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Traveling with a new baby is tough. Of course, you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly, but there’s also the small matter of actually taking care of your baby and keeping them happy in a strange place.

The good news is that there are plenty of travel essentials for babies out there, from travel car seats to carriers and strollers that make it easier than ever to get around on foot when you’re away from home.

This list will help keep you organized and prepared for any situation that might arise during your journey with your little one!

Baby Packing List Essentials

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is a must-have for traveling with your little one. It enables you to have both hands free so that you can bring your carry-on luggage and keep one hand on the stroller. This makes navigating through busy airports, train stations, or bus stations easier.

The baby carrier also allows you to be hands-on with your child in a way that isn’t possible if they are in the stroller or if they are sitting in their car seat and strapped into a regular highchair at the restaurant where you’re eating. 

And because many carriers allow babies up until toddlerhood (and some even beyond), this type of travel accessory becomes an investment worth making!

Baby Car Seat

A baby travel car seat is a must-have for all traveling parents, but ensure you have the right one for your child. A good rule of thumb is to get a car seat that fits your child’s height and weight. You’ll also want to check if the model fits most cars since you’ll probably use a rental car during family travel.

And don’t forget to check all straps regularly—examine them for tears or frays, which could lead to serious injuries in an accident! Your little one will be safer when they’re strapped down tight enough so they can’t wiggle out of their restraints—but not so tight that they can’t breathe!

Diapers and Wipes

Diapers and wipes should always be a part of your baby travel essentials checklist. Forget everything but not the diaper bags and wipes. They’re especially important in keeping everything clean and mess-free when traveling with a baby!

For starters, diapers are a must-have because there will be accidents. Also, you don’t want to be stuck in a hotel room with no time to run out and buy diapers when you need them most. That said, it’s also important that you can easily carry the diapers around with you (like in diaper bags) so they aren’t left behind.

In addition, a good pair of travel wipes are just as crucial as having plenty of clean onesies on hand—and don’t forget about other essentials like wet wipes (for cleaning hands after eating), baby lotion/creams/ointment (for soothing dry skin or diaper rash).

baby travel essentials - baby travel gear for hotel rooms and everyday stroller 

Another thing that would go perfectly with your diapers and wipes is a portable changing pad for your baby travel essentials. Other parents may struggle to find a nearby bathroom or a clean space to change their baby’s disposable/cloth diapers, but not you!

With Ashtonbee’s diaper bag and changing mat, you will feel all the difference in traveling comfortably since it’s a flexible and convenient bag. This amazing portable changing mat has the following:

  • Multiple storage compartments to fit in a few essentials like diapers, wipes, baby blankets, and even a first aid kit!
  • Travel-friendly properties with portable and flexible features. This means it will fit most carry-on luggage/bags, and it’s also stroller friendly.
  • Water-proof properties that make it a breeze to clean. There’s no need to take several trips to the loo or trashcan since you can fix whatever mess you made with a single wipe.

Speaking of trash bins, it also helps if there are easy options for disposing of dirty diapers. Some hotels provide trash cans in their bathrooms; others have diaper disposal bins near the pool or on balconies; some even have specialized bathrooms just for changing babies’ dirty clothes!

Extra Pillows and Blankets

You probably know how challenging it is to air travel with a baby. Nothing could prepare you for the chaos that comes with flying with a baby. And it doesn’t get better with older babies since long-haul flights are way too uncomfortable for them, even for you!

To make them cozier during the flight, you will want to bring along extra pillows and blankets. You can use the pillow to keep your baby comfortable while they fall asleep. The blanket will also be handy for keeping babies warm (since their little hands and feet are always cold).

Also, consider bringing multiple blankies with you—you never know when your child might need one! If they’re asleep and covered with a blanket, feel free to unwrap them and enjoy that cute sleeping face.


baby travel essentials - baby gear and baby essentials

We understand that some parents prefer to give toys when their kids are older, but sometimes bringing toys during flights or long-haul drives can be a lifesaver.

In addition to keeping them safe and comfortable while traveling, toys will keep your little one entertained. A few extra items to pack aren’t much, especially if it’s only a couple of toys to help your baby sleep or be happy.

Some of the toys you can consider bringing in your baby travel essentials are the following:

  • Toys that are safe for babies. Remember that these little kiddos act on impulse! It’s best always to choose toys that are non-toxic and won’t pose a choking risk.
  • Toys that are easy to clean. Baby food or not, it always goes in your baby’s mouth, so ensure that the toy you’re bringing is easy to clean!
  • Toys that are easy to pack.
  • Toys that can be used in the car seat, travel crib, or lightweight stroller (and will help pass the time on long drives).

Baby Care Items

  • Lotion and ointment for diaper rash, chapped cheeks, and dry skin (also consider a barrier cream like Aquaphor to protect against diaper rash).
  • Baby head pillow and warm baby socks for comfortable naps!
  • Medications include Tylenol or ibuprofen if your child takes the medication regularly. If they have allergies, ensure you have enough allergy meds.
  • Baby clothes and baby socks. Layers and layers for your baby travel gear! This is especially important during winter trips so your baby stays warm throughout the journey.

Baby Food

We recommend bringing your own bottle to feed your baby since it’s important to know what goes into their mouth, especially when traveling. You may need to change the formula or breastfeed warm milk on the go, so we suggest packing a few extra bottles to make life easier during travel!

If breastfeeding, you can bring some pre-made food pouches with a powdered formula that’s easy to mix up at home (or buy once you arrive) and store them in glass containers until then. However, some little ones may prefer warm milk so pack a nursing cover. A nursing cover will shield your bosom while your sleeping baby is feeding on your breast milk.

And if you are formula feeding, make sure you have a container of ready-to-go liquid or powder before leaving home! You don’t want to end up having a cranky, hungry baby while traveling. Finally, if you’re weaning your little one, remember to bring baby spoons and baby feeding bowls so they can start the habit of eating solids even while vacationing. 

Make Traveling Easier With a List

Traveling with a baby is hard work. Even though you may be excited to go out of town, it cannot be easy to get out of the house. Not only do you have to pack for yourself, but also for your little one. This can seem overwhelming, and it’s easy to forget something important like diapers or formula when trying to get ready for a trip.

When it comes time to leave town with your kiddo in tow, don’t just throw their things together haphazardly; instead, create an organized list of what needs to be packed before heading out on your adventure! By doing this ahead of time, there won’t be any surprises when getting ready for departure day, which makes everything much easier!


You’re ready to start traveling with your baby! You’ve got all the essentials on this list, and you know what to expect when traveling with a baby. We hope this list helps you feel confident and prepared for your next trip.

You may also explore our Ashtonbee website for baby essentials like sippy cups, baby socks, and even packing tips for your next trip with your baby!

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