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Thinking about completing your newborn’s nursery is exciting. Surely, there’s a long list of things you want to get for your newborn. But before splurging on baby products that you won’t really need at the beginning, consider the gadgets that your baby will use immediately.

To help you, we have a list of some essentials you must have on hand when your newborn arrives. Don’t get overwhelmed by the choices laid out before you when shopping. Our checklist is all you need. 

Baby Crib 

Of course, a baby’s crib should be at the top of your shopping list. We know parents want to snuggle with their kids, especially during bedtime. But there are several hazards present when newborns sleep beside their parents. So doctors recommend that newborns have their own cribs for a safer and more comfortable sleep. 

Choosing a baby crib depends heavily on your budget. Multi-purpose cribs are the best choice because you can use these as toddler beds as your kids grow older and bigger. But, of course, this is also the most expensive option. Moreover, when purchasing a crib, look for safety standard seals to ensure your baby is secure while using them. 

Crib Mattress 

If there’s a crib, there should also be a mattress. There are baby cribs that include a mattress, but if you want to be sure that the mattress is suitable for your kids, you can purchase one individually. Don’t prioritize softness when purchasing a baby mattress. A firm mattress is better for newborns because their bones are not yet fully developed. 

Check if the mattress will not sag against your baby’s weight to ensure they get full body support when sleeping. In addition, get waterproof sheets for your mattress for easy cleaning. Your little one has no control over their needs to eliminate, so it’s handy to have easily cleaned sheets. 

Baby Dresser 

There will be a lot to organize when you have kids, like clothes, toys, and other gadgets. A baby dresser will help you organize and sort things for easy access when you need them. According to seasoned parents, it’s better to have multiple drawers to accommodate all of your baby’s stuff. 

Separate clothes, cleaning gadgets, and toys into their drawers for more effective organization. Changing table dressers also allow you to clean your kids without needing to go to the bathroom. This will be useful for quick diaper changes.

Nursery Rocking Chair 

This tool is more for parents than it is for kids, but it will make some difference in taking care of your newborns. There are times when your little one cannot sleep in their cribs. A nursery rocking chair is convenient to carry and lull your baby to sleep without standing up for a long time. 

The rocking motion can be relaxing for your kids, and the seat can support your back to prevent pain and discomfort. 

Baby Monitor 

Newborns are expected to sleep the majority of the day. This allows parents to attend to other tasks while they are sleeping. The baby monitor will serve as your eyes and ears in the nursery room when you’re not in the nursery. 

Baby monitors are advancing in technology. Old models only let you hear your kids, but newer models provide a small viewing monitor so you can see your kids anywhere you are in the house. 

Changing Table Pads 

A changing area is a must-have for a nursery. It is a practical method for changing diapers in any part of the room. Instead of laying them down on the bed where they can make a mess, a changing table or pad is safer and more convenient. These changing pads can be placed on flat surfaces or attached to cribs. 

You strap your kids on these diaper changing stations to ensure their safety while changing their diapers. This baby gear also has a non-skid bottom and contoured sides to keep your kids from falling when they wiggle on the changing station. 

Diaper Pail

Of course, right next to your changing tables should be a diaper pail. You will lose count of all the diapers your kids will use throughout the years. Diaper pails are more advanced than your traditional trash can. There are certain models that not only collect the trash for you but also eliminate smells, so your nursery stays fresh all the time. 

White Noise Machine 

The key to a restful night’s sleep is a white noise machine. White noise machines are specifically designed to put your kids to sleep. They produce different shushing noises that can soothe your kids and promote sleepiness. So take advantage of this machine to help give your kids better and longer sleep. 

Other variations of white noise machines have a night light inclusion. Some babies can’t sleep in total darkness. Mild night lights can help soothe your kids during the night. 

travel changing pad baby bag

Ashtonbee’s Portable Changing Pad 

More than the things in your nursery, it’s also handy to have things prepared whenever you need to bring your kids with you on errands or on travels. One such tool is a portable changing pad—the perfect carry-on when traveling with kids. 

Let’s check out the features of Ashtonbee’s portable baby changing table bag

  • This travel bag can transform into a large changing mat that can accommodate your kids, so you can use any flat surface to clean your kids. 
  • You can easily fold this bag into a small size for easy carrying. You can even attach this to strollers and car seats for convenience. 
  • The Velcro straps keep the bag intact, and it has multiple compartments which can store diapers, feeding bottles, and other carry-on essentials. 
  • The bag is made from a waterproof material and is easy to clean. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and anti-bacterial cleaners to keep it sanitized. 


You’ll be shocked by the number of baby items available in the marketplace, and as first-time parents, it’s alright to be excited when buying baby things. But focus on the essentials first. We hope this list of essentials helps you shop for your baby’s needs and create the perfect nursery for your little one. 

Don’t forget to browse our shop for more high-quality baby needs like changing table pads, feeding tools, baby toys, and more.

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