Baby Proofing Drawer Locks

Making your home safe for your little one is a top priority as a parent. One of the most important things you can do to babyproof your home is to install drawer locks on all of your cabinets and furniture. Not only will this keep your child safe from potential harm, but it will also give you the peace of mind knowing they cannot reach anything that could pose a danger to them.

Today we’ll explore the different types of drawer locks available, how and where to install them, and how they ensure the safety of your ever-curious child. Let’s start!



Different Types of Baby Drawer Locks

You will never run out of choices when it comes to drawer locks. Babyproofing is easier than ever because of the creativity of manufacturers and the specific demands of customers like you. Here are some of the most common locks you’ll encounter.

U-shaped child safety lock

As the name suggests, the U-shape child safety lock is shaped like “U” and mimics what door locks look like. Some of the designs work like real locks where keys are needed for opening. However, some designs require only the sliding in of a horizontal lock into the two ends of the letter “U” for locking. They are attached to the two handlebars of cabinets and drawers.

Drawer latch with spring

Meanwhile, if you are looking for hidden drawer locks the baby will not notice; you can go for a drawer latch with a spring. These types of locks are placed inside cabinets and drawers. These locks have a hook and another item where you will attach the hook. You need to stick both items inside the cabinet. The spring will keep the two attached. To open the cabinet, simply press the hook down to adjust the spring—a process too complicated for toddlers to understand.

Magnetic cabinet locks

Another invisible drawer lock a baby won’t see are magnetic cabinet locks. They are attached in the same way as a drawer latch, but they do not have a spring. To unlock them, you need to use a separate magnet outside the cabinet in the same area where the hook is. Make a downward motion to pull the hook down and open the cabinet—another process your baby won’t figure out easily.

Strap drawer locks

If you want locks that are straightforward to use, you can go for strap drawer locks. You can stick one end on the drawer or cabinet and the other on the drawer frame, so the drawer won’t open when the baby pulls. Just detach the other end of the strap if you need to get anything inside the drawer.

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Cabinets and Drawers to Babyproof

Which do you think is the drawer lock best suited for your needs? Is your baby so curious that you’ll need invisible locks, or will U-shaped locks work just fine? Whichever you pick, these are the areas you need to babyproof.

Clothes drawers

The effort and time you spend fixing little shirts and shorts, as well as small baby socks, will go to waste when your little one finds their way into their drawers. Keep this situation from occurring by sealing the drawers using locks. You can open them when it’s changing time.

Kitchen cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets are filled with pots and pans—perfect drums set for your little one. The spatulas, tongs, and wooden spoons become instant toy wands. Although some kitchen utensils are safe for babies to use, sharp and pointed ones should be off limits. Keeping all of them out of reach will be in your best interest; do so using drawer locks.

Garage storage

Garage cabinets are filled with various chemicals for car maintenance or welding DIYs. There are oils and gas which are extremely toxic for kids and adults alike. Lock these supplies inside cabinets that are babyproofed with baby drawer locks, or place them on suspended cabinets instead.

Living room compartments

Your living room drawers may be filled with sewing kits, photo albums, and other supplies that are choking hazards, sharp, or heavy. With a drawer lock, your things remain organized and away from your little one—keeping them safe in the living room.

Bathroom cabinets

Bath time is one of the most enjoyable baby activities as they get to play with water together with their rubber duckies and other toys. Ensure that their playtime stays in the tub and away from cabinets where soaps, shampoos, and toilet cleaners are by keeping your bathroom cabinets locked.

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The Essence of Drawer Locks in Babyproofing

With the knowledge of the different drawers and cabinets and the suggestions on where to put these safety products, you can now enjoy the benefits of babyproofing. Aside from keeping all the dangerous tools and chemicals away from your baby, there are more benefits you and your little one can enjoy.

Allows you to relax

When you know your drawers are sealed, your mind will be at peace that anywhere your little one roams they won’t be able to rummage through clothes, kitchen utensils, or kitchen and bath chemicals. You can sit back and relax, especially when your home is babyproofed.

Let your baby explore with independence

You can spare your little one from your nervous calls or actions that hinder them from exploring and satisfying their curiosity. As a result, they’ll be more confident in exploring, and as they do, they will nurture their minds and work out their muscles and bones, supporting their holistic development.

Maintain superb interior design

You can achieve both your baby’s safety and the maintenance of your stunning interior design through drawer locks. Pick the invisible ones so the look of your furniture will not be compromised, and keep your home mess-free!

Baby Proof Your Home With Ashtonbee

It’s always a good idea to babyproof your home, and drawer locks are one of the simplest ways to do so. With the different drawer locks available, you can find the perfect one for your needs and keep your little one safe. Keeping drawers and cabinets locked will allow you to relax knowing that your child is safe while still giving them some independence to explore.

Ashtobee can be your partner in babyproofing your home as we offer various baby safety products. Bed rails, sliding door and drawer locks, corner guards, wall guard for gates, and tip straps—we’ve got them all! Feel free to browse through our products and check out what you need. Babyproof your house now!

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