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If you’re a parent, establishing your baby’s bedtime routine is likely one of your top priorities. Sleep is essential for you and your child to stay healthy in life. Thankfully, creating a sleep routine for your child is made easy with the help of a girl and boy crib bedding, as well as other tried and tested ways.

In this post, we’ll discuss what to consider when creating your baby’s sleep routine and how different types of bedroom stuff can make sleeping more comfortable for your child. So, whether you’re just starting as a parent or looking for tips to improve your child’s sleep habits, keep reading!



Ways To Successfully Establish a Sleep Routine

The desire to establish a sleep routine for your little one will be there, especially when you experience many sleepless nights during your baby’s first months. Nevertheless, don’t be pressured. Naturally, babies’ sleep is shorter from birth to the third month.

Experts suggest that the best time for sleep training is when they are three months old and up. When they reach this age for sleep training, here are the ways to do it successfully.

Know Your Baby’s Development Month-By-Month

A baby sleep chart can give you a quick idea of how much your baby sleeps month by month. Checking this chart will inform you of what to expect from your baby’s sleep routine. Babies sleep a lot in their first months and slowly decrease as they grow.

Nevertheless, although babies sleep a lot, they wake a lot, too, as they sleep in shorter durations. From birth to the third month, your baby’s sleep can be as short as 30 minutes, but it gets longer as they age.

Observe Your Baby’s Sleeping Pattern

While a sleep chart can help, it is still best to observe your baby’s sleep patterns since all babies are unique. Knowing the time they sleep, the duration of their nap time, and the time they wake can help you pick a sleep training method.

If you observe longer daytime sleep for your little one, you can intervene and create playtime and fun activities. Meanwhile, if they have more awake time at night, you can find ways to soothe them.

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Stick to Schedules but Adjust as Needed

Sticking to the schedule conditions your little one’s mind and allows their bodies to adjust after a few weeks of consistent schedule compliance. When the morning and afternoon nap schedule comes, you’ll notice them showing signs of sleepiness.

In the long run, all you have to do is assist them when they start yawning or rubbing their eyes. If their sleep cycle changes, especially as they grow, adjust as needed. You’ll have healthy sleep habits by that time.

Introduce Day and Night

In the womb, your baby’s environment is always night, so they have no notion of day and night when they come out. You can begin introducing the difference between the two as soon as they come out by opening the blinds to let the light enter. You can also conduct activities during the day.

On the other hand, you can induce the night feels by turning off room lights and keeping the surroundings quiet at night. Just be patient as they may begin to get used to the pattern only in their third month.

Keep Feeding and Eating Time Separate

Keep feeding and sleeping separate during sleep training. Keep your little one awake when feeding by talking to them and rubbing their hands and feet. You can play with them when they are full and after burping. When you see signs of drowsiness, you can bring them to bed and let them fall asleep independently.

Strike a balance between ensuring your little one is well-fed, especially when breastfeeding, and sleep training them.

Stay Calm When Your Baby Cries

It is a parent’s instinct to hush their little one when they cry. It has even become a reflex that they come to the rescue at the slightest whim.

By their third month, babies are capable of self-soothing. So relax and do not run to their rescue when they cry and see how they go back to sleep after a few squirms and fuzziness. Only check when their cries are longer and continued, as they may have a specific need.

Have the Right Sleep-Inducing Paraphernalia

You can better cope in all stages of your baby’s development with proper support and tools. If you’re sleep training your child, comfortable girl and boy crib sets, relaxing music, a rocking chair, a warm bath, and storybooks are all things you need for the sleep training kit!

The little girl and little boy crib bedding gives your little one a cozy space and safe sleep. Music can help develop their cognitive abilities and be more tolerant of noise. You can include the rocking chair, warm bath, and storybooks in your pre-sleep routine to relax your little one.

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Girl and Boy Crib Bedding and More from Ashtonbee

Your baby’s sleep routine is an important part of their development, and you want to make sure that it’s as healthy as possible. It can be a little daunting at first, but understanding your child’s developmental milestones will help you figure out what needs to happen for them to get the most restful night’s sleep.

Ashtonbee can be your partner in achieving a comfortable sleep for your baby by providing different sleeping accessories. We have night lights, pillows, bed rails, and more products that will surely be useful for your little one. Sleep training is easier when you have the products you need. Check out our collection now! Happy shopping!

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