baby feeding bottle with spoon

Introducing solids to your baby is one of the most exciting times in their development because you get to watch them experience new tastes and textures. But it is also a time when you become responsible for ensuring that they are eating healthy foods. The responsibility can be a daunting task for new parents, but it doesn’t have to be!

Using the right tools and supplies makes this process much more manageable. The best baby feeding bottles can take the guesswork out by ensuring your child eats enough and has nutritious food during their first months of eating solids. Let us help you with this goal by introducing how a baby feeder bottle with a spoon works, and providing tips to make the introduction to solid foods blissful.


Advantages Of Using A Baby Feeding Bottle With A Spoon

You’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to baby utensils, and each have features that can assist your little one to get the most of the nutritious food you have prepared for them. Nevertheless, when it comes to their first months of eating, we highly recommend an infant feeding bottle with a spoon because of the following advantages.

A better choice than regular baby spoons

Regular baby spoons require that the baby can grip and scoop on their own, but there is a different need for babies starting their solids. They cannot hold their utensils yet. The baby feeding bottle with a spoon focuses on your convenience as the primary caregiver.

Conveniently fill in the bottle with pureed fruits, vegetables, and other soft baby food for this spoon. Then, squeeze the bottle, so the pureed goodies will flow onto the spoon, and your baby can start eating. You can use this baby feeding spoon bottle while training your little one to hold a spoon and feed themselves.

Less messy mealtimes

Feeding your little one can be messy whether you allow them to eat independently or with your assistance. But if you want your after-mealtime cleaning to be a little less of a hassle, a baby feeding bottle with a spoon will be of great help.

This spoon has a lower risk of spilling because the food content is inside a sealed bottle. Food will only come off of the spout to the spoon when an adult squeezes the bottle. In the feeding process, you will be the one handling the spoon, not the baby. If there are food spills, it won’t be as messy as when the baby is spoon-feeding themselves.

For your baby’s safety

Food consistency depends on the child’s age. During their sixth month, you should feed them mashed or pureed foods using a bottle with a spoon. As the months pass, you can slowly introduce rice, fish, and meat. Feeding according to the baby’s age lowers the risk of choking, and you can also check on any food allergies as they occur.

A bottle with a spoon held by an adult is also the safest way to feed your little one. If you allow them to feed on their own, there is a high risk of them inserting the spoon too deep in their mouths. Allow them to feed on their own only when they are trained on how to use a spoon correctly.


The bottle with a baby spoon serves not only as a scooper for your baby’s food, but also as a food storage container and a baby teether.

The baby bottle with a spoon is similar to a regular baby bottle. While waiting for your little one’s feeding time, you can just let it sit on the table without the risk of spilling or contamination. The baby spoon is also made with soft and safe silicone rubber, so when your teething baby bites on it, their tender gums will not hurt and will even be given relief.

baby feeder bottle with spoon

Tips To Introduce Solids Seamlessly

With a bottle with a spoon, feeding time is easier, less messy, and advantageous for your little one. Now, here are more tips and tricks to ensure that every mealtime is blissful.

Have these kitchen tools

Make sure that you have the following kitchen tools so preparing baby food will be easier:

  • Food blender for pureeing fruits and vegetables
  • A food masher for food like potatoes, bananas, or avocados
  • A baby bowl for food storage
  • A baby bottle with a spoon for pureed fruits and vegetables
  • Silicone baby bib to catch food nibbles
  • A baby high chair with a tray for your baby’s comfort, plus easier cleaning after mealtime
  • Sippy cups with a spout or straw

Make sure to check the materials making up these baby must-haves. They should be phthalate- and BPA-free.

Serve a variety of meals

Keep the food you prepare a variety for your little one to always be interested in. You will also raise a baby that isn’t sensitive to different kinds of food.

Schedule days when you’ll serve fruits and vegetables, chicken and fish, or rice meals. Doing so is advantageous for you as you can explore your skills as a cook. Use a little creativity by cooking particular ingredients, especially very nutritious ones that many babies dislike. As you trigger your imagination, you are also serving highly healthy food to your little one.

Know what to watch out for

Aside from the excitement and fun of feeding, it also helps to know these red flags:

Rashes: Rashes appear around the babies’ mouths and on their skin as a sign of food allergies. When you see allergic reactions to food, however small, you’d best keep them in mind so that you can stop feeding that particular food to your baby. For worse allergic reactions, it is best to seek medical help.

Choking: Choking is one of the leading hazards for babies under three years old. Learn first aid for a choking baby not only in case your little one experiences it, but because it is a life-saving skill you can use for others.

infant feeding bottle with spoon

Get Baby Spoons From Ashtonbee

There are several benefits to using a baby feeding bottle with a spoon, including less messy mealtimes and your child’s safety. You can also take advantage of its multifunctionality of being a food container, a baby teether, and of course, a spoon! Make every feeding time blissful by considering the tips we’ve shared.

Once your little one has graduated from relying on you for feeding and is ready for more independence, Ashtonbee has many more baby spoons you can choose from. We also have different baby products that can assist you with feeding time, like high chairs, baby bibs, and baby bowls. Feel free to check out all our products on our website. We are one with you in making each mealtime a success!

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