Best Toddler Bike for Your Growing Children

Growing children move a lot all the time. It is impossible to keep them in one place. They always want to play and run around. Every little thing can spark the interest of your children. Giving them different toys in vibrant colors and different shapes can keep them busy. But often, toddlers get easily bored with their toys and start looking for something new to play with.

If you want your child to experience the fun of playing and keep them active, as early as they can stand and take steps you can introduce them to baby balance bikes. It is a fun way to keep your child busy and distracted while involving them in physical activities.


Why Should You Get Your Child a Baby Balance Bike? 

Buying your kid a bike is not only for playtime and keeping them busy. There are several benefits that your toddler can acquire from their first bike ride. Here are some reasons why you should get your babies a balance bike.

Child-friendly mechanics

When you are starting to learn how to ride a bike, you need to focus on how to balance and pedal. But it is different on baby balance bikes because there are no pedals on them. Your children will have to use their two feet to glide across the room on their bikes.

But having no pedals is an advantage to your babies because they can solely focus their attention on balancing on the bike. Balancing may be the hardest skill to learn, and it can take time. So introducing your child early to baby balance bikes can assure a faster pace of learning, and they can even skip riding toddler bikes with training wheels.

Builds strength, agility and coordination

Balancing isn’t the only skill your child will develop riding balance bikes. The bike’s design allows your kids to keep moving on their feet and keep hold of the handlebar for them to keep upright. In addition, riding baby balance bikes will develop your child’s strength as they sweep the room with their baby bike.

The biking activity also gives room to develop their fine motor skills and agility. So your child isn’t only enjoying, but also growing up strong and properly.

A safer way to learn bike riding

Let your child learn at their own pace. Pedalling and balancing are two distinct skills that need to be mastered separately. Letting your child ride a baby balance bike allows them to focus on balancing because these bikes do not include pedals. Your babies will use their feet to glide through surfaces and move forward.

Gives your kids confidence
Riding a bike for a first-timer can be scary, and especially for your babies. This experience is a new feeling to them. The fear of falling, slipping, and struggling to keep upright is there in the beginning. Letting your child learn how to ride and do things that scare them will teach them to face things head-on.

Build their confidence during their first bike rides, and they will not say “no” to other exciting experiences coming their way.

Convenient for parents

Baby balance bikes have compact designs making it easy to bring for parents wherever they need to go. They can fit in the backseat of your car perfectly, or you can carry them around if you go on strolls at the park.

Baby speeding on bike

A Closer Look at Ashtonbee’s Toddler Bike

There are endless options to choose from on the market for toddler bikes. If you are unsure of which to get, Ashtonbee offers you the best balance bike for a toddler. Here are some reasons why our balance bike stands out among the rest.

EVA and anti-slip tires

A standard bike usually has pneumatic tires where you use air to inflate them. However, Ashtonbee’s baby bike has EVA tires made up of lightweight foam which provides less traction—perfect for young riders who are just learning how to balance.

The EVA tires are also low maintenance and puncture-proof. So, you don’t have to worry about your kid rolling over his toys because the wheels can take the pressure. In addition, the anti-slip features make it safe to use indoors and outdoors.

Comfortable bike seats

Choose a bicycle with the best toddler bike seat to make bike riding comfortable. The Ashtonbee bike saddle is well-padded, so even if your baby bounces up and down on their bike, they won’t hurt themselves in the process.

Steel frame body

Your child can be rough on their toys when they are having a lot of fun. However, the bike’s steel frame is extremely durable to withstand impacts. No matter how rough your kids play, the bike won’t get damaged. Steel also is low maintenance and long-lasting. Proper care can make it last up to ten years.

Easy set-up
The kids bike is easily assembled with no tools required and you can put it together instantly and without needing the help of professionals. These baby balance bikes also come in three different colors: orange, blue, and pink. Whatever your baby fancies, there is a perfect choice for them.

Little kids racing on bike outdoors

The Transition from Baby Balance Bikes to Toddler Bikes

Training your kids on a baby balance bike can start as early as them learning to walk. Then, from ages 2–3, kids can start learning on toddler bikes.

You can transition your kids to proper bikes when you can see that they can easily glide even without pedals on. Just remember that there are different wheel sizes and heights for bicycles. To determine the perfect fit for your child, make sure that both of their feet are flat on the ground when they are seated.

Transitioning may require time to adjust, so make sure that your kids have all the proper safety gear such as helmets and knee pads to ensure that they are safe while having fun.

Get your toddler bikes at Ashtonbee!

Bike riding is a great playtime for your children and a great way to spend quality family time. Introduce your kids to thrilling and exciting experiences with the best toddler bike from Ashtonbee. You can ensure that your little one has fun while developing their skills and confidence in the process.

Check out our website and bring home your kid’s first bike!

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