Many parents consider oral health the least of their priorities regarding their babies. This is because there’s nothing much to work with.

In the early period of your child’s growth, they don’t have teeth. And, when it grows, these baby teeth will be traded for a coin from the tooth fairy anyway. So parents neglect teeth until permanent ones grow out. Soon after, they’ll be jotting down dental appointment schedules and consoling an anxious child in the dentist’s chair.

But you can start taking care of your baby’s oral health early. Establishing an oral care habit as soon as possible can lead your child to a life of health and confidence. Let Ashtonbee help you with practical information so you start using a tongue cleaner as soon as they’re born.

Why It’s Important to Clean Your Baby’s Tongue

Your baby’s tongue is the part of their body that helps them process liquid. So keeping this organ in good health is important.

During the early years, your baby’s tongue can accumulate milk residue because of breastfeeding or bottle feeding. This can cause a buildup and affect their oral hygiene. In the long run, this results in bad breath, even in newborn babies.

Tongue scraping will be beneficial in removing germs from the mouth, which can spread to the cheeks and gums as well. An indirect result of a clean tongue is a mouth free from the risk of oral diseases. Maintaining your baby’s oral health by cleaning their tongue will help prevent the growth of bacteria and will keep your child’s tongue in the pink of health.

baby tongue cleaner - A finger with a soft cloth wrapped around it is used to clean a baby’s mouth and tongue

What Tongue Cleaner Should You Use for Oral Care?

Your baby goes through different growth stages. As such, their oral health needs will vary. So there are instances when you can or cannot use a tongue cleaner. Here’s what we recommend.

Newborn Babies

A newborn’s tongue is delicate. At this stage of oral care, brushing a baby’s tongue with a tongue scraper is not advisable. Instead, you can use a thin gauze or a soft cloth wrapped around your finger.

Cradle your baby on one arm and gently insert your finger into your baby’s mouth. Slightly brush the tongue’s surface. If you sense your baby is feeling discomfort, it’s time to stop.

6 to 18 Months Old

If your baby is within this age range, they’ll begin teething. To help them better prepare for this process, you can use a more rigid baby tongue cleaner to maintain your child’s oral health.

Using baby products such as a tongue cleaner will help your child practice using their gums while cleaning their tongue. They’ll bite and chew on the tongue scraper, which strengthens their baby gums and can help them better prepare for the development of teeth.

Beyond 18 Months Old

A toddler with a full set of baby teeth will need to use more than a tongue cleaner. To ensure you give your toddler the best oral health, you can add a baby toothbrush as part of their oral care regimen.

At this point, your child will have adjusted to the sensation of brushing their tongue. Thus, they won’t feel too uncomfortable doing this themselves. Once they reach the age when they are ready, you can teach them how to use a tongue cleaner and a toothbrush.

In addition, teach your child to brush not only their teeth but also their gums using their toothbrush. This will help remove any plaque between your child’s teeth and those stuck in their gums. Doing this will give them excellent baby dental hygiene.

baby tongue cleaner - Ashtonbee’s 6-piece baby tongue scraper

Ashtonbee’s Tongue Cleaner Is Your Baby’s Oral Health Partner

What goes into your child’s mouth is important. So it must be safe before it does the work of keeping your baby’s oral health in good shape.

Ashtonbee’s tongue cleaner provides both safety and functionality. It helps parents use the tool effectively for their babies. On top of that, you’ll be assured that your baby is 100%safe. Check out the following features of this infant tongue cleaner.


The material used for Ashtonbee’s tongue cleaner is approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA). It’s made of a high-quality, biocompatible plastic material that’s safe to put in your baby’s mouth.

Rubberized Pads

Rubber paddings are added to ensure you get a steady grip on this oral cleaning tool. Your thumb can rest on this padding as you hold it steady. In effect, it keeps your grip firm on the tongue cleaner’s handle, giving you full control.

Comes in a Set of 6

Using a tongue cleaner daily is recommended for your baby’s oral health routine. But you can only use oral tools like tongue cleaners a few times before they become unsanitary.

Keeping your baby’s tongue clean requires regularly switching the tongue scraper as soon as it shows signs of overuse. That’s why Ashtonbee packs a set of 6 tongue cleaners for you. That way, you can keep your baby’s tongue and mouth healthy without worrying about running out of supplies.

From Tongue Cleaning to Overall Oral Health

We opened this topic with a cry to keep baby’s tongues healthy. But as with any parent that cares for their child, we want your baby to have complete oral health.

Tongue scrapers are just the start. It’s a tool you use as a stepping stone that can lead to the overall care of your child’s oral hygiene. An excellent first step that can start from a young age and continue towards adulthood. It’s a habit that saves you a lot of dental headaches and fees.

So pick up a tongue cleaner today. Start the quest for excellent oral care while your child is still a baby. Eventually, they’ll thank you for it.

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