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Parents are always fussing about keeping their kids safe. Children are naturally playful and curious and have little control over their movements. It doesn’t matter whether your kids are crawling, running, or just walking. There’s a high chance they will knock over things, climb over furniture, and open restricted drawers and cabinets. 

Time to baby-proof your home before they learn to crawl and move around the house. In this blog post, we’ll give you some baby-proofing tips.

Take Precautions With Electric Outlets

When your kids start to crawl, the first thing within their reach is electrical outlets. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that more than 11 children die from electrocution each year. In their early months, they have an immense curiosity to touch and put their hands or things in small and tight spaces.

That’s why electrical outlet covers are a must-have for baby-proofing. Make sure to buy outlet covers that fit perfectly on your outlet so it won’t get loose and become a choking hazard. Outlet covers can be a hassle when plugging in appliances, but it’s better to be safe than be sorry.

If It Dangles, It’s Dangerous

Even child specialists don’t understand why children want to wrap things around their necks. That is why doctors warn about using window blinds or anything with wires that your children can play with. For window blinds or drapes, make sure your kids won’t be able to reach them.

Be sure to have cable management for the cords on your appliances. You can organize cables using certain tools, keeping them entirely hidden from view.

Be Mindful of the Heavy Objects Around the House

When your kids approach their sixth month, they begin to crawl and try to stand up. They use the edge of furniture to support themselves. If possible, keep the heavy objects in storage to avoid any accidents. For televisions, lamps, and other objects you use daily, ensure you get anti-tip straps.

Latch your furniture into walls and test if they won’t tip over. You can use adhesive tapes on vases and other ornaments your kids may topple over.

Always Keep All Windows and Doors Locked and Closed

Aside from opening drawers, kids also have the habit of unlocking doors and windows. Make sure to get baby-proof locks because kids are clever and will find a way to open doors and windows, especially ones that your kids can reach that are big enough for them to climb over.

In their first year, your kids will not be able to reach the doorknob, so you still have time to attach door latches and place them higher in the door frame. This will ensure that your kids can’t unlock the door and go to unrestricted areas of the house.

drawer baby-proof locks 

Install Cabinet Drawer Locks

You won’t have problems with top-shelf cabinets, but everything your kids can reach that contains dangerous materials should be baby-proofed. Harmful objects you need to secure are:

  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaning materials
  • Medicine
  • Laundry detergent
  • Sharp objects like knives and scissors
  • Guns
  • Home construction equipment like nails, saws, and hammers

There are several baby-proofing cabinet locks you can choose from. You can decide which one best suits your demands based on your requirements and financial constraints. Here are some locks for cabinet doors you should consider.

  • Drawer and cabinet latches. These latches are the most common type of baby-proof cabinet locks. You can attach this to almost every drawer and cabinet. These tools automatically latch when you close the drawers. You can push a button to unlatch them. However, once your kids learn how it works, they can easily open any drawers and cabinets.
  • Cabinet flex locks. Just like latches, it keeps cabinets and drawers close. However, these flex locks have an additional feature that makes it harder for kids to open.
  • Magnetic locks. If you want to ensure that your kids have no way of opening doors, cabinets, and drawers, magnetic locks are the most ideal to use. These locks require a key to open. But always keep them with you and make sure not to lose them.

Note: While it’s helpful to some extent, cabinet locks are not entirely foolproof. Your kids will learn how to undo these locks as they grow older. The best precaution is to keep all harmful objects out of reach.

Create a Safe Space for Your Kids

As your kids grow older, it will be harder to control them. So instead of following them around the house, build a space where you can guarantee they will stay safe. Take advantage of playpens for your kids. You can always re-adjust these playpens if you need them to be bigger or smaller, depending on the area of your home and your kid’s preference.

You can also lay down baby play mats to protect your kids against the hard floor surface. These are non-slip, so your kids can keep upright no matter how much they run and jump. You may also want to consider waterproof features for easy maintenance.

Safety First With Ashtonbee!

Many parents fuss about baby-proofing their homes, and we understand that parents want to keep kids safe in every area of the house. There are many different safety accessories you can purchase for baby-proofing. When it comes to high-quality tools and guaranteed safety, Ashtonbee offers some of the best baby-proofing products you can use all around your home.

Our collection includes sliding door locks, cabinet locks, corner guards, anti-tip straps, and electrical outlet covers. These safety gadgets are premium and affordable. Furthermore, we also have a collection of baby essentials to choose from. So browse our items and shop with us today!

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