When shopping for baby gear, one of the things that should be on your list is a high chair. While there are many options in the marketplace, don’t get blinded by the big discounts or the expensive ones that promise comfort. There is a perfect high chair for your needs and budget waiting for you out there.

In this blog post, we will explain the pros and cons of the different types of high seats to help you find the best high chair for your baby. So parents, take note of these considerations before making a purchase.

Wooden High Chair

These traditional high chairs are big, comfortable, and stable. In addition, wooden high chairs are known for their safety and durability. These high chairs can easily last up to 10 years with proper maintenance.



A traditional high chair is highly adjustable and adaptable. You can configure this high chair into different settings as your baby grows. For example, you can put the backrest in slight recline positions and set them up to sit upright to keep your kids in proper posture during meal times.

In addition, the footrest has several adjustment levels, so the chair grows with your kids. You won’t need to worry about buying a new one because they have outgrown it.

Safety and Durability

Safety is probably the strongest feature of a wooden high chair. Since this high chair is made from wood and sometimes accompanied by metal linings, you can count on them to be stable even when your kids play too roughly or make sudden movements on the chair.

Moreover, most of these chairs have a fixed crotch post. So once you place your kids on the seat, they can’t stand up or go out unless you pick them up from it.


Heavy and Covers a Wide Area

If you have a wide kitchen area, you won’t have a problem with this high chair. But we don’t recommend this high chair for small spaces. Also, these chairs don’t usually fold, so you might need tools to assemble and disassemble them.

These high chairs are also heavy. So it is best to use it as a dining room chair for your kids instead of moving it around.

Portable High Chair

Portable high chairs are the best choice for parents who are always on the go and need to bring their kids. These high chairs are usually made of hard plastics, which makes them lightweight and a convenient carry-on.



It is called a portable chair for a reason. This foldable high chair makes it easy to store in small and tight spaces. For example, when traveling, you can easily fit this in the trunk of your car. You can even disassemble some models easily, put them in a bag, and sling them to your kid’s stroller to bring them and use them anywhere you need them.

Easy Maintenance

Younger babies tend to be messy when eating, so it is a big convenience for parents to find an infant high chair that is easy to clean. Since portable chairs are made of hard plastics, it is easy to clean and sanitize them. Wipe the chair with a damp cloth and lift food residue to keep them clean after mealtime.

If your kids spill on the seat cushion, let them hang dry. Wash it with soap and water weekly, so it does not develop a foul smell.


Weight Limit

Since this baby seat is commonly made from lightweight materials, it has a weight limit, so be cautious. Always read product descriptions before letting your kids use them. A simple fold high chair can carry up to 20 kg. This child’s high chair is best and safe for kids two and below.

baby eating in high chair 

Space Saver Baby Chair

This toddler seat is another alternative for homes with small spaces and parents on a tight budget. This is the best affordable high chair you can get for your kids. These high chairs usually don’t come with legs, but you can place them on adult chairs, so your kids are level on the dining table.


Easy to Use and Space-Saving

You don’t need to assemble this chair to use it. All you need to do is put it on top of an adult chair to give your kids that extra height to reach the table and eat with you. Also, there are different models of space-saver chairs

The first one is a booster seat with straps you can wrap and hook on a chair, so when you put them on top, it will not move. The second model is a hook-on high chair. You latch the chair directly on the tables, and it looks like a chair is hanging from the edge. This is more suitable for restaurant use when they don’t have available high chairs for your kids.


Not Suitable for Younger Babies

Your kids should already know how to sit upright when they use this chair. This toddler booster does not have a three-point harness, unlike other high chairs for kids. At most, it has a waist strap to prevent your kids from sliding to the front.

Moreover, this toddler chair does not have add-ons, like the removable food tray or adjustable footrest. If you need add-ons, then you might want to consider other types of baby high chairs.

Convertible High Chair

You can say that the convertible high chairs are seats that grow with your children. You can transform them from a floor seat to a booster-style seat to a full high chair for kids. This high chair is a good investment because of its many functions, and you can use it for a long time.



Think of the convertible high chair as the combination of the chairs we have discussed so far. It is an all-in-one foldable high chair, which makes it easy to store. In addition, it requires no tools, so when you need to bring it on the trip, detach the parts, put them in a bag, and you are ready.

Of course, you can expect that convertible high chairs for babies are complete when it comes to accessories. Food trays and footrests are included. Some models even have a seat pad and toy attachments so your kids can play on the chair.

Material Options

Convertible baby high chairs have different material options. There are wood models, plastics, metals, and a combination of the three materials. Of course, if you are looking for durability, wood is best. But if you want to look for something budget-friendly, there are hard plastic convertible baby chairs that are still sturdy and premium quality at an affordable price.

Cons of the Convertible Baby High Chair

Steep Price Point

Among the types of high chairs for babies, convertible high chairs can cost thousands of dollars. This can be considered a big investment compared to portable high chairs that cost a hundred. So make sure you have the budget for this baby chair.

wooden high chair


When shopping for baby products, expensive does not automatically translate to quality products. Therefore, you should be keen when buying and always consider the pros and cons of an item to ensure its safety for your kids and value for money.

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