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Changing a baby’s diaper can be messy. With an energetic baby ready to grab anything within reach, diaper changing products have a high risk of spilling, and then you have to clean up everything.

You can make your life easier with the right supplies, such as a baby waterproof changing pad cover. Using it protects your little one from spills and dirt. The best waterproof changing pad cover brings many benefits, making it a worthy and must-have investment.

Check out the details below to discover why you should get one and be your baby’s champion for cleanliness and comfort.


Benefits of a Waterproof Changing Pad Cover

Waterproof covers have different varieties. For example, some look like blankets with plastic tops or rubber changing pads. There are also vinyl changing pads with plush cloth covers you can easily wash.

Whichever you choose, what matters is to pick a waterproof change pad cover because it has the following benefits:

  1. Cleanliness

If you like to keep every corner of your house dirt- and dust-free for your baby, you will love the waterproof baby change pad cover. You can skip the worry of stains; using rubber or contoured vinyl changing pads makes it easy for you to wipe off any dirt.

A waterproof pad is also odor-resistant, so the smell won’t be a problem anymore. To be sure of its cleanliness, you can wipe it off with an alcohol-soaked cloth or baby wet wipes. Undoubtedly, the pad will be pristine after cleaning. You can go the extra mile by washing it with water and soap and air-drying it before the next use.

  1. Comfort

Diaper changing may take only a few minutes; nevertheless, your baby should be comfortable during the process.

The waterproof rubber pads are soft and squishy, so when you lay your baby on them, they’ll be at ease even over hard surfaces. The same goes for cloth changing pads with waterproof tops. Place it over a bed mattress to keep your bedsheets dirt-free.

On the other hand, plush covers can be made of hypoallergenic and baby-friendly materials like cotton or bamboo. As a result, your baby won’t have a skin rash or allergic reaction. You can also pick cloth covers made of breathable materials, perfect for the summer.

  1. Safety

At the very least, you should check for these four features to ensure you are getting a safe changing pad.

  • Safety straps for the changing pad and the changing table
  • Safety harness for the baby
  • Nonskid pad bottom
  • Free from harmful chemicals for baby

These features keep your baby safe while changing their diaper. Babies, especially those who can already crawl, will find it hard to stay still. On top of the nonskid bottom, the safety straps ensure that your baby won’t fall or slide no matter how much they move.

  1. Ease of use

Many waterproof pads are portable. You can even fold or roll them to fit into your baby bag. Now you can go to malls without worrying about laying your baby on a public diaper changing bed you aren’t sure is clean.

Meanwhile, changing pads with pockets keep everything organized. As a result, finding all your diaper changing necessities like diapers, wet baby wipes, soap, and extra baby underwear is easier. You can also travel and change diapers anywhere without requesting a changing pad.

  1. Fun designs

You do not need to trade off aesthetics for practicality. You’ll find plenty of designs for your changing pad. For example, plains and monotones can easily fit your interior design, especially if you have a changing table installed in one place. Many pads also have cute, baby-friendly designs.

Your choice of print can entice your little one to have their diapers changed, seeing that they’ll be lying on a pad printed with their favorite cartoon characters. Even changing nappies can be as enjoyable as every other task you’ve managed to make fun for your baby.

best waterproof changing pad cover

Tips on Making Diaper Changing Stress-Free

After getting a high-quality changing pad, here are some of the techniques you can use to make changing diapers less stressful for you and your little one.

Be patient.

Changing your baby’s diaper can be a strenuous task. A baby that keeps on moving will not make it easier, but your patience will.

Shift your perspective. Think about it this way: the more energetic your baby is, the healthier they are. Eventually, you’ll find ways to keep them still while changing diapers.

Set a schedule.

Have you noticed how you and your baby’s days follow a routine? Having a specific schedule helps to condition your little one for the activities they need to do, including diaper changing.

You’ll find it easier to encourage them to lay on the changing pad when they expect it to happen. As time goes by, they might be the ones reminding you that it is already time to change their nappies.

Add a little theatrics.

The time for diaper changing is also the time to channel your inner actor. Change your voice, and transform into the magician that takes dirty nappies away. Giggles and laughs from your little one will fill the air, excited as they are to be the magician’s first and only customer.

Give your child something to play with.

To keep your little one from reaching for diaper straps or other diaper cleaning paraphernalia, keep their hands busy. Hand them their favourite toys to focus their attention on what they are holding instead of what’s around them.

Use waterproof pads to make post-cleanup easy.

You have successfully changed your baby’s diaper, and they are back to exploring again. At the same time, you need to clean up the aftermath of the diaper changing battle. Make the task easy with a waterproof baby change pad and cover.

change pad cover waterproof

Get Your Changing Pads from Ashtonbee

We hope this article has helped you understand how waterproof changing pads for babies work and why they are a must-have product. They have many benefits, but foremost is that they make diaper changing time clean and comfortable for your baby.

Here at Ashtonbee, we offer a baby portable diaper changing pad that is easy to clean and use. You can change diapers at home without worrying about making a mess on your mattress. Outdoor activities also become more enjoyable, knowing that you have all the diaper changing must-haves inside your baby bag.

If this task had been giving you a hard time before, now you are always ready for diaper changing! What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

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