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Keeping your little one inside the house is a challenging task because they are at the stage when they want to do lots of exploring. Sometimes, however, they should stay indoors, such as when COVID-19 cases are surging in your area.

Sliding doors are easy for kids to open. Thus, you should keep them closed to prevent your kid from getting in contact with viruses and harmful foreign objects.

Let us help you keep your baby indoors through a childproof sliding door. We also recommend different activities to make staying indoors much more fun and keep your little one entertained. With these, they will not think of going outside.

An Introduction to Sliding Glass Door Child Lock

Child safety locks are a must in babyproofing your home. They are often used for cabinets, refrigerators, and drawers to prevent toddlers from opening them and taking out contents that might be harmful to them.

You can attach a child safety lock for a sliding glass door to prevent kids and toddlers from opening it. These safety locks are hard enough that they cannot press them open. You can also place it higher so that they cannot reach it.

How does a safety lock work? When you press the safety lock, a part of it bulges toward the sill of the other sliding door. That is what keeps the door closed. You can also use it as a window lock.

You can easily buy a childproof lock for a sliding glass door in department stores or on e-commerce websites.

childproof lock for sliding glass door

Fun Activities to Do Indoors

A child’s urge to explore will push them to open doors and cabinets, but if you have safety locks, you can keep them from probing where they are not supposed to.

When you’ve locked the doors, give your little one a fun time at home through these activities you can do indoors.

  1. Build something out of sticks and marshmallows.

Marshmallows are a classic treat for kids. They can also be excellent materials for a fun activity at home.

Using sticks and marshmallows, you can stimulate your little one’s imagination and build anything that pops out of their head. The marshmallows will serve as glue, while the stick will serve as the column of your masterpiece.

Do not forget to give yourself and your child a treat by munching on marshmallows after presenting your masterpiece.

  1. Indoor car wash and doll bath

We often tell kids not to play with water; do the opposite this time. Pretend to be in a car wash and clean matchboxes and mini cars. You can also fill the tub and let your little one have a bubble bath with dolls.

Take lots of photos because these memories are gold. They are the kind you will talk about around the hearth or over family dinners.

  1. Build a tent.

Camping with the whole family is another joyful and exciting activity you can do with your toddler.

Set up a tent and camp indoors. Spend the night in it instead of the bedroom. Bring with you camp stories and level them up by creating shapes with shadows. The shadow rabbits, butterflies, and birds will be a fantastic sight for your little one.

  1. Indoor hopscotch

Make use of your paper masking tape by creating hopscotch indoors. Your energetic little one will surely enjoy and get some serious workout with all the jumping and hopping. Hopscotch will also test your baby’s balance, given that they need to hop only on one leg. Just make sure to be on the watch in case they fall.

  1. Treasure hunting

Dress up in pirate clothes and together say, “Arrr!” as you scavenge for treasures (a.k.a. toys that you hid around the house beforehand). Watch your little one’s face glow as they find valuable riches like a ball, a car, or a doll.

It is best to play this game if your child is a fan of Jake and the Neverland Pirates or Peter Pan. Allowing them to become the characters they adore is a dream come true for them.

  1. Rock painting

With an ice tray and watercolor paint, you can start painting rocks. Allow your kids to get their little fingers dirty so that they won’t find it challenging to paint on stones or pebbles.

You will be amazed at how creative your child can be with their unique pieces of art. As you use red, blue, yellow, and green paint, you can teach your little one about colors.

child safety lock for sliding glass door

  1. DIY home bowling

You can make a bowling alley with a paper towel tube and craft foam balls. For the pins, use old empty bottles. Paint them in bright colors so that it is easier to identify which one they knocked down.

This game will strengthen your child’s motor skills as they release their energy and roll the ball on the alleyway.

  1. Home picnic

Picnics are supposed to be alfresco or outdoors. Still, you can bring it indoors by laying out pillows and blankets in the living room and filling your picnic basket with sandwiches, cake pops, and fruits on skewers. The possibilities are endless! Just make sure to clean up after to ensure the living room is free from any food crumbs.

  1. Easy-to-make desserts

Instead of buying desserts from the market, you can make your own in a snap. You can use Popsicle sticks for ice cream or even marshmallows to create sweet s’mores. Just pour melted chocolate on them and place them back in the freezer.

You can also make pancakes and let your little one stir flour with egg and milk. It will be a huge accomplishment for them. For additional cuteness, dress them in a mini toque and apron.

  1. Get to know the clan.

Getting together with your family is always rewarding. You can plan a weekend gathering and serve finger foods that your whole clan will enjoy, from toddlers to grandparents! Make sure not to overwhelm your baby because it might result in crankiness.

  1. Slow-motion tagging

To play a game that’s fair for your little one, do the slow-motion tagging. By walking and running in slow motion, your baby can keep up when it’s their turn to catch you. Run a bit faster from time to time to add a little fun, and see how much your little one can keep up. Just keep away everything that may cause your baby to fall or stumble to avoid any accidents.

  1. Sensory box game

Create a sensory box by filling it with different items. You can go for rice, pasta, beans, and even salt—the possibilities are endless. Just make sure to clean up after you have finished playing the game; your little one might be tempted to try tasting the newfound treasure in front of them.

childproof sliding door

Get Your Sliding Door Lock from Ashtonbee

You keep your child inside and babyproof your home with child safety locks because you want to protect them. With all the exhilarating activities above, staying at home will be just as enticing as going outdoors. You’ll find it easy to keep your little one indoors as long as you keep them busy with fun activities.

Ashtonbee is one with you in keeping your baby safe through our sliding door child safety lock. The product is easy to install; you only need to peel the adhesive and stick it to the sliding door glass. Flip it up to unlock it, and press it down again to relock.

Buy this and other baby safety products from our shop today!

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