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Not all parents have the luxury of staying at home and caring for their child or getting a nanny, so they go to work and resume daily life. A lot of parents bring their kids wherever they go. May it be for work or leisure, parents know that bringing their little ones anywhere can be challenging. 

Safety and comfort are the first things to prioritize when traveling with a child. Of course, it goes to say that regular seats are not suitable for little children. One essential travel gear for parents is a high chair, and a versatile high chair is more than just a toddler chair for travel. 

In this blog post, we’ve outlined important considerations when purchasing a high chair for your kids. We also have some travel safety tips you can implement when traveling with your child. Take note of these, dear parents! 

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What to Consider When Buying a Travel Baby High Chair?

High chairs are abundant in the market—there are wooden high chairs, portable high chairs, convertible high chairs, and so many more. But which high chair is the most suitable for travel? Here are some high chair considerations you should look for. 

Safety Features

The first point on your checklist for a travel high chair is its safety. High chairs are generally used for eating and playing; no matter how much your kids move around, they should be safe and comfortable. A safety strap is the first sign of a secure high chair. It should hold your kids in place, no matter how much they try and wiggle free.

Having at least a three-point harness is also a must, instead of the straps looping around just your child’s waist. Moreover, make sure the buckles are baby-proof. Some kids will try to break themselves free from the harness, which is something to consider. 

Furthermore, consider the material of the high chair. There are wooden, steel, and plastic high chairs. Choose a material most suitable for your baby’s needs. For example, wooden high chairs are extremely durable and long-lasting, but they can be heavy.

Adjustable Seat

Expect your high chair to be used for a long time. As your kids grow, make sure the high chair can grow along with them through adjustments. Having adjustable height is important for a high chair so you can adjust the seat accordingly to your children’s reach. An adjustable footrest is also a must. Your kids will grow taller in no time, and an adjustable footrest will give them more leg space as they develop. 

Multi-Purpose Chair

An all-in-one toddler seat is best for travels, so you won’t have to carry different toddler chairs for different purposes. For example, most high chairs are used for eating, but some are equipped with carrying straps, so it can double as a baby carrier. 

Other travel high chairs have replaceable seat sets so your kids can do their business without rushing to a restroom. This feature is useful when you are on nature trips with your little ones. 

High Chair Attachments

Most high chairs have adjustable trays as attachments so your kids can eat and play wherever. But there are also high chairs with tray clips that you can attach directly onto a dining table so your toddler can dine with the family. There are also play chair attachments like colorful mobiles that little kids can play with. 

For traveling, look for high chairs with an extra compartment and a rear pocket to bring more items while carrying fewer bags. 

Portable High Chairs

Portable high chairs are essential for travel. A traditional high chair has a fixed build which makes it hard to bring with you. A portable chair folds flat to fit inside a carry bag, and you can put it in a compartment. This type of chair can also be a great space saver at home. 

As much as possible, choose a portable baby high chair that doesn’t require tools to assemble and disassemble as it’s time-consuming. But make sure that it’s still a sturdy chair that can handle your kid’s movements.

Seat’s Fabric

A modern high chair with intricate styles and designs is tempting to purchase. Of course, for parents, the design of the high chair matters, but comfort comes before anything else. Whether traveling or around the house, your kids will spend a lot of their time in their toddler chairs, so always test for comfort.

Make sure there is a seat cushion that stays comfortable even after long periods of sitting. Moreover, some portable booster chairs use fabric instead of hard plastic. Ensure these fabrics are soft and won’t cause irritation and scratches on your baby’s skin. Also, choose breathable fabrics that promote good ventilation to keep your kids fresh. 

Upright vs. Recline Positions

Recline positions are best for babies who have a hard time keeping themselves in an upright position. If your kids are still having difficulties keeping their backs and necks straight while sitting, it’s an indication that they are not yet ready for solid food. In addition, feeding them in a reclined position can cause choking. Instead, a reclined position is used if your kids want to rest or feel sleepy.

high attached to dining table 

Baby Chair Safety Tips

Now that you know the considerations for buying the best high chair for your kids, it is also important to know some useful parenting tips to keep your kids safe in the high chairs. 

  • A five-point harness system is best to prevent your kids from falling from their high chairs. Always make sure the safety belt and buckle are locked so kids can’t slip their straps off. 
  • If your infant booster has wheels, make sure that the wheel locks have excellent grips. Your kid’s sudden movement can make their booster seat move, causing accidents. 
  • Most high chairs have a removable tray. Make sure to always sanitize the tray before letting your kids use it. Some toddlers like eating directly from the tray. So wash it regularly to prevent the spread of germs. 
  • There’s little room to operate on booster seats, even for your kids. Always remind them that they should not stand up on their high chair to avoid accidents. 
  • Ensure their portable high chair is placed far from other objects like the dining table, other chairs, and even the wall. Your kids may kick or pull on them, which can cause the booster seat to topple over. 


Choosing a travel high chair requires a lot of research and scrutiny. When purchasing baby gear, it is always important to prioritize your kid’s safety. We hope these considerations in choosing a portable high chair will help you with your purchase. 

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