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You have a healthy and heavy baby, so you use a carrier or a stroller to keep yourself from overexertion. You skip the hassle of cleaning spilled food and drinks with spill-proof sippy cups and baby bowls. There’s no doubt about it, parenting is way easier when you have perfectly designed tools assisting you with your needs.

If you are at the stage where your child is already eating solids, looking for a high chair must be occupying your mind and Google searches. Let us help you find the best portable baby high chair you can use both indoors and outdoors!


Benefits Of Portable Baby High Chairs

You’ll see plenty of high chair designs in your search. You can get a Baby Born wooden high chair that will give you a mod feel, and there are also sleek-looking ones made with aluminum stands and plastic seats. Yet, classic or modern, the best design is a portable baby high chair seat because of the following benefits. 

Convenient moving, even at home

Wise parents use high chairs during feeding time and when their child engages in activities when they need to be still. A portable high chair can be moved from the kitchen to the living room, study room, or playroom—anywhere your child will draw, color, make crafts, or join toddler classes. 

Easy to set up and clean up

High chairs take up space anywhere you put it. While your interior design isn’t at the top of your list, especially with your baby’s stuff occupying almost all corners of your home, keeping areas neat and clean is still a must. Having a high chair that you can fold after cleaning helps you both tidy up and set up quickly. 

Won’t take up car space

Going for vacations and adventures are a huge challenge as a parent as you need to ensure everything your child needs is packed. Include a high chair on the list to keep your vacation meal times convenient for you and your baby. Do not worry; portable high chairs are easy to fold and won’t take up much car space. 

Can be used outdoors

Does your vacation include chilling on the beach, having picnics outdoors, or spending some outdoor barbecue time with your family and friends? Just set up your portable high chair and secure your baby on the seat and you can sunbathe, cook some barbecued chicken, and catch up with family and friends. You and your baby can surely enjoy outdoor moments together, safely. 

best portable baby high chair

What To Consider Before Buying

Does a portable high chair sound excellent to you? Can you just imagine how your daily activities at home and planned outdoor ventures will be way easier with this chair? To ensure that you are getting only the best, check out the details about high chairs you should consider before your purchase. 

Child’s age

Generally, babies can sit on their own at their ninth month, but they start eating solids at six months of age. So, you’ll need a high chair even before a child’s sitting capacity is fully developed. With this knowledge, pick a high chair that has adjustable back support, so you can use it for longer. 

Materials used

You need to check the high chair material for safety, durability, and aesthetics. Whether you are picking wood, cloth, or plastic high chairs, make sure that the materials are durable and can last long. Check if the seat cushions are soft and safe for your child’s back. Of course, pick a design you and your child will love!


The next feature you should look for is the usability of the high chair. Can you use it both indoors and outdoors? Does the high chair have a multipurpose design and is not only meant for eating? Go for multipurpose designs that can be used and positioned anywhere to save you money from buying a separate chair, while also saving storage space. 

Easy to set up, fold, and clean

Your child’s day is over, but yours does not stop. When your child is asleep, you must be busy doing some house chores like cleaning. Save time and energy by having a high chair that is easy to clean. Pick a design with a detachable food tray so that you can wash it easily. It is also wise to go for foldable high chairs to keep any space tidy. 

The Different Portable High Chair Designs

To give you an idea of what’s out there, we have compiled the different transportable high chair designs you will see being sold. Heads-up, you’ll find it difficult to choose. As a parent, you want to have everything for you and your child’s convenience, so we understand if you buy more than one. 

Baby Portable Travel High Chair

This type of travel high chair is made of cloth; you only need to attach it to any chair using straps or placing the cloth hood over the back post. The seat cover securing your baby is padded with soft cushions to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort. Secure the shoulder strap holding your baby to ensure their safety. You can fold this and insert it in a carry bag after use. 

High Chair With Removable Tray

There are also high chairs with removable trays, which gives you the benefit of cleaning the tray separately if there are any spilled food or liquids. When the tray is detached, the high chair becomes a beach, picnic, or a baby camping chair that securely and adorably holds your baby. 

Clip-On High Table High Chair

Another convenient travel chair choice is a baby seat for tables. These chairs do not have stands but table clips you can fasten for a sturdy and secure fit. Instead of using a high chair tray, your child can use a dining chair to eat with you at the same table. The baby seat has a cushion and safety harness too. 

Compact And Multipurpose High Chair

How do you imagine you can use a baby chair aside from feeding times? It can be used as a table when your child doodles, a normal chair, and it can also be used as a sleeping cot! Yes, you’ll find designs like this being sold where you only need to adjust the back seat for your baby to sleep comfortably. 

portable baby high chair seat

Tips For Your Little One To Enjoy Sitting On A High Chair

Babies who are learning how to crawl, sit, and stand are difficult to keep still on a high chair unless there are really attractive reasons to remain where they are. Here are some tips to keep your baby happy and busy on their high chairs. 

Allow your baby to explore

If you’ve picked designs with removable trays, you can use the high chairs as regular seats. Let your child explore the sand on the beach or the grass in a garden by letting his bare feet touch the ground. This freedom also applies to letting your child eat independently while you enjoy chatting with family and friends. 

Go for appealing scenery

Let your child stare in awe by seeing elements they are not used to seeing inside your house, like butterflies, trees, flowing water, and other animals. At home, you can play educational shows or hang some chimes your child can watch as they comfortably sit on their chairs. 

Prepare various activities

Get your child’s hand and mind busy with doodling, painting, and playing with blocks for indoor activities. At the beach, let your child work the shovel in the sand. Bird watching outdoors will keep your child’s eyes wide open. All these activities will distract your baby and allow them to sit still! 

Get Your High Chair Here At Ashtonbee!

Indoors or outdoors, with regular feeding or for other interesting activities, having a portable baby chair helps ensure that your child always has a comfortable place to sit. You can also do your tasks at home or catch up with friends and family while your baby enjoys too. 

You can check out our baby high chair seats here at Ashtonbee to see if we have the design you are looking for. Browse our site to see what other baby products you can buy to ensure each parenting day is a comfort and joy to go through. We are with you on this goal!

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