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When your baby starts crawling, you’ll surely be worried about their knees. Their delicate skin can end up callused with endless exploration in and out of the house. Any litter on the floor can bruise your infant’s knees.

They can experience the same risks when enrolling them in infant daycare centers. Thus, babies need to wear baby cotton knee-high socks while in infant daycare to protect them from potential injuries.

If you’re not sure what happens inside a daycare, keep reading to learn more. Your baby might need to wear knee-high socks while there.


What Happens in Infant Daycare

Many daycare centers accept infants as young as six weeks old until toddler and preschool age. In this post, we’ll particularly focus on daycare activities for 6- to 18-month-old babies. Here is what you can expect when enrolling your baby in infant daycare.

Speech and Language Learning

Babies learn speech and language as early as their time in the womb. In the daycare center, their caregiver is their second language teacher. Language acquisition comes in the form of everyday talk. Another way they learn is by pointing out different objects and toys and saying their names.

While caregivers do this, they also help develop your little one’s visual capabilities when presenting eye-catching objects. Their conversations with their caregiver may sound gibberish, but this is how infants begin recognizing words. And as they grow, they’ll start understanding their meanings and babbling them themselves.

Cognitive Practices

Learning differs per child: at 6 to 18 months, your little one still won’t show strong signs of what kind of learner they are. Hence, it is the daycare’s responsibility to provide auditory, visual, reading, writing, and kinesthetic activities.

An infant daycare prepares plenty of activities for your little ones to enrich their minds. Below are some examples.

  • Auditory: Singing nursery rhymes, playing musical instruments
  • Visual: Looking at themselves, their caregivers, or different objects on the mirror
  • Reading and writing: Listening to stories, writing on salt or flour
  • Kinesthetic: Feeling the texture of objects, dancing, making art

baby cotton knee-high socks

Socio-Emotional Growth

Your baby’s emotional growth begins when you hug them and give them what they need when they cry. Your response and assistance assure them that help will come their way when they feel uncomfortable.

In the daycare, caregivers fulfill the physical and emotional needs of your child. Smiles do go a long way, especially for your little one’s developing emotions. Whenever you and their caregivers talk to them with a smile, the little one feels warmth and care. They’ll then attribute smiles to feeling safe.

Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development

Fine motor skills are your child’s ability to use the muscles in their extremities, such as their hands and wrists. Meanwhile, gross motor skills develop the larger muscles in their arms, legs, and body.

The daycare center has different activities to develop both.

  • Fine motor skills: Picking up small objects to develop their pincer grasp
  • Gross motor skills: Creating a trail challenge your little one can crawl or walk on, indoor and outdoor playtime, tummy time, hanging mobile in their cots

The daycare center’s activities vary to fit the baby’s age and ensure safe and quick development.

Reasons to Wear Baby Knee High Socks While in Daycare

Daycare centers have plenty of activities for your fast-growing baby. Thus, it is important that they feel comfortable and safe. Wearing the proper clothing and the best knee-high socks makes a difference, especially when they begin crawling and walking.


Socks, particularly baby knee-high socks with grip, ensure balance when your little one starts walking. The rubber on the soles serves as extra support to keep your baby on their feet and not slip. They can crawl without knee and leg injuries, thanks to knee-high socks.


Crawling, walking, or running is safer when your little one has their knee-high socks on. When worn with shoes, they can experience comfort too.

The socks serve as an additional layer of protection for their feet against objects on the floor. Daycare activities happen indoors and outdoors, and you’ll be at peace knowing they’re protected wherever they are. The knee coverage serves as extra protection for their delicate knee skin.

Additional cuteness

Of course, when you leave your little one in the daycare center, they need to wear appropriate attire. Whether they’re dressed for warm or cool weather, adding knee-high socks makes them irresistibly cute. They can show off their outfit of the day, complete with accessories from head to toe.

baby knee-high socks with grip

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So, does wearing baby knee-high socks have any benefits for your little one while in daycare? The short answer is yes! They keep your child’s feet warm and cozy all day long. They also provide additional protection for their knees and feet, help with balance and coordination, and give your child an extra dose of adorableness.

If you’re looking for a fun and practical way to dress up your infant during their time in daycare, look no further than a cute pair of baby knee-high socks for a newborn or a toddler! Check out the socks we offer here at Ashtonbee. We’ve designed them to satisfy your little one’s need for comfort and protection. You can also check out our other products for your baby’s playtime, safety, and even mealtime.

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