High chairs are more than just being part of a mealtime seat for your baby. Most of the time, it is the same seat your baby will use when hanging out indoors or outdoors, doing crafts, or when you want them to be in one place as you accomplish tasks at home. 

With its many functions, you only want the best high chair for your child. And if you’re in the market for a baby high chair, know that not all high chairs are created equal—some have more features than others, and some are simply more comfortable for babies. 

Whether you’re considering a Baby Trend high chair or other brands, check out these nine characteristics every high chair should have. Keep reading so that you can make the right purchase!

     1. Reclining Seat

Find a high chair that allows multiple reclining positions, so your baby will be comfortable whatever they are doing. For instance, you can set the chair straight when your baby is eating, playing, or doodling to ensure they are old enough to the tray or the table. Does your baby fall asleep while playing or after eating? Recline the seat further back, so they can comfortably take a nap.

     2. Multiple Chair Height

Aside from a reclining seat, getting a high chair that adjusts to multiple heights would be useful. Some high chairs can be adjusted to three heights, while others can be adjusted to six. This will let your baby stay on the same level with you no matter what.

     3. Multipurpose Design

Parents should always go for multipurpose baby supplies. This is because of the lower cost and convenience of bringing one item for many uses. With this, pick a high chair that can be assembled or collapsed into a traditional high chair, infant seat, or toddler seat.

     4. Quality Tray

There are many tray designs available. For example, there are trays with cup holders to avoid liquid from spilling. And if there are any spills, pick a tray made from a durable and easy-to-clean material so that dirt can be easily wiped or washed off. You can also opt for high chairs with detachable trays, so your little one can use them as a normal chair when they grow up. Picking trays with the aforementioned characteristics will be best if you are looking for a Baby Trend high chair replacement tray.

Ashtonbee High Chair

     5. Clean and Cute Seat Cover or Pad

Aside from the tray that should always be kept clean, you should also check out the high chair’s seat cushion. You may have seen the Baby Trend high chair replacement cover, which is a good idea. You can find a high chair with the same design to ensure your baby is free from any skin rashes or irritation. So, pick a high chair that has a washable seat pad. 

There are also seat pads that keep your baby comfortable and add some style to the chair because of their design. And there are reversible versions too! Pick these designs for comfort and aesthetics.

     6. Secured Safety Harness

Safety is among your priorities in picking the best high chair, and the high chair safety harness is key to keeping your little one nicely tucked in. With that, pick high chairs with well-designed safety straps. If the high chair you pick should be placed on top of a regular chair, ensure that the seat harnesses are robust so that your little one will not fall. For your baby’s comfort, pick ones with a soft harness.

     7. Non-Skid Pads

Aside from the safety harness, look for high chairs with non-skid pads on the feet. With this, it will stand sturdily no matter where the high chair is put.

Babies are energetic, and they will not stay still even in high chairs. With non-skid pads, you’ll be at peace knowing that no matter how active your baby is on the high chair, the chair will remain unmoved. 

     8. Foldable and Portable

It’s convenient to have a high chair when you travel; knowing that wherever you hang out or eat, your baby and you will be comfortable. With this, you’ll need a portable high chair. Hence, pick a high chair that can be folded and assembled.

There are also high chairs with a handle which can be comfortably carried after being folded. You can also pick high chairs with wheels so that when you fold them, you can push them instead of carrying them.

Ashtonbee Baby High Chair

Whether you need a Baby Trend high chair tray replacement, other high chair essentials, or a brand new baby high chair, what matters is that you satisfy most, if not all, of these excellent characteristics a baby high chair must have. A reclining seat, adjustable height, and multipurpose design make it perfect for feeding and playing. A quality tray and a soft seat pad ensure comfortable mealtimes too. Additionally, the foldable design makes it easy to store and transport. And finally, safety is always a concern with young children, so a high chair must have a secured safety harness and non-skid feet. 

If you’re on the hunt for the right high chair that will last for years, look no further than Ashtonbee. Our high chair is easy to set up, has an adjustable height, is easy to clean, and is comfortable, sturdy, and durable. It’s worth the investment, so check it out today.

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