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Months before giving birth, one thing that will occupy your mind and your hands is bringing to life the nursery room’s interior design. Of course, you want it to be equally enchanting as the tiny new human you will care for. Pink bunnies, butterflies, and fairies are surely some of the characters that will fill the nursery room you have prepared for your little girl. 

To assist you in your search for the best nursery room centerpiece, we have found the most adorable baby girl bedding. How you will decorate the crib will affect the beauty of the room and the comfort of your baby.



Baby Girl Crib Bedding Theme Ideas

There is no limit to what theme and baby playtime products you can incorporate into your nursery room. Anything you can think of, you can surely bring to life, especially with the abundance of choices for girl bedding for sale. Nonetheless, to give you ideas, here are some of the best themes to have. 

Flowers and Butterflies

How do you feel when you see flowers and butterflies? Do you also feel peace and serenity as if you are in the middle of the meadows? 

You will feel the same peace when you look at the sleeping child in your arms and put your baby to rest in their flower- and butterfly-filled bed. 

To feel more of the zen, choose bedding with light shades and pastel colors instead of bold ones. You can also switch from realistic floral and butterfly designs to cartoon ones to give them a more child-friendly feel. 

Everything Pastel and White

Are you a lover of minimalist designs? Veer from patterned themes and go for simple bedding with hues of white and other pastel colors like mint green, pink, blue, and yellow. This bedding theme will match a wall that also has pastel or plain white paint. The two elements will surely complement each other.

The advantage of having bedding with minimalist colors is the cleanliness to the eyes. Thus, you can ensure that no foreign objects or insects will crawl or fly to your peacefully sleeping child because you can easily see them. 

Fairies and Unicorns

The world of fairies and unicorns is a world of magic, where creatures can fly and cast charms through their horns and pixie dust. What makes them perfect design ideas are their child-friendly appearances and light hues. 

The cuteness of this bedding design matches the adorability and beauty of your newborn princess. Lying in bed with unicorns and fairies, your little girl will indeed look like a princess. Thus, make sure to prepare her tiny tiara and take pictures that will soon be sweet memories of your baby’s early days. 

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Animal Cartoons

Do you plan on creating a safari theme for your little girl’s nursery room? Then, it is best to go for bedding that has animal prints. Who knows, it might inspire her to love adventures and become an explorer one day.

Keep in mind to pick shades that are not too bold or too warm to maintain a room that is cool to the eyes of your baby. Also, pick animated animals for extra cuteness and sweetness. You can hang baby animal paintings or decorate the room with baby animal stuffed toys to complete the safari feel. 

Hello Kitty

One of the loveliest themes you can use for your nursery room and your child’s bedding is Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is a character that first became known in Japan and is now popular worldwide.

The cute cartoon cat only has pink, red, blue, and white colors. Thus, you will love this character if you find minimalist interior designs appealing. Her face only consists of two eyes, ears, and a huge red or pink ribbon. It has the charm you want to channel in your little girl’s nursery room despite the simplicity. 

Disney Princesses

Did you grow up reading the fairy tales of Snow White, Aurora, Belle, Rapunzel, Pocahontas, and Jasmine? Inspire your child to be an admirable lady as early as her newborn days by decorating her nursery room with bedding designed with Disney princesses. 

The Disney princesses have grown and are continuously growing, so keep yourself updated to ensure your bedding collection is trendy. It can be an exciting mini bonding between you and your little girl that you can hone from newborn months until they grow up. Match the bedding with storybooks you will read to your child as she drifts to sleep. 

Customized and Personalized Bedding

You must have some clothes, quilts, and bedding kept by your mother in a baby treasure box for remembrance. If you check them, you surely have at least one embroidered with your name. 

You can also customize and personalize your baby’s bedding this way, or you can have one printed and ask a professional bedding maker to create your desired designs for you. 

Here are some customized bedding ideas:

  • Embroidered with your daughter’s name
  • Printing a picture of your newborn or your first family picture
  • Personalizing every square of a quilt with memorabilia can be a source of stories to tell your little girl. 

baby girl bedding

Go for Girl Crib Bedding Sets

Going for a crib bedding set is better to achieve your nursery decor goals instead of buying every part separately. Here are the parts that need to be included in the set.

  • Cotton bedding
  • Quilt
  • Crib skirt/dust ruffle
  • Fitted crib sheet
  • Pillow covers
  • Diaper holder
  • Wall stickers
  • Waterproof mattress shield
  • Blanket

Many nursery bedding sets include these important parts, so make sure to check them to reap the following advantages:

Matched Bedding

The first advantage of getting a baby bedding set is that it has perfectly matching parts. If your theme is all about Disney princesses, the fitted sheet, quilt, and baby crib skirt will all have coordinated designs. You surely want your baby’s crib to match her nursery room, so get a set instead. 

Handy Bedding Replacement

Since you are caring for a newborn, changing the bed sheets regularly even if they do not show obvious signs of dirt is essential. Babies have sensitive skin and are still developing immune systems, so you want to maintain clean surroundings for them, beginning with a clean bed. 

Instant Room Decoration

Because you can pick the design of the bedding, the crib fulfills another purpose besides being your child’s resting place—enhancing room decor. With the right coordination, you can always snap a picture of your charming nursery room and post it on Instagram or Pinterest. 

Pick the Best Baby Girl Bedding Sets for Your Room Theme

We are sure you are now filled with excitement and visions of how you want your nursery room to look. The crib can be a beautiful centerpiece, so make sure it’s ready to welcome your equally pretty daughter. 

In the first few months of your child’s life, their sleep pattern may be erratic, but you’ll notice it is the activity your child loves to do (aside from feeding). So having a comfortable bed is a must!

If you are looking for additional nursery room decorations and more baby products, start your search at Ashtonbee shop. Feel free to browse through our collection of products and pick ones that fit your baby’s needs. Enjoy!

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