avoid the drinks from spilling.

Rubber Bibs

Let them wear rubber bibs to catch any food nibbles and keep your little one’s outfits from being soiled. There are many bib types, but we favor this one for mealtimes as they are easy to clean. Rubber bibs are also designed with a catcher, so food does not end up on the kitchen floor for you to clean. 

Silicone Fruit Feeder Pacifier

Finally, you can also use a feeder pacifier to make mealtimes a breeze. These pacifiers are designed to fit fruits, vegetables, and healthy popsicles into the pacifier nipples. You can have frozen or regular food inside, and your baby can suckle on them safely. If your baby is teething, the fruit feeder pacifier also serves as a welcome relief to pain.

How to Ensure Fun and Breezy Mealtimes

To ensure mealtimes are fun and breezy, here are some essential elements you need to look for:

  • Safety: Ensure your baby’s safety by checking if the utensils are free from toxic chemicals like BPAs and phthalate. You can also go for organically made ones like those made of bamboo.
  • Cleanliness: Pick products that are easy to clean and keep you from having so much to clean because of spills.
  • Independence: Be a champion in allowing your baby to be independent and pick products that support the same.
  • Fun Designs: Of course, babies will be babies, so keep product designs fun by picking brightly colored ones and those with cute printed characters.

Ashtonbee Baby Mealtime Must-Haves

Let’s face it, mealtimes with kids can be challenging. But they don’t have to be! With the best baby bowls, suction plates, baby food storage bowls, utensils, sippy cups or bottles, a few rubber bibs, and perhaps a fruit feeder pacifier, baby mealtimes can become one of the highlights of your day. 

Ashtonbee has all the baby mealtime must-haves you need to ensure a fun and breezy mealtimes for everyone involved. So go ahead and check us out today!

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