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During the first year of your little one, everything they use should be catered specifically to them. Pillows, bottles, bathing needs, toys, feeding tools, and even chairs should be designed for your toddler. Their body is still developing, so using adult stuff can hinder their development and make them uncomfortable.

There are endless choices for baby needs in the marketplace. As parents, it’s your responsibility to be meticulous when it comes to purchasing what your baby needs. In this blog post, we’ll shine the spotlight on choosing baby-high chairs for your little one. We’ll list all the considerations you should look for in a high seat and why it’s necessary for your kid’s growing-up phase.

Are High Chairs Really Necessary?

Getting a high chair may look like an unnecessary expense for some parents. But once you get a suitable high chair for your kids, you’ll see the many benefits it gives. Baby high chairs come into play when your kids start consuming solid food during their 6th month. Your kids should be seated upright to avoid choking on the food they eat.

Moreover, high chairs are not only for eating time. You can let your babies sleep and play in them. High chairs also encourage your toddlers to develop new skills like learning table manners, developing an eating routine, increasing socialization, and working on their motor skills.

A Parent’s Guide for Picking the Best High Chair for Their Kids

If you’re already convinced that getting a high chair is necessary, your next step is securing the best one for your kids. There are endless high chair options to choose from. But to ensure you’re getting the chair worth every penny, here are some considerations you should look into.

Check for different safety features. 

Little kids are full of energy and want to move around, so your main priority is keeping them secured on their chairs. The first thing you should check is the safety features that come with your kid’s high chair. Never skip this part when looking for a high chair. There are high chairs that provide straps to secure your little kids in place.

If your kids are not comfortable with the body straps, at least ensure a crotch lock to prevent your kids from climbing out of the chair and causing them to fall over. Another safety feature to look for depends on you choosing a high chair with wheels. Make sure the lock of the wheels has an excellent grip. Your baby’s sudden movements can cause the chair to move, leading to accidents when unattended.

Look for a chair that’s easy to assemble.

Look for a sturdy chair that can hold its ground even if your toddlers play on it. Pick a chair that you can easily assemble. It’s alright to find a high chair with screws and bolts to ensure that the chair is secure, but sometimes these metal pieces can wound your kids. Moreover, you need tools to assemble chairs like these.

It’s also useful to look for portable high chairs, especially when bringing your kids traveling. Easy assembly and disassembly are also convenient for storing and saving space.

Check for additional features.

Most high chairs in the market have folding features for convenience, but it’s also useful to look for extra features that can give you comfort. Many high chairs have a fixed height, so when your kids outgrow them, they become useless. Fortunately, there are high chairs that allow you to make height adjustments. As your kids grow, you can change the chair to accommodate their height.

Furthermore, there are baby high chairs that also recline to give your kids more comfortable. Remember, high chairs are not only used for eating. For example, the reclining feature can help your kids rest and fall asleep. You can also use the high chair for play time.

Is the high chair easy to clean? 

Expect your kid’s high chair to always be messy during meal times. Finding a chair that’s easy to clean is an advantage for parents. Look for product materials that repel food spills and prevent staining. Excellent high chairs should be easily cleaned with a simple wipe of a damp cloth.

Besides food, your kid’s coloring materials or other toys can stain the high chair. So make sure you can get rid of those too. If you’re getting a wooden chair, you need to be careful of the cleaning materials. Strong cleaning agents can affect the integrity of the product.

white wooden baby chair 

Ashtonbee’s Wooden High Chair for Kids

Stop confusing yourself with the choices in the marketplace and end up disappointed. Ashtonbee has all the high-quality baby essentials you need. If you’re looking for the best baby chair for your little ones, Ashtonbee’s wooden high chair is worth looking into.

Here are the features of Ashtonbee’s wooden high chair for babies and toddlers.

  • The seat and eating space in the wooden high chair are made from a food-grade polypropylene material that is strong and can withstand daily use. Moreover, it’s not toxic, so it’s clean and safe even if your kids eat their snacks straight from the table.
  • The high wooden chair has a simple design that works well in any room. It also has safety straps to secure your kids as they do their activities on the high chair.
  • The high chair’s legs are made from beech tree wood which is durable and provides stability for the chair. Moreover, the legs are shock absorbing and can carry significant weight, so you can guarantee that your kids can use this up to 3 years old.
  • The chair has a removable tray that can be cleaned easily. The high chair also has seven levels of footrest. You can adjust it as your child grows over time.

Final Thoughts

Baby chairs are essential during your kid’s growing-up years, but it’s also one of the most expensive baby products you will purchase. So, when you buy a chair for your little one, make sure it’s worth your money. It should be a product that’s durable, long-lasting, and safe for your kids to use.

With the buying considerations we’ve laid out for you, we hope you can pick the most suitable high chair for your kids. If you’re looking for more high-quality baby needs, Ashtonbee has it all! We have pacifiers, baby bottles, teethers, bibs, baby safety locks, and toys. Check out our shop now!

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