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Baby teething can be a difficult stage to go through, full of drooling and tears. And it’s hard on parents too! You need to give extra attention to a sensitive baby and to their food, drinks, and activities.

The great news is that many helpful baby teething toys can make the process more comfortable for your little one. But with so many options, it can be tricky to know which ones will help. 

To save you time and stress, this blog post explores some of the red flags you should watch out for when selecting baby teething toys and our top tips for finding the right products. The right teething toys will keep your little one comfortable throughout this journey.


Baby Teething Toys: The Red Flags

Many parents often hear and see the best characteristics of baby teether toys but seldom the features they should watch out for. Like all products, even teethers have pros and cons too. 

To ensure that what you are getting has more pros and little to no cons, follow these tips and skip risking your baby’s harm.


Most teethers’ designs are well-thought and intended for your and your baby’s convenience, just like teething necklaces and teethers with cords that can be clipped on or hung on your baby’s neck. 

These teething toys for baby are portable and easy to access. However, they also pose the danger of strangling when your little one is left unattended. The clips may accidentally detach from your little one’s clothes, and they can bite on the clips instead of the teether, posing choking hazards.

Some teethers have fancy laces made with beads, which are even more dangerous. The string might break, and they may swallow and choke on the beads.

Bacteria and Molds

Some teethers that do not dry up easily are those made with cloth and wood. Although they are well-loved by many babies, you should take caution in using them. You need extra effort in keeping them dry to avoid molds and bacteria build-up.

Molds love wet spaces, and where else can they best thrive than in teethers that are always damp with your baby’s drool? When the teeth get wet and do not dry up easily, they are targets of bacteria too. These two and many other organisms attached to your baby’s teether can bring sickness to your little one, from an upset stomach to different infections.

Liquid Filled Teethers

Liquid-filled teethers attract teething babies because they have something that makes noise when they shake. These teether types are also softer because they aren’t fully made of rubber. You can also put liquid-filled teethers in the refrigerator to cool and relieve your baby’s painful gums.

While these teethers have plenty of benefits, the risk of your little one ingesting the liquid inside is also high. Even product labels say always to check the teether for any damages as it isn’t safe for babies to take in the liquid inside. Hence, be careful in using liquid-filled teethers.


Parents who are environmentalists or nature lovers themselves want to impart the same advocacy to their children. They do this by picking environmentally friendly baby supplies. Among the many materials teethers are made of, wood is the most nature-friendly because it comes from organic sources, unlike plastic or cloth. 

However, giving wood teethers to babies has disadvantages too. First, wood material may be too tough and hurt a baby’s gums. And if the wood is soft, babies with sprouting teeth may scrape the wood and ingest them. Wood also absorbs saliva and liquid, so despite thorough cleaning, stains may remain.

Baby Teether Toys

Best Teething Toys For Babies: The Green Flags

Although some baby teething toys have red flags, it does not mean they are unusable. Using teethers with cords may go well if you keep an eye on your baby. Checking the quality of liquid-filled teethers before your baby uses them ensures that what your baby uses is always top quality. When you keep teethers clean, illness-causing bacteria and molds won’t thrive.

Aside from these responsible practices, you can also look for these baby teething toy green flags for your baby’s enjoyment and safety.

Texture Your Baby Likes

Teethers have many great features like durability, safety, child-friendliness, and affordability, but you should also check which one your baby likes. You may have gotten the baby teething toy with the best quality, but when your baby does not appreciate it, it will just be another supply that stays on the shelf. 

So, observe and check. Does your baby like wood, rubber, plastic teething rings, a bandana teether, vibrating teethers, or warm or cold ones? Your baby may prefer some teethers because of their age, while some are already slowly showing some personality. Pick the teethers your baby loves, so they can enjoy using them.

Easy-to-Clean Ones

Cleanliness is a top concern regarding teethers because these toys go straight into your baby’s mouth. Teethers that are easy to clean get a big check for parents like you. Get the teethers that only need soap and warm water so you can clean them as often as possible. 

Have teethers that come with a case, so when you are traveling or they are not in use, they are still kept clean inside the case. 

Multipurpose Teethers

Make the most of the teether you invest in by picking the ones with multipurpose functions. You can look for these designs:

  • A teether that is also a rattle
  • A teether and toothbrush in one
  • Bandana teether
  • Teether bib
  • Adorable teether mittens
  • Teether and pacifier combo

Not only does it cost you less, but you are also sure that your baby will comfortably use a supply in various activities. When they are used to a thing, they are more likely to let you wear and use them. 

For instance, some parents find cleaning their baby’s mouth challenging when they start brushing, but when the teether is also a toothbrush, it may get easier as the baby is already used to using the teether. The same goes for the other purposes the teethers are designed for.

Adorable Teethers

Teething is not an easy process for both you and your teething baby. Hence, you ensure that what you provide for your baby is something they’ll like, so you can help them ease their baby’s teething pain. 

Choose teethers with adorable colors, characters, or designs, so they can easily grab your baby’s attention and curiosity. You can try out a corn teether, banana teether, and teethers with unique shapes. You’ll never go wrong with bright colors, especially for young teething babies. Baby animals and your baby’s favorite characters work just as well.

With the colors and characters, pick the teethers that are easy to grip. Teething rings and loops that aren’t too big are the best for your baby’s little fingers and hands.

teething toys for baby

Bonus Knowledge: How Baby Teethers Save Your Baby

Although teethers are just small supplies, they can make a huge difference from a well-behaved and bubbly little one to one that throws tantrums because of discomfort. Because you know these red and green flags about teether toys, you get to choose the best for your baby and save your child from all these:

Sore Gums

When a baby’s teeth are about to come out, expect the gums to be red and sore. When you notice your baby biting and gnawing or rubbing their cheeks, they may be experiencing gum pains. The cold and slight rub teethers can ease the pain your baby feels.

Lack of Appetite

As your child experiences gum pains, you will notice a decreased appetite. In preparation for this, prepare soft and easy meals to chew. You can also serve them their favorites, so they’ll still be excited to nibble and munch even when they feel pain. Teethers can help as they can continue to move their gums instead of keeping them stuck, which may heighten the pain.

Tantrums and Fuzziness

When all your baby feels is the pain brought by teething, it surely will become fuzzier. Tantrums will come more often too. Teethers will not only ease their pain but also keep them busy, especially if the ones you have are the teether and rattle combo.

While there are pains teethers can ease, there are also teething effects like fever, diarrhea, and rashes that an expert best addresses. Hence, consult a pediatrician right away when your baby experiences these.

Teething Toy By Ashtonbee

Baby teething can be difficult for both infants and parents, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right toy, you can ease your baby’s discomfort while ensuring they’re safe from harmful materials. Be on the lookout for red flags like cords, liquid fillings, wood, bacteria, and molds. And look for green flags like bright colors, easy-to-clean surfaces, and multipurpose functions. Most importantly, choose a toy that your baby seems to enjoy—that’s what matters most! 

If you’re looking for a great selection of safe and fun baby teethers, check out our collection at Ashtonbee. We know how important it is to keep your little one happy and healthy during this tough time!

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