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When you become a parent, you realize that many challenging tasks you need to accomplish with your little one get better when you add some fun. Cleaning your baby’s mouth or brushing your kid’s teeth are some of the tedious tasks we are talking about. 

Younger babies cry when they feel a foreign object inserted in their mouths (aside from bottle nipples or pacifiers). Running after toddlers who do not want to brush their teeth is also a headache.

You can skip these hassles with creativity and the right baby mouth cleaner and toothbrush. We’ll discuss the details here, so keep reading!

Your Choices of Mouth Cleaners

The fun begins when you have the right supplies, so let’s begin by discussing how we can make your supplies of mouth cleaners, finger toothbrushes, and toothbrushes fit for your baby. To begin with, you don’t need to limit yourself and your baby to just one of the items here, instead, check which among these supplies your baby favours—one that is fit for your baby’s age.

Cloth Mouth Cleaners

Using a clean cloth as a mouth cleaner for a newborn baby is common. This practice is easy and less costly as you can improvise at home. Just find a clean cloth, wrap it around your finger, soak it in water, and start cleaning your baby’s mouth.

You can also find dedicated cloth finger toothbrushes in baby supply stores, just in case you’d rather purchase one than DIY it.

Rubber Finger Brushes

If you find a cloth finger toothbrush risky for your little one because they may swallow cloth fibers, or think that it doesn’t clean very well, you can opt for a rubber finger toothbrush. 

They are made of medical-grade silicone, so they are safe. They are also easier to clean. You only need to wash them with soap and warm water, wait for them to dry, and use them again. They also come in different colours, which babies might find interesting.

Tongue Scrapers

You’ll find all sorts of mouth and tongue cleaners out there, aiming to make the tasks more comfortable for you and your baby. A tongue scraper lets you skip the hassle of inserting your finger into your baby’s mouth—easier for you and your child.

Tongue scrapers have a handle like a baby toothbrush, and the head has a scraper. Hold the handle, insert the scraper into your baby’s mouth, and start cleaning.

Baby Toothbrushes

When it comes to toothbrushes, you can choose from plenty of designs. Some brushes are tinier versions of regular adult toothbrushes that are made for your little one’s tiny teeth and mouth. 

There are also U-shaped toothbrushes. Look for a safe brush made with medical-grade silicone. Insert it into your baby’s mouth and move it sidewards to brush your little one’s teeth immediately. Don’t forget to add some baby toothpaste to make the cleaning more efficient.

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Creating a Fun Dental Care Routine

Now you know your choices for mouth cleaners and toothbrushes, it is time to level up your baby’s oral hygiene care into something fun. These activities and simple tweaks can turn stressful times into something you, your family, and your baby will look forward to!

Fun Designs

You first need to get your little one’s attention; a nicely coloured brush can help you. The change need not be grand. Begin with choosing brushes that have bright colours as they are more attractive to babies.

Brushes with their favorite cartoon characters will surely be a hit for older babies. Brushes designed with baby animals are great choices too. Please your little one’s eyes, and you are a step ahead to having a smooth brushing time.


Once you’ve picked a toothbrush, it’s time to get the creativity going. Make the moment a time for storytelling. You, your child, and the character on the toothbrush are all characters. Take the responsibility of making up stories your kid will be excited about. 

What a significant shift this would be! From cries and wails to excited eyes and beaming smiles because of your exciting stories. Ensure all leads to the two of you above the sink, ready to brush teeth.

Add a Song

Babies and children love songs and dances. They acquire words through singing, and when they dance, they can practice their motor skills too. You can look for nursery rhymes with brushing as a theme or compose a special anthem. The song will surely add fun to the activity. When you do this regularly, your child will develop a habit. They know that when they hear the familiar song, it’s time for brushing.

Bonding Time

Finally, make brushing time a moment for your family to bond. Babies learn by copying, and the elders in the family can be good role models when you brush together. Instead of insisting that your little child brush, show them how to do it. Add fun by doing it with the whole family! In the long run, your baby will associate this time as a moment to bond with their family. And is there any better cue than that?

Ashtonbee’s Finger Brush and Dental Care Supplies

A parent’s life is filled with various tasks. Some are easy to do, while some need extra planning to be done smoothly. Brushing time can be a part of the tasks you effortlessly do because you have the right tools we mentioned above.

And if you are looking for a toothbrush or a tongue cleaner to use, something visually pleasing, safe, and durable, you can find one here! You won’t regret picking the ones we have here at Ashtonbee. We check out our product catalog now and get one for your baby!

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