baby girl socks that look like shoes

Babies are already cute as they are with their tiny little hands and feet, their unconscious and conscious adorable smiles, and even how their lips quiver before they let out a loud cry—still endearing! The cuteness overload never stops, especially when you dress them up. If you are having a baby girl, you must be so excited to prepare for your baby’s outfits of the day (OOTDs) because of the plenty of styles you can do.

However, since they are still babies, you need to balance picking beautiful clothes and outfits and your baby’s comfort. You’re in for great news! For footwear, infant girl socks that look like shoes are so trendy, here’s why it’s a must-have for your baby’s wardrobe!

The Advantages of Using Socks Instead of Shoes

When you go online shopping or shop physically, you’ll surely see these cute little socks in a variety of bright designs, perfect for your little girls. These socks would have vibrant color combinations and patterns that mimic shoes! So, are you tempted to purchase these adorable and fashionable finds? Here are the reasons why you should!


These are the best baby socks because, unlike fully structured shoes, they are lighter and more comfortable, perfect for babies below six months whose muscles are not yet strong and developed. When your baby starts to practice walking, choose baby socks with rubber soles to ensure they won’t slip. From newborn to older months, you can make your baby wear posh socks that match their outfit!

Less expensive

The baby socks design is also friendly to the budget not only because of their lower price compared to shoes but because of the period your baby can use it. The stylish socks you bought for your newborn can still be worn up to their first birthday.

Easy to clean

When babies are born, parents become extra sensitive to dirt and keep their surroundings clean to ensure their children won’t have rashes or allergies. Socks are washable. Hence, after every use, you can wash them, ensuring your baby is getting fresh and clean pairs every time.


The design of adding rubber soles to some socks is meant for safety too. Starting six months, babies begin to hold on to things for them to stand, and the development of them taking their first steps and walking goes on. The rubber soles provide a non-skid feature to the socks allowing your baby to wear safe and chic socks as they explore.

baby socks with grip

Perfect Baby OOTD Must-Haves

The baby fashion show continues! So get your cameras ready and your videos rolling as you are about to witness a baby turn into an adorable ball of sunshine once you dress them up completely. Aside from baby socks with grip, here are some fashionable baby OOTD must-haves.

A Pretty Ribbon or Headband

You surely look forward to the days when your little girl already has long hair, and you can try different hairstyles together. While you wait for this day to come, you can still channel the inner Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks through cute ribbons of different colors and headbands with attractive designs like a tiara.

A Lovely Dress

Dress up your little princess quickly through an easy-to-wear one-piece dress—plain or printed dresses that match the color of the headband and other accessories. When wearing dresses, make sure to have diapers or baby undies that match the dress color too!

A Cute Shirt

Are you trying to slay casual attire by wearing shirts? Add a cute touch by picking shirts that have shoutouts and catchy messages. Here are some you’ll commonly see or have customized:

  • Tiny But Fierce
  • I Smize!
  • Sassy Like Mommy
  • Next Top Model
  • I Love Pink

Be prepared to hear lots of compliments and enchanted looks from passersby. A sassy baby is difficult to ignore!

Baby Skirt and Pants

Fashionistas do not stick to the regular black and blue pants and skirts, and even this usual attire is turned into something exciting. The same happens to your baby when you level up to little pink tutus, patterned pants and leggings, baby joggers, and tattered pants! Cuteness overload!

Ashtonbee’s Baby Girl Socks

As a cherry on top, dress your little one in Ashtonbee’s baby girl socks as a final touch. For outfits using dresses, go for socks that look like formal shoes, while for rugged or casual baby OOTDs, don’t miss socks that look like Converse, Adidas, or Puma sneakers! You may also check out our non-skid baby girl socks, which have rubber soles, so your baby can use them from newborn months until they practice walking. The best thing about these socks is that they come in different colors to match any of your baby’s OOTDs. After dressing her up, get ready to carry and take pictures of your stylish little girl!


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