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A baby’s life is as fragile as glass. They are active during the day, crawling here and there and reaching out for anything that captures their attention. If not supervised, they can get into minor or major life-threatening accidents. It’s the same thing when they’re in dreamland, even if you think it’s not.

Sleep introduces a different set of hazards, especially when your baby isn’t monitored. But they won’t be moving much, so why is that a concern? The main problem here isn’t your little one’s movements. Rather, it’s the sleeping space that can bring out the potential dangers. For this reason, putting a lot of thought and effort into baby crib bedding is necessary.

When you’re a first-time parent, the list of baby bedding essentials seems daunting. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. This post discusses the different bedding items you will need to ensure your baby’s safety in all corners. We have them listed down for you, from baby blankets to mattress pads!

The Consequences of Unsafe Sleeping Environments for Babies

Sleeping can be a critical time for you and your baby. Rather than a time for resting, it makes you anxious to close your eyes and not know when something may happen to your child. For this reason, many parents co-sleep with their babies to watch them closely.

If you’re wondering what could possibly happen to your baby during his nap or sleep time, here are some common bedding risks you have to watch out for. These risks may trigger suffocation, strangulation, or choking.

  • Using the wrong type of pillows
  • Letting your baby sleep in unsafe places (e.g., carrier or car seats with no babyproof features)
  • Putting your baby on a super soft surface
  • Using loose bedding, bumpers, and placing fluffy toys inside the crib
  • Installing the incorrect type of bed rails
  • Using a slightly repaired broken crib
  • Putting your baby in the wrong sleep position
  • Covering your baby’s head
  • Dressing your baby in a heavy set of clothes
  • Using cardiorespiratory monitors (to reduce the risk of SIDS) at home

Everything You Will Need to Provide a Safe Baby Crib Bedding Set for Boys and Girls

Now that you know the hazards crib bedding can pose, it’s time to shop for a safe set and build a safe sleeping space for your little baby! Choosing from a pool of baby crib sets for a boy or a girl can be tricky, so we gathered the best ones to help you out. Here are the basic bedding essentials you need to get started.

A Firm Crib Mattress

The crib mattress should be the first item on your baby bedding list. Babies are delicate, but that doesn’t mean they have to sleep on a soft bedding surface. In fact, soft bedding can cause suffocation. So make sure to get a firm and well-fitting (not too loose or tight) mattress.

Additionally, always choose new over second-hand mattresses. The lower price tag might be tempting, but think of the risks that could come with it—allergies, early wear and tear—and it’s just not worth the investment. So don’t risk your baby’s health and get them a new crib mattress instead.

A Comfortable, Well-Fitting Crib Sheet

A crib sheet protects the mattress and helps your little one get a good and safe sleep. Moreover, it contributes to the overall design of the crib. When shopping for one, ensure that it’s safe and comfortable because it’s the layer that comes in direct contact with your baby’s skin.

A good way to test its quality is by feeling the fabric. For example, if it feels rough or scratchy, that’s not ideal for your baby’s sensitive skin. Also, don’t forget to get extra sheets. You will have to change them often (every day, every other day, or even more than once a day) to keep the crib clean and your baby safe.

baby crib bedding boy - hand with pink glove pointing to a yellow stain on a white crib mattress

A Waterproof and Odor-Free Mattress Protector

Here’s another protective layer that quickly absorbs spills and keeps the mattress clean, dry, and comfortable for your baby. When shopping for baby bedding essentials, don’t forget to look for a waterproof and odor-free mattress protector.

A baby’s space gets messy often, with all the surprise spills and stains from food or body waste. You should know it by now and choose your bedding essentials wisely, which includes getting a waterproof crib protector. That way, it is also easier for you to clean the mess.

Essential Blankets

A baby bedding list is incomplete without blankets! Blankets keep your little one warm and safe in their sleep. Note that not all blankets are the same. Different types are designed for specific purposes, so it can be confusing if you don’t know much about these variations.

The most common blanket essentials for babies are wearable blankets. Since babies can’t kick them off, they will reduce the risk of sleeping accidents and keep them warm on cold days. Some of the best and most common choices are swaddle blankets and receiving blankets made of muslin cotton. Not only do they keep your baby warm, cozy, and secure the entire night, but they also look cute on your baby!

Sturdy Bed Rails

When the baby starts exploring the crib on his own, it’s time to add baby bed rails for extra protection. The rails act as a barricade to prevent your baby from falling off the crib during sleep or restricting their movements during playtime.

Like blankets, not all bed rails are the same. Hence, it’s important to take your time deciding which one to get. For example, both fixed bed rails and adjustable (swing-down) bed rails are safe, but the ultimate choice depends on your specific needs.

baby crib bedding set boy - newborn sleeping on a crib closeup

Safe and Pretty Bedding in All Corners

When shopping for baby crib bedding for a boy or a girl, you’ll often consider several actors such as comfort, style, and quality. Of course, all of these are important, but one factor matters a lot more than the rest: safety. After all, it’s your baby’s little sanctuary, a place where they’ll be spending a lot of time having fun and learning new things.

In that case, the bedding should be safe at all times. It’s important to get baby bedding that makes them feel comfortable and safe whether they’re asleep or awake. We created this checklist with these things in mind, so we hope it can help you build your own crib bedding set.

Ashtonbee’s Baby Bedding Essentials

We understand how crucial safety is in parenting. Naturally, you want to provide a fun, safe, and comfortable environment for your child. However, it’s not always easy. You can’t stay where they are 24/7. For this reason, you need tools that will help guard your little one when they’re out of your sight.

Below are Ashtonbee’s safety tools for baby bedding that you can add to your list.

  • Portable bed rails for toddlers – portable and inflatable bed bumpers to keep your baby from rolling and falling off the bed. They’re also super useful when traveling!
  • Corner guards – a protective cover against sharp furniture corners at home.
  • Electrical outlet covers – not necessarily part of the bedding set, but can be handy when an electrical outlet is close to the baby’s sleeping space.

We hope these essentials can help make your baby’s bedroom a cozy and safe space. Our products are made of high-quality materials to ensure safety and comfort while keeping up with the latest trends. Complete your bedding set today!

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