Once you welcome a baby in the house, everything changes, even your home decorations and interior design. You will have to redecorate not only for aesthetics, but also for the safety and comfort of your baby or toddler. The living room, bedroom, dining area, kitchen, and bathroom become areas your baby can explore, but they are also accident-prone areas. Hence, you need to babyproof properly.

But don’t worry! You do not need to take out any of your precious furniture or have a total home makeover. All you need are premium quality anti-tip straps and other babyproofing tools. Check them out now to know what exactly you need, how to install them, and their benefits in keeping your child safe.

Babyproofing Tip Straps

One accident-prone behavior of babies is tilting different heavy furniture at home. They can tip cabinets, the television, drawers, and shelves. TV tip straps will help ensure that these heavy furnishings won’t fall on them. The adjustable strap is attached to the wall and behind the TV, appliances, and other movables. 

Drawer and Cabinet Locks

Any home furniture that can be closed and opened is attractive to babies. While some drawers may contain baby-friendly materials and even their toys, some drawers can pose harm. For instance, there are drawers containing sharp home supplies, medicines, or choking hazards. Having a drawer or cabinet lock ensures your baby won’t easily open drawers unless you help them.

Hanging Cabinets

Meanwhile, if you have the choice to put up hanging cabinets, do so as you are sure that your little one cannot reach them. They are the best cabinets to store supplies in that aren’t for babies, such as chemicals and sharp objects. Just be mindful of the cabinets’ position and attachment. They must be stuck steadily on the wall. Always ensure that your baby will not play underneath these cabinets for child safety.


Another sure way to keep your baby safe is by using a playpen. Having a playpen allows them to be free while playing in a safe space. You can also leave them in that area without the worry of them roaming in places they aren’t supposed to be in because of the fences. You can finish many tasks around the house as your baby stays productive playing inside their playpen.

Play Mat

To add an extra layer of protection to the playpen or any space your baby hangs out in, you can use a play mat. Play mats are usually made of rubber, providing a soft cushion for your baby. Little ones still learning to stand and walk often slip and fall. Having a play mat ensures they won’t get hurt if they stumble.

drawer locks

Stair Gate/Safety Gate

Does your house have several floors? Slopes and stairs are attractive to young explorers. The ascending trail helps in developing their muscles. Nevertheless, stairs are unsafe without an adult’s assistance, and because of the baby’s curiosity, they will always try and climb up and down stairs, especially when left alone. 

Parents like you should be aware of this and install a baby gate for stairs to avoid any stair-related accidents and falls later.

Electrical Outlet Covers

Holes and crevices are attractive to babies. While some of these gaps aren’t dangerous, some, such as electrical outlets, pose a danger. Covering the outlets keeps your baby safe from electrocution. There are specially designed shields to cover the outlets well to ensure your baby cannot play with them.

Vent Screen

Concerning babies’ and toddlers’ attraction to holes and crevices, you should also ensure that intentional cracks and fissures in your house should be babyproofed accordingly. With that, use vent screens to cover any holes. IIt would be best to cover vents with furniture too.

Door Foams

One of the most common injuries in babies and toddlers is their tiny fingers getting stuck on doors. While this mainly causes only minor injuries, worse situations can cause fractured bones. Keep your child away from this painful situation by using door foams to babyproof doors. These foams serve as a cushion to prevent doors from slamming.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors should be something you consider installing when planning the interior decoration of your home. They ensure that your home is safe from fire, with or without babies. Some homes pair this safety device with sprinklers to ensure that the fire is put out before it gets big and uncontrollable. 

Cordless Window Curtains/Blinds

Your baby will surely develop an interest in the outdoors. These sweet moments are times to cherish, especially when you catch them happily looking out the window for hours on end. To ensure they won’t tangle on any cords (especially those from curtains or blinds, pick those with a cordless design.

Safe Water Heater

Bath time is one of the most difficult yet fun tasks parents do. It is a time to clean your babies and play in the water. To ensure this activity is also safe, it is best to use a water heater that gives you control over the water temperature. Keep water at 90–100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

While the palm testing method works, using a water heater allows you to control the temperature easily. Water that’s too cold may cause chills. Meanwhile, water that is too hot can burn their skin.

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Babyproof Your Home With Ashtonbee

Redecorating your home for a new arrival doesn’t have to be stressful. On the contrary, it can be downright fun with the help of some babyproofing furniture straps and safety equipment! We hope this roundup of all the best gear to keep your little one safe and sound helps. 

So before you start tearing down walls or drilling into floors, make sure you have everything you need from Ashtonbee. Our selection of safety equipment will help you keep your baby safe, from safety straps to play mats and playpens. Shop confidently, knowing that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products!

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