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Between drooling, mealtime, and playtime, keeping your baby clean and tidy is hard. You can expect a mess every time, which can be frustrating. An effective way to keep your little baby clean is by using a bib. It may be a simple clothing accessory, but it can make parenting smoother and easier. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the different bib options you can use for your baby boy or baby girl. We’ll run down each of the bibs’ pros and cons to see which one is best for your baby. 

Baby Bibs for Mealtime 

The secret to keeping your little baby boy tidy during mealtime is choosing the correct bib for them to wear. There are different types of bibs appropriate for eating time, and here are some of the highlights and drawbacks of each. 

Silicone Bibs


  • Silicone bibs are completely waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about your baby boy or girl spilling their food and drink on themselves. The waterproof feature also makes it easier to clean and maintain. 
  • These bibs are lightweight and feel like almost nothing against your kid’s neck. It’s comfortable for your kids and does not cause skin irritation. 
  • Silicone bibs are essentially unbreakable. So no matter how much your baby pulls them apart, chews on them, or tries to puncture them with utensils, they will not tear easily. 


  • Some silicone bibs are not made from food-grade silicone material. Don’t settle for cheap silicone bibs that may be dangerous to your baby. Always look for a safety standard seal when buying one. 

Plastic Bibs 


  • Plastic bibs are the cheaper alternative to silicone bibs. These are also best for on-the-go bib choices because they are easy to carry and disposable. 
  • Plastic bibs are also waterproof. Higher quality plastics can protect your baby boy from food with extreme temperatures. You may want to consider quality materials for a better plastic bib. 


  • Plastic bibs are not as strong as silicone bibs. Your little boy’s playfulness can tear them. Moreover, plastics are non-biodegradable, so you may want to consider a more eco-friendly choice. 

Smock Style Bibs


  • Baby boy bibs and overalls are best for 0–6 months. These bibs have sleeves, which means more area of your kids are covered in case they make a mess during their meal time
  • Overall bibs come in many styles. Unfortunately, some babies detest wearing bibs. Getting an overall bib with your kid’s favorite character will encourage them to have fun with the experience. 


  • Smock-style bibs are more expensive than usual bibs that only go around your child’s neck. However, owning one is perfect if your budget allows it, especially when teaching your child to eat alone. 
  • It can be uncomfortable for some babies. Since the bib has sleeves, it can be too warm. Furthermore, the elastic bands around the neck and wrist can irritate your baby. 

silicone bibs 

Baby Bibs for Drools and Teething 

Babies drool a lot all the time. Whether it’s from babbles or teething, you can expect that they’ll make a mess of themselves. Good thing there are also bibs designed for teething and drooling babies. These bibs are versatile and can complete your baby boy or girl’s overall outfit. 

Cloth Bibs 


  • Standard cloth bibs are usually made from 100% cotton. These bibs are soft to the touch, ensuring comfort to your baby.
  • Cotton bibs do not cause irritation, and they’re lightweight as well. So they’re less likely to be removed by your kids. Furthermore, cloth bibs are easier to store, so you can carry them wherever you go. 


  • Cotton bibs can absorb a certain amount of liquid before they become soaked. They are not completely waterproof, so you must keep an eye on your baby because you’ll have to change them from time to time. 

Bandana Bibs


  • Baby boy bandana bibs for 0–6 month olds are perfect for keeping your baby boys stylish and clean all the time. 
  • Most bandana bibs are made from organic cotton and super absorbent fleece backing to keep your kid’s bibs dry. These bibs are also perfect for teething babies. The fabric is safe to chew on, and you won’t have to worry about choking hazards. 


  • Bandana bibs come in vibrant colors that can be quite sensitive when cleaning. Therefore, we recommend hand washing these bibs and avoid using bleach and other strong cleaning agents to maintain quality. 

ashtonbee silicone bibs

Ashtonbee’s Silicone Baby Bibs 

If you’re looking for the best baby boy bibs for 0–6 month olds, there’s no better choice than Ashtonbee’s silicone baby bibs. Ashtonbee offers the best baby accessories you can find on the market for your baby boy or baby girl. These are high-quality, affordable products designed for the comfort of your little boy. Let’s look at the highlights of Ashtonbee’s silicone baby bibs. 

  • Ashtonbee’s baby bibs are made from food-grade silicone. They’re BPA-, lead-, PVC-, and phthalates-free: 100% safe for babies. 
  •  The silicone bibs have adjustable button holes around the neck area to fit babies of all sizes, and to fit your growing baby boy or girl at every stage.
  • The bibs are completely waterproof and do not absorb any liquid to ensure your kids are dry and clean. It’s also stain-proof, and you can easily clean it with a damp cloth. 
  • The silicone bibs feature a food pocket that catches bits of food and any drink spills to keep the mess at a minimum. 
  • The bib is very affordable. A pack contains three vibrant bibs with colors that can work for both baby boys and girls for only $17.99. 

Final Thoughts 

Who knew that there are so many types of baby bibs? Bibs are essential for a growing baby, so get the right one for proper situations. We hope the pros and cons of each help you make the correct choice for your purchase. 

Don’t forget to browse Ashtonbee’s shop for all high-quality and affordable baby needs. From baby boy bibs, toys, teethers, and feeding accessories to baby safety products, we’ve got all your baby needs in one place.

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