Every day your child is at risk, even at home. It can be a challenge for parents to keep their babies safe in a place where they and their little ones are supposed to be free from danger. But that’s just how it is with kids. They find ways to explore their little world.

At some point, they’ll find something risky to do. Luckily, indoors can be a controlled environment where you can prevent potential hazards your child faces. Let Ashtonbee give you a rundown of the things that can help you bring a safe environment for your child.

Sliding Door Lock

This baby-proofing product is essential when you have a baby who crawls or a toddler who likes to slide open glass doors. At this stage of your child’s growth, they like to explore. So when they’re left alone, they could open a glass door that prevents them from going to the lawn or the balcony!

A sliding door lock keeps your baby safe and prevents a sliding door from opening because it puts a stopper behind it. This way, you prevent the baby’s access to areas that will increase the risk of accidents.

Ashtonbee’s Sliding Door Lock

The sliding door lock by Ashtonbee is a hassle-free baby-proofing kit built for busy parents. It has a convenient flip lock design that prevents glass doors from sliding open with just a simple push.

This baby-proof product also has a peel-and-stick feature that lets you easily install it on any glass door. Alternatively, you can install it with a sliding feature on any surface, as the adhesive is versatile and can stick even on non-glass surfaces.

Cabinet Drawer Locks

As soon as your baby starts crawling, it’s inevitable for them to get attracted to cabinet drawers. Those pieces of large furniture can be easily pulled out by curious children and used to climb up. So once your baby is old enough to crawl, you have to start baby-proofing your drawers too! Cabinet drawer locks are perfect baby-proofing kits for the job.

These baby-proofing products serve as stoppers on a cabinet or drawer interior. They prevent your baby from pulling a cabinet door or a dresser drawer and keep them on the ground.

Ashtonbee’s Cabinet Drawer Locks

These baby-proofing products from Ashtonbee have a peel-and-stick feature. It uses a 3M adhesive backing for stronger, long-lasting stickiness that’s great for both light and heavy furniture.

If you’re worried that a strong adhesive backing may damage your furniture surface polish, don’t worry. Ashtonbee’s drawer and cabinet locks leave no damage upon removal, yet they can stick to just about any surface.

Ashtonbee’s cabinet and drawer baby-proofing kit comes in a pack of 12 pieces. All of them are easy to install. Meaning you don’t need screws or tools to make it stick well.

Portable Bed Rail

Even while sleeping, our children still need to be baby proofed, especially if they’re not in the crib anymore.

A regular-height bed can still cause risks for our babies as they tend to toss and turn in their sleep generously. So we’ll need something to prevent them from falling over to the edge and potentially bumping their heads. Portable bed rails are the best baby-proofing supplies to keep them sound asleep.

Ashtonbee’s Portable Bed Rail

Ashtonbee’s bed rail packs many child-safe features that give any parent peace of mind. For example, it’s made of inflatable material, so you can easily pump air in it when you need to. It also makes storing it easier, which is great for traveling with your baby.

This bed rail also has a non-slip silicone backing that keeps it steady. Great for small children who are bigger and harder to contain within the bed.

Best baby proofing products - A baby sits in an open drawer filled with clothes

Corner Guards

A lot of our stuff at home has sharp corners that can be risky for our rowdy and curious kids. They can run around the house one moment, and the next, they can bump a part of their body into a furniture corner. This can cause scars and discolorations.

Corner protectors will keep your children safe from said risks. These corner cushions prevent any serious injuries caused by impact, and they keep your toddlers out of any severe accident indoors.

Ashtonbee’s Corner Guards

Corner guards from Ashtonbee are one of the best baby-proofing supplies you can get to protect your toddler. These corner protectors are thick and stick to corners well. You can use it for furniture corners such as coffee tables, chairs, or cabinets.

Ashtonbee’s corner protectors are made of hypoallergenic and non-toxic gel material. As with any of Ashtonbee’s baby-proofing supplies with an adhesive feature, it secures furniture corners without damaging them.

TV Anti-Tip Kits

As your child grows, they also become stronger. One moment they’re crawling; the next moment, they’re straddling furniture where your flatscreen TV stands. One wrong move and the television can fall flat on their head.

Anti-Tip straps help prevent this severe accident. These baby-proofing products keep your TV steady while those little fingers are shaking your furniture.

Ashtonbee’s Flexible Strap

The TV straps from Ashtonbee are excellent baby-proofing supplies that can hold more than just your TV. These safety latches can secure furniture, desks, and shelves too. It can also come with metallic plates with adjustable screws that are fairly easy to install.

Ashtonbee’s easy installation strap comes in a pack with two pieces which helps you wall mount most indoor furniture and prevent it from falling over.

Electrical Outlet Covers

Electrical outlets are one of the most hazardous things at home, especially for a crawling baby. Curious toddlers can crawl up to it and stick their little fingers inside. It’s horrifying to think about what will happen next.

Plug covers will prevent this accident from happening. It covers any open outlet and prevents the child from poking it using their fingers or sticking sharp objects inside.

Ashtonbee’s Plug Cover

You can get one of the best outlet covers at Ashtonbee. It has a straightforward self-closing panel that’s easy to install on any electrical outlet. You’ll just need a screwdriver and about several seconds. It’ll bring you peace of mind and make life easier.

Baby-proof your home with Ashtonbee’s Baby Proofing Products

We’ve given you a list of essential baby-proofing products you can get for your home. You can get these vital items from Ashtonbee at a fair price. So go on and grab them all. Put your baby’s safety first, and it will bring you the security you deserve.

If you’re ready to baby-proof your home, check out our baby essentials collection.

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