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In preparing the nursery in advance of the arrival of your new child, you’ll need to set up a place suitable for diaper changing, including choosing a suitable diaper pail and a good diaper pad. Changing diapers is inevitable in a parent’s life but doesn’t necessarily need to stink.

Cleaning your kids shouldn’t be a tedious experience. Choosing the right diaper changing pads will make diaper duty easier for parents. We’ll list some considerations you should look out for when purchasing baby changing pads.

We will also share some diaper changing tips to help first-time parents, so read more below.

Features to Consider Before You Purchase a Diaper Changing Pad

We want parents to get the most out of their hard-earned money. Stop buying baby gear that could potentially harm your kids and won’t last long. Here are a few characteristics to consider while choosing the ideal changing pad for your children.


Two things that tired parents desire the most are sleep and convenience. So one of the top priorities when buying changing pads is an easy cleanup feature as changing pads are supposed to make diaper changing easier.

Major messes are expected when you put your kids on a diaper changing pad. A waterproof material is a must-have for changing pads. The pee and poo will get absorbed in the cushions without a waterproof cover. You will need to frequently change the cushion and do deep cleans, which can be time-consuming, especially for busy parents.

The surface should be easy to wipe clean. A foam pad or a vinyl material are easy to clean and maintain, so look out for those. Also, consider getting changing pad covers to keep the changing station clean when not in use.

Safety Features

Signs of a safe changing pad are contoured sides. These raised sides give a snug fit and extra security to keep your kids from wiggling and falling out of place. Other contoured changing pads have a third contoured side on top to protect your baby’s head from bumps.

A safety strap is another feature to look for in a changing pad. A safety belt gives more security to keep your kids on the changing pad. This feature is helpful when you need to reach for something while making sure your children are secure.

Lastly, a non-skid bottom is a plus. Sudden movements during diaper changes can make the changing pads move. The non-skid bottom will keep the pad secure in place.

Comfortable Surface

Babies will make a fuss when they feel uncomfortable. So consider your baby’s comfort when purchasing a changing station. Padded changing pads are best for little kids. The more they feel snug and comfortable, the easier it is to change diapers.

Furthermore, a hard surface can be a potential threat to your kids. Little bumps can cause bruising. So a padded and firm changing pad is better for your baby.


If you have a dedicated nursery for your kids, a fixed baby changing table won’t be a problem for you. But if you are working in small places, you may want to consider a portable changing pad. There are changing pads that you can disassemble and fit in tight spaces. Moreover, some changing pads are perfect on-the-go carry-ons.

There are changing pads you can fold as small as a diaper bag. This baby gear will be useful when you travel with your kids to transform any solid surface into a changing station. A changing table pad makes changing nappies easy. Choose the ideal baby changing pad according to your needs and routine.

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Diaper Changing Tips for New Parents

Now that you know how to choose the best changing pad for your little one, changing their diapers is the next thing you need to master. Many parents hate changing diapers, but you can’t run away from it. So here are some diaper changing tips for new parents.

Make a Diaper Duty Schedule

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by cleaning your kid’s mess, remember that parenting is teamwork. Create a schedule with your partner. For example, you can change diapers in the morning, and your partner can change your baby at night. This way, you can get a break from dirty diapers.

Also, follow the same routine during diaper changing. Once you’ve established the routine, you can move quickly, and when you’re used to it, it won’t feel like as much work as it used to.

Pick the Correct Diaper Size

Disposable diapers are available in different sizes. As your kids grow, their diaper size also changes. Always ensure to get the right size for your kids. As a rule, you should be able to fit your thumb between the waist and leg hole to secure a perfect fit.

Loose diapers will spill, and tight diapers can irritate your babies. It takes trial and error to get the perfect fit for your kids, so don’t be afraid to experiment to keep your baby comfortable.

Learn to Wipe Your Babies

To clean your infants, gently wipe them with a moist towel or cotton. It’s a common mistake to wipe your kids from back to front. This practice can lead to urinary tract infections because you are spreading the bacteria even more.

Lift your kids by the ankle and wipe them from front to back. Don’t forget to wipe the bottom, legs, and creases to ensure no dirt is left. Also, make sure that the baby products you use will not irritate their sensitive skin.

Fight Diaper Rash

Almost all babies will experience diaper rash. A typical rash lasts up to three days, and severe conditions last longer. Rashes can make your kids very irritable and can be painful for them. But, as parents, there are things you can do to prevent diaper rash.

  • Change the diapers when they are full and after every bowel movement. Never let the dirt soak in their diapers to prevent rashes.
  • Gently wipe your kid’s lower area. Avoid rubbing vigorously to prevent skin irritations. Instead, use a soft cloth and baby wipes to clean your kids.
  • Diaper ointments are your best friend. Look for an ointment with zinc oxide to help lock moisture in your baby’s skin.
  • Give your kids rest from disposable diapers. Instead, let their skin breathe by using cloth diapers or leave them undiapered for a few hours each day.

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Final Thoughts

A baby changing pad is a must-have for every newborn. It makes the diaper changing process safer and more convenient for many parents. We hope these features to consider help you purchase the best changing pad for your kids. Moreover, check out Ashtonbee’s portable changing pad if you’re looking for on-the-go diaper changing stations.

We also offer other high quality baby essentials for your newborns. So don’t forget to browse our collection for baby feeding tools, safety accessories, baby toys, clothing, and more. Shop with us now!

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