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A unique bond forms when a mother breastfeeds her little one. On top of this is the irreplaceable nutrition the baby gets from breast milk, especially the colostrum. This is why many mothers aim to breastfeed their babies as much as possible, and knowing different nursing positions will help. Getting the right position will make feeding sessions more comfortable for you and your baby. They can suckle as much milk as possible while you rest and relax. 

In this article, we’ll share with you different breastfeeding positions you can do as well as how you can use a newborn baby pillow for breastfeeding.

5 Most Popular Nursing Positions

breastfeeding positions

  1. Cradle Hold

The cradle hold is one of the most popular and convenient ways to feed your little one. Here’s how to successfully hold your baby in this position:

  • Use one or both arms to support your baby’s head, neck, and spine up to their legs.
  • Slightly tilt your baby towards you with their mouth towards your breast. 
  • You can also hold your breast and move it towards your little one’s mouth.

How Breastfeeding Head Support for the Baby Helps

You can lay your arms and your baby on a breastfeeding pillow so you and your little one can be comfortable. With the support, you won’t have aching arms later. 

  1. Side/Inverted Side-lying

The side-lying nursing position is best when feeding at night or in bed. In this position, you and your little one need to lay facing each other so that your baby can conveniently latch. 

You can also try an inverted side-lying position. This is when your baby’s lower body is positioned in front of your head instead of your body. This position works if there are tender areas in your breast that you do not want to be touched.

How Breastfeeding Head Support Helps

You can use the baby nursing pillow to support your baby’s back, so they can lay comfortably and nurse facing you.

  1. Laid-back Nursing

Do you and your baby often hang out on a cozy sofa? This spot can also be your nursing space with a laid-back position. Here’s how to execute it:

  • Pile a couple of nursing pillows on the sofa’s arm and lean on them. 
  • Next, lay your baby’s tummy on top of you or on the side for additional comfort. 
  • Then, support your little one’s head with your arm as they nurse.

How Breastfeeding Head Support Helps

The breastfeeding pillow can help you this time. You can add it to the pile of cushions on your back so that you can sit in a reclined position comfortably.

  1. Rugby and Double Rugby/Football Hold

The rugby/double rugby/football hold helps you avoid the baby’s kicks or adding pressure on your C-section scar after birth. To do this:

  • Hold the baby’s head using your palm, and use your arm to support their back and legs.
  • Instead of your baby’s body laying on your tummy, put them in the opposite position, with your waist supporting their body.
  • You can also do the double rugby hold if you have twins to avoid their extremities from intertwining.

How Breastfeeding Head Support Helps

Use your nursing pillow as extra support for your baby’s head. Make sure to secure the position and not let them slip. Support their head and neck with your hand while your arm gives extra support to their tiny bodies. 

  1. Cross Cradle Hold

A cross cradle position is similar to a cradle hold, except:

  • Use the hand and arm opposite the breast your baby is feeding on for this position.
  • Support your baby’s head using the palm of your hands while your arms support the back, legs, and feet. 
  • Use your free hand to cup your breast and offer it to your baby.

How Breastfeeding Head Support Helps

This position may be a bit uncomfortable for new mothers. However, the additional back support will make the position more comfortable when you lay your arm and baby on a breastfeeding pillow. 

extra support for your baby's head

Other Breastfeeding Positions You Can Try

In case none of these popular positions work for you, there are other options you can try with your baby.

  • Straddle/Australian/Upright/Koala Hold: Let your baby sit facing you when they breastfeed. This position is best for an older baby, although it works for newborns with enough back support.

You can use your breastfeeding pillow to angle your baby’s head comfortably to your breast. You can let the baby sit on the pillow to get the ideal angle and height.

  • Dangle Feeding: One of the most difficult situations breastfeeding mothers experience is having mastitis. The dangle hold can help you feed your baby without the added pain on your sore nipples. To do this, let your little one lay on a nursing pillow and lean down and towards them as your breasts dangle as they feed. Some claim that gravity assists in unclogging milk ducts.
  • Dancer’s Hand: Some parents need to go the extra mile in feeding their little ones because of special conditions, illnesses, or congenital diseases. It is worth trying the dancer’s hand nursing position if you can relate. To start, cup your breast using your pinky, ring, middle fingers, and the bottom area of your palm. Then, use your thumb and middle finger to hold your baby’s chin and guide them to latch.

You can use the breastfeeding pillow as head support. In addition, you can use the pillow as your baby’s seat in an upright position to adjust their height to reach your breast more comfortably. 

  • Sling Feeding: Putting your baby in a sling or carrier is convenient if you are always on the go. Even in this position, you can breastfeed them. To do so, put your baby in the carrier facing you and adjust the carrier to a length that makes your baby’s head lay at a comfortable position and angle to breastfeed. 

In this position, your baby will nurse sitting on your lap in an upright position, and you can use the nursing pillow as an additional cushion your baby can sit on. Because the main goal of using a carrier is for increased movement, pick a pillow that is portable too. 

Breastfeed In Comfort

Nursing can be a wonderful experience for both the mother and the baby, but it can also be challenging. The right breastfeeding head support and position can make all the difference in terms of comfort and efficiency in suckling. If you’re struggling with breastfeeding or just looking for new ideas, try out one of these positions using the right breastfeeding head support. Comfort is key when feeding your little one, so give these positions a try!

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