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So you just welcomed a new addition to your family, and as a first-time parent, you have lots of questions about how to care for your little one. Questions about getting a baby tongue cleaner for your little one’s oral hygiene or not can keep you up at night. No one wants a dirty tongue, especially babies! Tongue cleaners can help remove food particles from the tongue’s surface which are culprits for many mouth-related infections from bacteria and plaque buildup. In this post, we’ll look at baby tongue cleaners and the different types there are. We’ll also help you determine which one is right for your child. Read on to make a wise decision when shopping!



7 Types of Baby Tongue Cleaners

Not having teeth yet does not reduce the importance of having superb oral health. Like adults, babies also need to take care of their oral health. Only this time, the focus is on their tongues. Here are the different tongue cleaners you’ll see. Knowing each will help you decide which one is the best for your baby.


  1. Finger toothbrush

The first and most common kind you’ll see is a finger toothbrush. These products are made of rubber consisting of a finger cap you can insert on your index finger. One area of the rubber cap has soft brush bristles made of rubber too, and this is the side you’ll use to brush your little one’s tongue. Some finger toothbrushes also have bumps on the backside for palate cleansing.

  1. 360-surround finger toothbrush

As the name suggests, the 360-surround finger toothbrush has soft rubber bristles. This design is beneficial because it allows all parts of the mouth, tongue, palate, and cheek lining to be cleaned with a single insertion. Nevertheless, they may be bulkier than the traditional finger toothbrush, so they are better used for older babies with wider mouths.

  1. Oral cleaner

If you find it difficult or worry about hurting your baby’s delicate mouth, you can check out oral cleaners. These cleaners look like small lollipops, only they are made of clear rubber. You need to hold on to the handle and insert the brush head to clean your baby’s tongue and teeth. Brush with care to avoid extended insertion of the oral cleaner.

baby gum and tongue cleaner

  1. Lollipop tongue cleaner

Meanwhile, check out the lollipop tongue cleaner if you want an oral cleaner with a baby-friendly look because of its pastel color and lollipop-like design. They function as oral cleaners, so you can insert them into the mouth and slowly brush the tongue. These cleaners are bulkier, though, so they are best for older babies. Babies who can control their grip can also use these independently.

  1. Soft circle cleaner

Aside from baby tongue cleaners that have bristles, there are also cleaners that you can use for tongue scraping the dirt off your little one’s tongue. You’ll see a soft circle cleaner that looks like a toothbrush, only that the head is made of pure rubber. Just insert the circle into your baby’s mouth and scrape the dirt outward. You can buy them in various colors.

  1. 2-in-1 soft toothbrush and tongue scraper

The designs of tongue cleaners surely never end, and this time, this cleaner has both the head of a soft-bristled toothbrush and the handle of a tongue scraper—making it look like a real toothbrush. The handle is an elongated version of the circle tongue cleaner. After brushing your baby’s little teeth, use the other end of the brush for the tongue. Clean the whole toothbrush thoroughly after use.

  1. Baby banana and cute shaped teethers

Cleaning your little one’s teeth isn’t always a fun activity, as some babies get stressed when parents approach their mouths with foreign objects. You can solve these problems with baby banana teethers or teethers made to clean your baby’s teeth and tongue. These teethers are meant to be held and chewed by your baby (as teethers), but they have the added benefit of cleaning their teeth and tongue at the same time.

baby tongue cleaner brush

Make Your Purchase

The list of baby gum and tongue cleaners goes on, and manufacturers continue to innovate based on the demands of customers and their babies’ various needs. When you are out there shopping, you will surely have a couple of considerations when choosing, but here are the two you should prioritize and why.

Your baby’s age

First, make sure that the baby tongue cleaner/brush you get fits your baby’s age. For instance, babies less than six months old have smaller mouths, so oral tongue cleaners and finger toothbrushes are better for them. As they grow, they’ll want to do things on their own, and their mouths widen physically too. Introduce baby toothbrushes they can independently hold and brush through soft brushes with a scraper. You can buy these items separately or in a set and add more cleaners as your baby ages.

Safe and adorable

Get into the details of what makes the tongue cleaner or toothbrush best for babies. Make sure that the cleaner is BPA-free and has the right size to avoid choking risks. You and your little one can also make the brushing time fun and exciting when you have both cute and functional brushes. Pick cleaners and brushes with vibrant colors or animated designs. Watch their faces light up every time they see their adorable toothbrush. Teach them to enjoy taking care of their oral health early on, and they’ll keep this positive attitude growing up.

Baby Tongue Cleaner by Ashtonbee

So, there you have it! These are the different types of baby tongue cleaners. As a parent, you want to ensure all areas of your baby’s health are excellent. This includes ensuring their oral health is taken care of properly from an early age. To do this, using a tongue cleaner for babies will help a lot.

We hope this article has helped make your decision easier and that you find the perfect cleaner for your little one. When purchasing a tongue cleaner, always consider your baby’s age and safety first and foremost. Finally, be sure to check out the best baby tongue cleaner here at Ashtonbee. What we have could be just what you need!

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