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Food training babies can be fun at first until they start making a mess. Those cute and smiling faces can wreak havoc on a single serving of food the moment you give it to them. It’s natural, and it’s a good thing for your baby. But unfortunately, it causes a lot of stress on your part as a parent. 

You can get out of the stressful cycle of baby food training. You can manage it by knowing how a silicon bib can help you. Combine that with some useful tips we’ve lined up to eliminate mess, and you’re on your way to a fun and hassle-free feeding time with your baby.

Baby Food Training: The Mess Parents Are In

Our babies are developing in every aspect, and it reflects in their feeding behavior. It can be a messy stage for parents like us, especially if we’re training them to eat different kinds of food. Consider the following series of difficult but relatable scenarios.

They reject their food…

Our babies can be curious creatures, but they can also be sensitive. They’ll reach out their hand and put it on that spoonful of mixed veggies, put it in their mouth, and just as easily spit it out. You can’t help but feel sad about those little food chunks you’ve worked so hard to make for them.

Or they play with it…

If they don’t chew on that spoonful of soft, solid food, the only thing left to do is to play with it. Their interest is piqued, and they’ll grab that tablespoon serving, toss it on the floor or on their high chair’s table, and rub, swirl, and smash it all over.

They make a HUGE mess…

Naturally, after all the tossing and the playing, they’ll make a mess. The obvious ones are on their cloth bib and baby clothes. Then, you’ll wonder how those stains got there and how you’ll need to hand wash those delicate fabrics before you turn in for the night.

And we’re left to clean it up…

Cleaning has become part of our routine. First, we wash piles of their clothes and cloth bibs. Then, we wipe and disinfect their baby chairs and do a double-sweep on the dining room floor. It’s tiring, especially if the mess our little ones make is over the top.

Then, we do it all over again.

Come next day we will introduce a new food. We pray it’s something they will actually eat. Because it’s getting frustrating, and you have work and other responsibilities to consider.

silicone bibs - A baby wearing an orange Ashtonbee bib while eating a lollipop

Ashtonbee Silicone Bibs Solves ALMOST All of Your Baby Food Training Problems

As parents, we can all get out of the mess we are in if we consider getting just one helpful baby item—silicone baby bibs. Here’s how it will make our lives immensely easier.

Rinse and Repeat

It’s made with food-grade silicone, so those tiny vegetables and cereal flakes won’t stick stubbornly onto the surface. Remove these silicone bibs from your baby’s neck, run to the kitchen sink, and rinse the mess right off.


We don’t have to worry about our babies getting exposed to hazardous materials. The silicone-made bibs are free of toxic materials such as bisphenol A (BPA), lead, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The product is 100% baby safe.

Extra Wide Food Catcher Pocket

This is the most helpful feature of silicone-based bibs. The catcher is extended on the sides and covers a wide area for the falling food. No more sweeping the floor or wiping the high chair table after every meal.

No More Dirty Stains

The silicone doesn’t absorb liquid. So putting it on your baby’s neck effectively protects their garments. Liquids slide down to the catcher every time. This gives you plenty of convenience by way of reduced handwashing.

Goodbye Heavy Handwashing

Cloth bibs are highly absorbent. If you serve soft food like tomato soup or something similar, expect some heavy handwashing action. With silicone, you can easily wash the bib with soap and water. If it has been a long day, you can even toss the bibs into the dishwasher!

It Stores like Cloth Bibs

One reason we hold on to our cloth bibs is portability. It can be rolled up into small tubes and stuffed in the baby bag hassle-free. But silicone bibs are also travel and storage-friendly because they can be folded and rolled as easily as a cloth bib.

silicone bibs - A crying baby on a high chair with red soup all over its shirt and face

These Additional Tips Will Eliminate Your Baby Food Training Issues

Bibs made of silicone are very efficient for keeping your baby food training sessions clean. But to ensure nothing slips through the cracks, you’ll have to take note of these tips to manage your baby-feeding sessions from here on out.

Keep Them Firmly Seated

Make sure your baby is secured enough to prevent any sudden and huge movements. Buckle them on a high chair. Choose the one with a stable and broad leg.

On the other hand, you also want them to be comfortable. So make sure they’re not fastened too tightly on the chair.

Offer Soft Foods

We know our babies will play with their food. As a hack, consider initially serving mushy and soft food. The easier to swallow, the better. Soups are ideal, but if you want to level them up, you can make them thicker. Once you’re confident with your baby’s food behavior, you can throw in some soft and diced veggies or mushy finger foods.

Train for Utensils

During your food training session, it’s best to give your baby’s hands something to keep them busy. This is to prevent them from playing with their food. Try giving them baby utensils. Not only will this keep their hands occupied, but it’ll also prime them for using it in the future.

Start With Small and Single Portions

One way to avoid spoilage and mess is to serve small food portions one at a time. For example, avoid serving the entire pack if you’re training your child to eat cereals. Instead, serve a few pieces of the cereal flakes in a baby bowl while you watch them. Not only will this prevent the spoilage of the entire pack of cereal, but you’ll also prevent mess.

Ashtonbee Brings A Stress-Free Meal Time For You And Your Baby

Imagine a whole feeding session with your baby without you picking up something off the floor, wiping something off their chest and tummy, or doing frequent mini-laundry sessions to get the bibs dry in time for dinner. That is possible if you get the best silicone bibs from Ashtonbee.

The colorful three-set silicone bibs and the application of our tried-and-true tips will leave you feeling like you’re feeding a well-behaved toddler. No more worrying about putting in extra time and effort cleaning up after. That’s a load of weight taken off your plate, especially on a busy day.

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