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When you’re expecting, there’s so much to prepare for and it can feel overwhelming. Whether you’ve just welcomed a newborn baby into your home or are preparing to do so soon, one question may be on your mind: “Does a newborn need bibs?”

The answer is yes. During breastfeeding or bottle feeding, newborn bibs can help protect your baby’s neck and chest from dribbles. But did you know there are various types of bibs? This blog post will go through each type of baby bib and how to pick the best one for your baby.

The Basics of Baby Bibs

As a new parent exploring the market, it can be overwhelming to figure out the baby items you need. But there’s one thing that no parent should go without—bibs. Discover what bibs are and why you need them below.

What Is a Baby Bib? 

Bibs help protect your little one’s outfit from drool and mealtime messes. This helps you save time from washing your baby’s clothes because of the mess. So don’t miss out on this must-have.

But if you’re a first-time parent, a baby bib is not only used for when your baby is eating. For instance, there are bibs parents can use for heavy droolers—common during the teething stage. 

Why Does a Newborn Need Bibs?

Newborns tend to spit out milk while breastfeeding or bottle feeding. This is common in babies until they are a year old. Newborns can quickly feel irritated by unusual textures, such as spills or drool on their clothes. This is why they should start wearing newborn bibs. 

By using bibs, you can ensure those spills don’t ruin your baby’s clothes. Bibs can also make them feel more comfortable overall.

Types of Bibs in the Market

There are plenty of bib options, whether they’re for teething toddlers, keeping clothes clean during feeding time, catching drool, or transitioning your baby to solid foods. Here are the different types of bibs for every need. 

Bandana Bibs

This bib looks like a bandana, and helps absorb your baby’s drool in style. Bandana bibs sometimes have teething rings to aid your baby during this milestone. While these are perfect for keeping your little one dry during teething, a bandana bib doesn’t offer much coverage for bottle feeding. This means your baby can still catch the spills on their clothes. 

Baby Feeding Bib

Feeding bibs are a must-have for every new parent as they catch their babies’ mealtime messes. But there’s more to them than just protection for the baby’s clothes. Some feeding bibs go a step further and come with small pockets that help catch the mess. This is handy for parents whose babies are messy eaters.

a blue-colored silicone bib

Feeding bibs also help keep your floor clean during mealtime, saving you from having to do full-scrub cleanups afterward.

Newborn Bibs

Newborn bibs not only keep your newborn’s clothes clean, but they also last through those precious first few months. These bibs are designed to fit newborns’ tiny necks perfectly, so they stay right where they need to. 

Cloth Bibs

Cloth bibs help shield your baby’s little clothes from getting messy. Most cloth bibs also come with padding that helps absorb the mess. 

These bibs provide comfort and are breathable since they are usually made from cotton. With the cotton fabric on your baby’s bib, you don’t have to worry about scratches or allergies that may affect their delicate skin. 

Silicone Baby Bibs

If you’re looking for the perfect bib for your little one, then you can’t go wrong with a silicone bib. This baby bib is water-repellent, so parents can ensure their baby’s clothes stay dry even if the baby accidentally spills water. 

You may be hesitant to purchase silicone bibs, but using a silicone bib is safe for babies. One of the many advantages of a silicone bib is its ease of cleaning. You can easily clean it by running it under water or wiping it with a cloth.

Smock Bibs

Don’t let feeding time get you into a tizzy! A smock bib is a solution if regular bibs aren’t keeping those mealtime stains off your little one’s clothes. Also called long-sleeved bibs, smock bibs cover your baby from their abdomen to their arms, leaving their clothes spotless no matter how messy they get. 

Also, you don’t have to struggle with lots of buttons and straps. A smock bib comes with a simple zip at the back, so you can easily put it on your baby. 

7 Tips When Buying Newborn Bibs for Your Baby

When choosing the right baby bib for your precious little one, there’s more than meets the eye! Here are tips for choosing the best newborn bibs for your baby.

Consider Your Baby’s Age

With so many bibs available, it can be difficult to decide which bibs are suitable for your baby. That’s why it is essential to check the age the baby bib is intended for. Pick bibs that match your baby’s age, and ensure that you always double-check the product details before making a purchase.

Know the Purpose of Each Bib

There are bibs available in many different styles. For instance, lightweight bibs help clean up small messes during feeding sessions, whereas waterproof bibs can protect a baby’s clothes from becoming stained during meals. Know the purpose of different bibs and identify the bibs your baby needs before buying bibs in bulk. 

a baby wearing a bib while eating

Determine How Many Bibs Your Baby Needs

There are no rules to how many bibs you must have in your nursery. But it’s important to consider some factors when determining the number of bibs to buy for your baby. 

Depending on your lifestyle and baby’s eating habits, the number of bibs you should buy can range from a few to many. Some factors to consider are how often your baby eats, how frequently they spit out in a day, and how often you wash their clothes. 

Consider the Material Used

When choosing bibs for your little one, make sure to check the material used in the bibs. You’ll want to select bibs made of gentle materials that suit your baby’s delicate skin. For instance, organic cotton muslin bibs are a great option due to their natural fabric that is thick enough to absorb spills while being breathable and lightweight. 

Another environmentally-friendly option are bibs made from bamboo. They are soft on the skin and well known for their antimicrobial properties, making them ideal for babies prone to skin sensitivities. 

Have you ever put your bibbed baby down in their highchair only to discover that their clothing has gotten drenched in drool or spilled milk? If so, check for a bib with a waterproof backing while shopping. 

Choose an Easy To Clean Baby Bib

It’s tough to keep up with regular laundry day-to-day. Who has the time to do extra laundry rounds, much less when there’s a baby around? So, if you find it hard to keep bibs clean on top of late nights, errands, and the occasional playdate, waterproof bibs are your solution. 

By having bibs that can be easily wiped clean, you’ll save yourself time and energy. So, when choosing a baby bib, invest in one that will last through your baby’s messiest days with minimal washing involved. 

Take note to check the instructions on how to wash the bib properly. The instructions may differ depending on the make of the bibs. 

Check if Your Baby Is Comfortable

When it comes to bibs, you want something practical. While there’s nothing wrong with that, ensure your baby is comfortable with the bib you buy. But how do you know if your little one approves the bib you purchased? 

You’ll notice your baby is comfortable with the bib if there is no itching or pulling when they’re using it for their mealtimes. 

Be Stylish

Though style shouldn’t be the top consideration, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a fashionable bib. You could go the extra mile and find bibs printed with your baby’s favorite animals or superheroes for a unique style. You can also stick to plain bibs with fun colors like pink or neon green.

Start Shopping for Other Baby Essentials

Newborns need bibs, and it’s important to find the right ones for your baby. It is also important to remember that buying bibs is just one step in preparing for a newborn’s arrival. There are plenty of other baby essentials that you can add to your nursery room, like a baby teether for when your baby approaches the teething stage.

At Ashtonbee, we have all the essential baby gear your little one needs—whether they are a newborn or a toddler. Check out our collection and start shopping for your little bundle of joy today!

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