Baby Girl High Chair on the Dining Table

All of the first things your little girl does is always going to be a special milestone—crawling, walking, and weaning, to name a few. Introducing your baby to solids is a fun milestone to reach for both of you.

Anything to do with your little one has gears and accessories that come with it. So when you do begin to eat with your baby, you need the best baby girl high chair on the market.

When do you buy a baby high chair for a girl? The answer is pretty simple: when your little angel can sit up, it’s time to buy a high chair for her.

Infants develop their muscles and start sitting up by 4 to 6 months, depending on your child’s pace. Keep track of your baby’s physical development and cherish each stage to adulthood.


What to Buy 

We know that we should choose the best baby chair, but what features should we look for besides comfort? First, let’s take a look at what to expect in high-quality baby girl high chairs:

  • Safety harness – Protect your baby from falling off the high chair with this safety feature. Make sure it is adjustable to suit your little girl’s growing stages.
  • Adjustable footrest – Ensures that your baby girl can use your baby high chair for many months until she is a toddler.
  • Removable food tray – Gives you the convenience and relief of easily cleaning your messy baby’s high chair.
  • Chic design – Offers that minimal yet feminine vibe that’s perfect for your little angel.
  • Durable legs – Either made of wood or plastic, the high chair must be able to bear the weight and any impact.

A high-quality chair for your baby girl should be built to last longer to be used repeatedly. It is also something you can hand down to your next bouncing baby boy or girl or even to your little nieces and nephews.

Now that you know what to look for, what should you do once your stylish baby girl high chair gets delivered to your doorstep?

What to Do with Your Little One’s High Chair 

Most parents think it’s just a higher, smaller chair designed for your baby. But we’re here to help you with the full capacity of high chairs so that your baby will have a nourishing and safe eating experience.

Sit Close to Your Baby 

No matter how safe you think the high chair is or how comfortable you are with your baby eating solids, never sit too far away from them. This is so that you have enough time to react just in case something bad happens.

What happens if you need to leave your baby for just a second? It’s never good to leave your baby unattended. So if you need to step out for a bit, it’s best to ask a family member or a guardian to sit and watch your child.

Strap Your Tot Up

Everything your baby sees is interesting, and they would want to get a hold of it without thinking twice. What can you do with an adventurous baby? The answer is a strap harness.

Don’t underestimate the power of your high chair’s harness, especially if you bought one with a three- or five-point harness. It can keep an excited babysitting safely on the chair, but only if you remember to strap her in.

Lock and Lock 

Some high chairs have wheels which makes them pretty portable. You can move it from room to room for different fun activities without ever having to disassemble it.

However, don’t forget the locking feature of your baby girl’s chair, or else her chair might roll while she’s in it.

What Not to Do 

You may have a ton on your plate—other errands to run, other matters to attend to. Even if you just need to run to the next room, leaving your baby girl alone in her seat is a no-no. This is dangerous.

What other don’ts are there?

No Standing

Do you let your infant do whatever they like, such as standing on high chairs? High chairs are only meant to be sat on, not stood or climbed on. Never encourage your little girl while doing these reckless acts.

Don’t Use the Tray as a Harness

Are you too lazy to use the baby chair harness, and instead, you use the food tray to keep her on the baby chair? It’s not good to use a removable tray to hold your baby in place.

Your baby will explore anything they touch, including the tray. Thus, if she happens to push it outwards and detach it from the chair, she might fall off.

Keep It Away from Everything Else 

Babies are notorious little ones that grab and touch everything. So you need to make sure your baby girl’s high chair is far away from kitchen countertops and tables. Keep in mind to put extra distance between your baby and whatever item they can grab. Your baby may suddenly become interested in something, causing her to wiggle and the chair to fall.

Injuries from high chairs and booster seats increase every year due to a lack of proper use. If you don’t do your part, your child can sustain bruises, cuts, and broken bones.

How to Keep Your Angel from Falling Off 

Your baby is filled with energy every time she’s awake. That’s healthy, and all of that energy has to go somewhere before she sits on her chair, or else tragic events could happen.

Here’s what you can do before you bring your girl to her throne:

Move Around 

Playing with her on her pack’ n play, crawling through tunnels, or tummy time will drain your kid’s exuberant spirit.

It also pays to start being active instead of having a monotonous eat/sleep/repeat routine.

Hungry, Hungry Baby 

Babies can be tricky to feed. Sometimes, they chew and spit their food. Other times, they ignore the food altogether. Even worse is when they throw a tantrum and throw food everywhere.

Learning to tell when your baby is hungry can signal that she’s low on energy and more focused on regaining her energy rather than wasting it.

Fast Service 

An empty tray leaves your baby bored. Thus, she will find other things to keep her busy. For example, your phone on the big table, the cat wriggling around her high chair legs, or the removable tray itself.

Only let your little girl sit on the chair when the food or whatever else you’ve prepared for her is truly ready. That way, her attention goes right into what’s in front of her.

Maintain Your High Chair Regularly

When cleaning and maintaining your baby’s high chair, it’s not just about washing the food tray. You also need to wipe and remove any dirt or debris on the chair and under it. Any speck of food under its legs may cause the high chair to wobble and collapse.

Watch for the Go Signal 

When your infant sits on the high chair for too long, they get cranky and bored, giving them the wrong idea about mealtime.

So when your little one is done, clean and go right away!

Take the Mess Out of Mealtimes 

Baby with high chair filled with spilled food

Safety is your top priority for your precious one. It doesn’t matter whether your little girl is super messy and spaghetti flies everywhere. There are always silicone bibs for those! Never cut corners for your baby’s safety, and use the best high chair you can get.

Ashtonbee’s high chair offers a five-point harness system with buckle covers to ensure your child is secure while eating. The seat is also adjustable to three different heights and reclines for maximum comfort. A removable tray and dishwasher-safe inserts make clean-up easy, and the stylish design will complement any home décor. So if you’re looking for a safe, comfortable, and stylish option for your little angel, be sure to check out Ashtonbee’s chair!

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