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There is no more challenging job for parents than to raise their children. And when it comes to buying baby cribs, you have to be meticulous and only get the best for them. It’s not enough to buy a crib and call it good—you also need to be sure that you purchase a crib with a matching changer for your nursery. There are so many different styles on the market today, making it difficult to choose what works best for your family.

This blog post will talk about some of the essential elements you should consider buying for your child’s nursery. The right crib will not only help them sleep comfortably but will also help you do your parenting duties efficiently.


4 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Baby’s Crib 

It’s not enough to find a cute baby crib with a changing table for your infant and purchase it. Quality is not all about the looks of the product. As parents, you must inspect every element of your baby’s products to ensure that your baby is safe and comfortable while using them.

We’d love to help you choose the best infant cribs for your child, so here are four things you should look for in a high-quality baby crib.

Standard Cribs vs. Portable Cribs

Full-size standard cribs are spacious and give your babies room for moving around, playing, and growing. When you opt to buy a standard crib, make sure there are available adjustments for the mattress’s height to adapt to your baby’s growth. In addition, standard cribs should be sturdy to withstand your baby’s jumping and other playful activities.

This crib can last for a long time. However, cribs like this should be placed in a big room because they are not portable and use a lot of space. They are also heavy and not suited for traveling.

Convertible cribs are gaining more popularity these days because of the different sets available. There are 3-in-1 sets, 4-in-1 sets, 5-in-1 sets, and other multi-use sets that make parenting easier. These convertible cribs can be used long-term until your baby grows into a toddler. You can easily fold them when not in use and they are more portable if you need to bring them on your travels, or if you have a small space and you need to assemble and disassemble the baby’s crib often.

Functionality-wise, convertible cribs are a great value for money, though they can be pricey upfront. If you have no problem stretching your budget, these are some of the best cribs money can buy.

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Look for Safety Certifications

To make sure that the crib you will purchase is proven safe, look for the Consumer Product Safety Commission sticker on the product. In the United States and Canada, cribs should pass safety regulations before they are available for purchase.

You should also look for certifications; although they are not mandatory for every crib manufacturer, they indicate that the product is high-quality and safe for babies. One of them is the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association or JPMA. This certification indicates that the product passed the ASTM international standards.

Another one is the Greenguard Gold certification. This certification proves that the product is tested for countless chemicals, ensuring that it’s safe for use for your family and your baby.

Mattress Setting and Crib’s Height

There is very little difference in the height of the cribs. Most cribs with changing tables follow a standard height to ensure that your baby won’t fall off their cribs. The factor you need to consider for the crib’s height should be based on how well you can pick up your baby, so it’s easier for you and your backs.

The mattress setting is also important because children between 0 to 2 grow fast. As they grow taller, you should be able to lower the mattress so you can keep them inside the crib securely. Additionally, it would be best to choose a sturdy but comfortable mattress for your babies. When placing your babies on the crib mattress, it should not sag under their weight. The baby’s bone structure is most fragile during their first months. Any incorrect position can affect their bone growth and structure when they grow up.

Changing Tables

A changing pad integrated into the crib is optional, but it is an excellent feature to have. We can’t deny that we have to change and clean our babies most of the time, and having an attached changing table to the crib is a convenient way of doing it.

Instead of bringing them into the washroom in the middle of the night multiple times, a combo crib is less tiring and safer as these changing stations are closer to your baby’s nursery.

Sleep Comfortably with Portable Bed Rails 

Aside from constant feeding, sleeping is essential for a growing baby. To help your baby get the best sleep, the room should be quiet, have good ventilation, a comfortable mattress, and be free from any distractions. At Ashtonbee, we offer you portable bed rails so you can bring them anywhere to give your baby a good night’s sleep without worry.

These bed rails are excellent support when your babies are in bed but you can also use these as reinforcement when they are in cribs. Babies can move suddenly in their sleep and they are prone to bumping on their rails which can cause bruises. The bed rails can be a soft protective layer, so your babies can sleep comfortably and safely.

What’s to love about our portable bed rails? 

  • It’s a soft inflatable bumper to keep your babies from hitting the hard rails of their crib while they are sleeping.
  • It’s made from non-slip silicone, so it stays in place and keeps your babies from moving while they are sleeping, even when they are in a full size bed.
  • The bed rails are travel-sized so that you can bring them anywhere along with your baby’s mini crib or a bassinet. You can also deflate them for easy storage.
  • It has an inflatable safety guard, so it keeps inflated when in use. In addition, the outer part of the portable rail is waterproof. So even when your babies spill their milk and drool on it, it remains undamaged.
  • The rail has a universal size to fit on any crib and hold weights of up to 300 pounds.

The best baby cribs with changing tables are best partnered with these portable bed rails. Get a set now and give your infant the sleep they need for proper growth.

baby boy in blue on an oval crib

Final Thoughts 

Giving your babies the best is the top priority of parents: from quality milk and food, interactive toys, spacious and cool baby rooms, to baby furniture that makes infants comfortable and parenting easier. We hope this buying guide helps you search for the best baby cribs with changing tables in the market.

Furthermore, Ashtonbee offers you the best baby essentials you can find. So what are you waiting for? Complete your baby’s nursery by shopping with us!

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