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Every parent has their own superstitions and beliefs about good luck and bad luck. For example, some parents believe that if you drop something, it’s a sign of good luck. Others believe that if your child sneezes, it means they are going to get sick. And some believe that if you buy baby stuff in the middle of pregnancy, it might bring bad luck.

Today, we’re going to dispel the urban legend that early baby purchases bring bad luck to the family. We’ll also discuss some other widespread misconceptions that we’ve heard throughout the years.

The Origin of the Baby Myths

Pregnancy myths have been around for a long time. Some of them come from folklore, and some may have started as jokes. Unfortunately, there are no official accounts of how pregnancy and baby myths started.

For example, the Romans believed that if a pregnant woman looked at herself in a mirror, she would give birth to a monster.

The Chinese thought that if women ate cucumbers during their first trimester, they would give birth to deformed babies.

One theory to explain this is that people who had little or no contact with the medical community started these myths. As these stories spread from person to person, they became ingrained in culture and passed down until today.

“It’s bad luck to buy baby stuff before the baby is born.”

People have believed this for so long that it has become one of the most widespread misconceptions regarding having a child. But, since no rationale supports it, either way, it is also one of the trickiest to deny.

The idea that you are tempting fate by buying things for your unborn baby comes from the belief that babies can be affected by their environment before they are born, such as the mother’s diet, stress levels, and emotions (like anger or happiness). This also includes external factors like how clean their home is kept or if they get too much sunlight exposure.

The rumor can also be attributed to the fact that the majority of losses occur in the first trimester, prior to the twelve weeks of pregnancy. This proves that pregnancy can be a volatile thing, especially during the first few weeks of carrying a child. 

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

How soon can I begin stocking up on baby stuff?

Some parents may think, “when should I start buying baby stuff?” and debate whether they should start buying baby stuff early. Other parents start hoarding baby stuff during the first trimester, which isn’t smart nor cost-effective for expecting families.

So, here’s a piece of advice for all the expecting parents:

  • Don’t buy baby stuff until you’re sure of the baby’s sex, which will be late in the second trimester.
  • Don’t buy baby stuff until you know your baby’s due date.
  • And finally, don’t buy any clothes for your future baby before you have a name picked out.

You can also wait for your baby shower. You can put some baby gear you’ve been eyeing or things you’ll need on the baby registry. This way, your friends and family can help out with some of the baby items for your little one.

We understand that as new parents, you are excited and anxious about being pregnant and want everything ready for your little one right away. However, take it easy! You don’t need to start buying diapers or a cute pair of baby socks the moment you reach your second trimester.

It’s normal to be anxious about being a parent, but you don’t want anxiety to lead to overspending or buying things too soon when they are not necessary (like essentials for the nursery). So you have to learn how to moderate your spending habits, especially during this time when hospital visits are vital to a good pregnancy.

Will my baby’s health be affected if I buy nursery items early?

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Now, some expectant parents may think, “is it bad luck to buy baby stuff early in pregnancy?” and anticipate the worst with their purchasing decisions. This includes assumptions of illnesses; these assumptions do more harm overall.

Myths like this perpetuate certain practices that may set you up for child-rearing mishaps. Buying baby stuff early in the pregnancy won’t affect the baby, especially their health.

It’s also important to remember that newborn babies are susceptible to different infections since bacteria, viruses, and parasites that cause these illnesses are too strong for their undeveloped immune systems. Don’t stress over a cold or fever too much, as these are rather common occurrences. These aren’t the fruits of buying baby stuff early. 

Making decisions based on myths and beliefs is not in the best interest of your little one. Don’t forget to visit your doctor’s appointments to gain more insight into your new baby’s health.

Will I spoil my baby if I buy them things before birth?

Before a child is born, is it possible to spoil them? No.

If you’re attentive to your newborn’s needs in those first few months, it’s okay! Your baby won’t develop any negative patterns yet. Cause and consequence are not concepts that infants can consciously grasp. However, babies are born with the ability to feel and respond to acts of love. 

They won’t cry because you failed to give them new clothes or toys. The cries and fusses of a small infant may indicate that they are uncomfortable, hungry, in need of a diaper change, or in discomfort.

In conclusion, it is not bad luck to buy things for a baby before they arrive because babies have no idea what “lucky” means! They don’t think about luck at all; they only know that people are paying attention to them and making them feel special.

Stock Up on Baby Gear Ahead of Time

buying baby stuff - baby furniture and baby products

You may be tempted to wait until after birth to buy any essentials for your newborn, but it’s important to consider that this might not be in their best interest.

When you stock up on necessities well in advance of your due date, you can relax and get organized. Preparation will alleviate some of the anxiety that comes with having a baby. However, we highly suggest waiting until you know your baby’s sex to buy clothing and other big ticket items. This has nothing to do with the myth; as you can see from the above, there is no reason to worry about buying baby things early. Your baby’s health and well-being are unaffected in any way by myths.

So if you’re wondering “when do you start buying baby stuff?”, then today may be the right day to begin. Start shopping for your baby items on the Ashtonbee website now.

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