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A changing pad and a cover are more than just objects where you can place your baby to get changed. They can make you and your baby’s life easier. But there’s confusion between buying either one or both. Whenever you search for a baby changing pad, it brings up the cover, too. And it’s easy to think of one as the other. We’re here to put some order into the chaos and advise you on what you must do.




Baby Changing Pad Types

There are at least three types of changing pads that are sold in the market today, each having its own favourable characteristic. Choose what coincides with your budget and preference.

Plastic Pad

This type of changing pad is a sturdy one. The usual plastic pad is made out of polyurethane polymer and is shaped to look like the outer shell of a peanut or a shallow sink. It also has a safety strap across the pad to keep your baby secure. These features of the plastic pad make it easier to clean.

Changing pads made of plastic don’t absorb moisture. Instead, the liquid stays on top of the pad’s surface, so it’s easier to wipe off with a towel. Alternatively, you can also rinse or wash this pad, and it will come out squeaky clean and ready for another round.

These pads are ideal for parents who often change their baby’s diapers or have a child that moves around a lot.

Contoured Pillow

Diaper changing pads are also made to be soft and comfortable. Some baby’s dislike the feeling of laying down on a cold hard surface, especially if they’re used to getting their diaper fixed on the bed mattress.

That’s what a contoured pillow pad is designed to do. It’s made of softer materials like vinyl or fabric and has a built-in bumper cushion on both sides and a safety strap across. These concave paddings mimic the comfort of a bed mattress.

Foldable Pouch

Changing pads can be a huge item to carry around when out and about with your baby. But, that’s what foldables are for. These pads are made to look like a portable bag that unfolds into a matt with several pouches where your diaper kit should fit.

These portable changing pads can adapt to emergency diaper-changing situations. It’s designed to be spread out on any wide surface such as a table, bathroom sink, or floor. The trade off is less comfort for your baby.

Features to Look For When Buying a Changing Pad

High-quality changing pads are made with a certain set of features that brings value to your diaper-changing endeavours. No matter what type of changing pad you choose to purchase, make sure all, if not most, of these features are included in the product you’re going to buy.


Babies’ bladder or bowel behaviours can be erratic. They could do a number 1 or 2 halfway through your diaper-changing activity. In these cases, it’s the changing pad that takes the damage. As much as possible, and for your convenience, get a changing pad with a waterproof surface that doesn’t compromise comfort. Then, you can start browsing through different plastic changing pads.

Concaved design

The diaper changing pad’s concave keeps your baby’s extremities and body intact, so they don’t roll over to the side. This will let you do quick work of changing diapers so you can tend to other parenting tasks.


Babies can be an unruly bunch that likes to move, especially if they feel uncomfortable. There will be times when they want to get out of the changing pad. This can be dangerous when you’ve set up the pad on an elevated surface like a sink. Buy a pad that can stick to the surface. It will prevent the pad from slipping across smooth surfaces and allow you to place it on declining ones, too.

Adjustable straps

If you’re getting hard or soft changing pads, you’ll need to look for one that has adjustable straps. It’s good to get the elastic ones, but better if you’re going for the ones that function as a car seatbelt with an adjustable feature at the base of the buckle. These are more durable.

Easy carry

No matter what changing pad you choose, get the ones that are easy to carry. Unless you buy several changing pads and place them around the house, you’ll be carrying your changing pad wherever your baby is. Might as well make the task easy for you. Always choose an easy-carry pad if the product checks all the other boxes.

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Is It Necessary to Buy Baby Changing Table Pad Covers?

Yes. If maximizing efficiency and comfort is important to you. Baby changing pad mats and covers make cleaning up less of a hassle. They act as a layer of protection for your changing pad because they keep it clean and prevent it from accumulating bad odours. When a cover is soiled, you can just remove it and throw it in the washer without scrubbing the surface of the changing pad.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Baby Change Mats and Covers

Once you’re ready to get pad covers for you and your baby, you’ll need to consider several factors to make a practical buy. Let us help you find the best baby changing pad covers that match what you need.


The range of pad cover prices online varies from $3 to as much as $25 dollars. And the package comes in as a single sheet or several. For practicality, you’ll want to go for the mid-range prices, around $10 to $19 per set, that includes two up to four changing pad covers. This will give you enough cover sheets to cycle through, especially if you’re encountering frequent changing pad messes.


The way the pad cover is printed is a matter of preference. Although it’s important to note that babies become more responsive to things that stimulate their eyes as they grow. We recommend starting with small prints with cool colours, so it’s easy on you and your baby’s eyes.

Material used

Different materials affect the price of the covers. Pure cotton costs you more because this material is so comfortable you’ll find your eyes half-closed as you run your fingers across the fabric. Polyester will be down the scale but still offers comfort and protection at a low price. Check out other materials and find the one that works for your budget. But if you have to ask us, go for the ones that make you feel like you want to sleep on them too.


The point of getting covers, apart from comfort, is absorption. We put the covers on so that the spills don’t form a puddle on the changing pad and ruin our diaper-changing session. So changing covers must battle for your attention by pitching in their absorption capabilities, then throw in a couple of add-on features like quick-drying. These features will seal the deal for an excellent pad cover.

Can it be easily cleaned?

Stains will vary in their staying power. But no matter how stubborn they are, they will always be a pain in the eye to see on a fresh set of clean covers. So you’ll want to get something that can shed stains easily after it takes a spin in the washer. Spotless covers just look better, and you always want the best for your child.

Get Both the Baby Changing Pad and Covers

Are you still mulling over whether you should just get the pad and leave out the cover? Many will say “Go right ahead”. And this is okay if you can live with the bare minimum. But sooner or later, you’ll find yourself scouting for changing cover accessories because you’ll realize your baby acts better when they’re comfortable. Plus, covers revitalize the changing pad and the nursery room. And what gives life to the room gives life to you and your baby. End the confusion, buy both and enjoy the benefits of having every diaper-changing situation taken care of.

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