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Is it difficult to find time for yourself when you have a baby at home? We feel your pain. It’s frustrating having to juggle both fun and hustle, but that’s what it takes to live the early parenting life. Sometimes, it gets worse when you can’t get any of the work done without messing up, hence the increase in your to-do list.

Luckily, there is a tool that will keep your child occupied (and happy) while you’re busy with other work around or outside of the house. It’s none other than a high chair! Wait, isn’t that for feeding purposes? Yes, it is. But high chairs are way more versatile than you might think!

Aside from food, there are different activities you can set on a high chair table for your baby. And it’s not like any other regular chair for adults because its features keep your baby safe and comfortable. Therefore, no more running around the house to chase after your energetic little one.

In this blog post, we’ll show you the seven best high chair activities for babies!

7 Fun High Chair Activities to Keep Your Baby Occupied (And Having Fun) While You Work

Thinking of a high chair activity is simple: consider the usual playtime activities on the playmat, outdoors, or in the crib. The only difference is that they’ll do it on a chair that won’t allow them to move around as much.

However, not all activities can fit on a high chair table. For this reason, we collected a list of seven best high chair activities for a small space that will effectively help you juggle both the fun and hustle.

#1: Sensory Toys

There’s nothing more you can ask for than playtime that promotes learning! Sensory toys get the job done well; with colorful and interesting visuals, they will surely catch your little one’s attention. You can buy them at toy stores or make some of your own.

Some examples of sensory toys are magnetic numbers or alphabets, sensory balls, size sorters, chunky puzzles, pull-along boxes, and stacking blocks or rings. These materials spark their curiosity and encourage repeated responses, which helps familiarize your baby with various objects.

#2: Mess-Free Painting

Is it possible to paint mess-free with a child? Absolutely! You can bring out the artistic potential of your baby with the mess-free painting method. Here’s how it’s done: randomly put sizeable amounts of paint (with different colors) on construction paper. Then, get a transparent resealable bag and place the paper inside.

This is how it works: your baby can use their hands to try making something out of the paint without directly touching the liquid. As a result, your kid can have fun making art without getting into a huge mess.

#3: Water Tray

Babies love to splish and splash. The high chair is a perfect tool to allow them to engage in water-based play. Get a separate tray or simply fill a high chair’s detachable tray with clean water (approximately 1 cm or less). Surely, your little one won’t be able to resist touching it.

You may also add some kid-friendly objects or toys like bottle caps or animal toys to make it more fun and colorful. With this simple activity, your child learns many important skills: motor, visual, hand-eye coordination, cause and effect, grasping objects that move, and sensory elements such as wetness, light, reflection, and temperature.

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#4: Mini Instruments

Let your baby enjoy the catchy tunes and beats by making a musical high chair. First, place a tiny version of an instrument (e.g., xylophone, drums, and keyboard) that snugly fits the high chair’s table. Then, let your child play with the music to their heart’s content.

Music, according to neuroscience studies, helps improve brain function in children. Neural connections form, and the brain structure improves. Sometimes, your little one might even surprise you with a wonderful melody—now that’s some potential songwriting talent!

#5: Food-Based Art

If there’s another safe way for your little artist to create a masterpiece, it’s a food-based art class! Let’s say you’re in the middle of baking or cooking something when your baby gets bored. In that case, you can easily use some of the ingredients as their playtime material instead of racking your brain for other ideas.

Some of the most common examples are playdough and yogurt paint. Playdough involves mixing a couple of ingredients (flour, salt, water, food coloring, and vegetable oil) to create a soft and non-sticky material. Meanwhile, yogurt painting needs a tray. Mix food coloring with vanilla yogurt, for instance, and let your kid experiment with it.

#6: Classic Coloring

You don’t have to think so hard about high chair activities. As mentioned, you can also allow activities on the playmat or crib on a high chair. Want something classic? Try coloring! It’s an activity that kids of all ages will surely like.

We recommend you buy bigger crayons so that they won’t be easy to break. Additionally, ensure that the paper or coloring book stays in place. You might want to tape it or use something else to attach the working material to the high chair firmly. This activity helps hone their imagination and creativity.

the best high chairs for small spaces - baby using coloring pencils while sitting on a white high chair

#7: Snow Globes

You don’t need active movement to catch your child’s attention all the time. Sometimes, having the baby stare at something that fascinates them gets the job done. One example of these things is a snow globe. It’s truly mesmerizing, even for adults—how much more through your little one’s eyes?

You can either buy snow globes from a shop or make a DIY version of it. For example, get an empty and clean glass bottle. Then, fill it with anything you find pretty and catchy (preferably kid-friendly items), such as adding water, glitter, beads, or small animal toys.

Will High Chairs Take Up a Lot of Room Space?

Worried about not having enough space for a high chair? Don’t fret. You can find the best high chairs for small spaces with compact features in the market. So what are compact high chairs usually like? Here are some common characteristics you can look for when purchasing one.

  • Portable (easily detached from the base, foldable, and lightweight).
  • Space saving (half the size of a full high chair).
  • Incorporates a strap-on seat.
  • An adjustable frame, footrest, and backrest.
  • A removable tray.

Safety Tip: Don’t Leave Your Child Unattended

Most high chairs are designed with safety in mind, but accidents can still happen. That’s why you should remember to monitor your little one at all times while they’re seated. High chairs will only help you make supervision easier, so you can do your work. Monitoring your child is still highly recommended.

Your Ultimate Weapon to Juggle Fun and Hustle: Ashtonbee’s Wooden High Chair for Toddlers and Babies

One of the best ways to keep your baby entertained is to keep them occupied with a high chair activity. So while you’re trying to juggle work, cooking dinner, or cleaning up toys on the floor, try our list of seven high chair activities that will keep your child busy and happy.

If you decide to buy a compact toddler chair, try Ashtonbee’s Wooden High Chair for Toddlers and Babies. It’s easy to set up and has an adjustable footrest with seven levels and a detachable food tray. Moreover, it’s easy to clean and durable to ensure the baby’s safety. We made sure it’s one of the best baby high chairs for small spaces you will ever use. Here’s to a safe and fun time with your little one!

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