One of the most enjoyable things for expecting parents is shopping for baby needs while waiting for their little one to arrive. Of course, you can expect a long list. From baby clothing, feeding bottles, formula, crib, beddings, to even toys. As a parent, splurging for your kids is normal , but ensure that everything you buy is of excellent quality. 

One necessity that your children will use for a long time is a high chair. However, high chairs can be a big investment, especially when you’re browsing through popular brands. Make sure to buy a high that can accommodate your kids as they grow, so your money will be well spent. 

Which of the several baby high chairs available should you buy? In this blog post, we’ll look at a few factors to consider when looking for baby high chairs. 

High Chair Safety Features

The safety features of a high chair should be your first priority. Your kids will try to stand, move, and play in their high chairs, so you must ensure they stay safely in place even with sudden movements. The safety harness on a high chair should be tight. Having at least a three-point harness will keep kids secure and avoid mishaps.

Moreover, look for brands that passed safety standards. A Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) seal on a baby high chair means it is one of the safest high chairs you can buy on the market. Other tests indicate the safety of the materials used. You may want to look for other seals to guarantee the chair is baby-friendly. 

Consider Comfort

There are various activities your kids can do in their highchairs aside from eating. Activities like coloring and playing can be done in a high chair—convenient for parents who need to do chores and keep an eye on their kids. Make sure the chair is comfortable if your children spend a lot of time sitting.

Look for a high chair with a seat cushion for the most comfort. Other high chairs also have reclining options. So when your kids feel sleepy, you can simply recline the chair to give them a more comfortable sleeping position. Just a note to parents, keep the chair at a 90-degree angle during meal times to avoid choking

High Chair Material

In general, the more premium the material, the more expensive the product is. Most parents say that the best baby high chairs are made from wood. This is due to the fact that they are the strongest and most resilient. With proper maintenance, you can use these chairs for many generations. However, these chairs can also be pricey. 

There are baby high chairs made from high-quality hard plastic for a more budget-friendly alternative. Just make sure the edges are smooth and not sharp to prevent scratching. Some plastic high chairs also have steel reinforcement for extra stability; you may want to consider these if you have the budget to spare. 

toddler high chair 

Adjustable High Chair

One of the considerations you should prioritize is the adjustable feature. Your kids will grow faster than you anticipate. So look for a high chair with a highly adjustable footrest. You can adjust it according to whether your kids will need more leg space because of their physical changes. 

Also, it’s worth considering a high chair with adjustable height. This feature is especially useful when it’s time to remove the food tray for your kids to experience meal time at the dining table. You can lower or increase the height of the chair depending on how big your baby is.

Maintenance and Storage

Expect your kids to make messes in their high chairs. The cleaning part is always a hassle, whether it’s from food or their toys. Most high chairs are designed for easy cleaning. However, wooden high chairs are more sensitive. So make sure not to use strong cleaning agents to avoid ruining the quality of the wood. 

Consider the space of your house when buying a high chair. Some high chairs are fixed and require tools for assembly. It will take some time to disassemble them if you need them out of the way. Yet, there are foldable high chairs that can fit in tight and small spaces. 

Others also offer tool-less assembly. These models are perfect to bring when you go on vacations with your kids. Just make sure that these chairs can hold their form and will not fold on their own to prevent any untoward incidents. 

Multi-Purpose High Chair

Make the most out of your money with multi-purpose high chairs. Some high chairs have different modes in which you add or remove accessories to transform them. For example, there are multi-purpose high chairs which can transform into booster seats, infant car seats, and toddler chairs for dining. 

Usually, a convertible high chair is more expensive than a standard high chair. But it’s a good deal considering the many things you can use it for. 

kid eating on high chair 

Ashtonbee’s High Chair for Babies and Toddlers 

After these considerations, there’s still a long list of good brands to choose from. If you’re unsure, why don’t you check out our high chair from Ashtonbee? Ashtonbee has a wide collection of high quality baby essentials that surely give a great deal for your money. 

Here are some impressive features of the wood baby high chair from Ashtonbee

  • The high chair has an included strap to secure your kids in place. 
  • The seat and the removable tray are made from food-grade polyurethane material that is durable and resistant to wear and tear. 
  • The high chair’s leg is crafted from beech tree which is robust, shock-absorbing, and can carry significant weight. 
  • The footrest has an adjustable design with seven levels, perfect for fast-growing babies and toddlers. 
  • The seat has a removable food tray for hassle-free cleaning. 
  • The baby high chair has a classic, minimalist design and costs only $159.99. 

Ashtonbee ensures that a baby chair is both high quality and available at an affordable price. Therefore, you can enjoy the same features from premium baby high chairs without breaking the bank. 


Parents should be meticulous when it comes to buying things for their babies. Choosing the best high chair is no easy feat with hundreds of choices available in the market. We hope these considerations help you choose the best high chair suitable for your kids and budget. 

For more baby essentials, don’t forget to browse our shop for quality items, or check out our blogs for more baby gear reviews, recommendations, and helpful parenting tips.

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