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When it comes to baby pillows, there’s no shortage of options. They come in different shapes and designs and promise comfort for your kids. But before you purchase baby pillows for your kids, are you sure they are safe?

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about flat head pillows and other types of pillows to ensure you can give your little one’s a safe and good night’s sleep.

Can My Kids Sleep on Baby Pillows?

Generally, using pillows creates an unsafe sleep environment for your kids. Babies often sleep with their heads on the side, and pillows can cause suffocation and death. As a matter of fact, there are many dangers in leaving a baby unattended while sleeping with a pillow.

Here are some risks that come when you let your infants sleep with pillows.


Babies are at high risk of sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS in their first months. Although doctors have yet to discover the primary source, research says the risk of SIDS increases with the use of inappropriate pillows.


Since kids have little to no control over their necks and heads, they will likely roll over face down on the pillow. Putting a pillow in your baby’s crib increases the risk of suffocation. Ensure that there are no pillows or other objects that can cause suffocation.

Entrapment and Strangulation

Many parents tend to surround their kids with pillows on all sides, thinking it makes them comfortable. Pillows, especially adult-sized pillows, stuffed toys, and other objects surrounding your kid’s sleeping area can trap them. Babies don’t have the strength to remove these objects off themselves, which can cause injuries.

Furthermore, pillowcases and dangling strings on stuffed toys can strangle your kids. As a general rule, keep your kid’s crib free from anything that may cause them harm in their sleep.

Doctors recommend that the right age to start using a pillow is when your child is around two. At this age, kids can control their movements even in their sleep, and will not fall asleep face down. A firm mattress with a fitted sheet is best for babies to ensure they are safe in their sleep.

Baby sleeping on pillow

Different Types of Baby Pillows

Although experts are generally against using pillows, there are infant pillows safe for use as long as they are used under the careful supervision of parents. Here are some baby pillows available on the market which you can purchase for your kids.

Baby Positioner Pillow

Infants have little control over their body movements. They could roll over and be unable to put themselves back on their backs. The baby position pillow is designed specifically to prevent that. These pillows can keep your kids sleeping on their sides or backs.

Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow is beneficial for parents and babies alike. These pillows are commonly U-shaped or circular, which allows parents to put the baby in a comfortable breastfeeding position. These pillows can also be used by anyone who needs to feed the baby using feeding bottles.

Nursing pillows are meant to support your arms and prevent them from tiring out. Do not use them as sleep pillows for your kids or place them anywhere near their cribs.

Flat Head Pillow

If you must buy a pillow for your kids, a flat head pillow for a baby might be a good investment. When kids spend their days laying in the same position, they develop an unusual head shape, and head-shaping pillows can prevent flat head syndrome.

Always consult with a doctor before using flat head pillows. You can quickly remedy your infant’s head shape, but in some cases, there may be underlying conditions why a kid’s head shape is flat or unusual.

What Can You Do To Treat Flat Head Syndrome?

Besides head-shaping pillows, there are other ways to prevent flat head syndrome. Here are some practices you can do to help your kids.

  • Change their sleep position from time to time: Most babies sleep on their backs, but you can always change their position as they sleep. You can let them sleep on their side as long as you keep an eye on them.
  • Hold your babies often: When your kids are not sleeping, pick them up and hold them, so they don’t lay down for hours. This practice will remove some pressure from their head.
  • Encourage tummy time: You can let your kids sleep in different positions to prevent flat head syndrome, or you can do tummy time when they play. Not only does it prevents a flat head, but it also helps your kids develop their cores for walking and crawling.


ashtonbee new born pillow


Ashtonbee’s Newborn Baby Pillow

If you want to add a baby pillow to your kid’s nursery, Ashtonbee has a premium and safe pillow your kids can use. See why it’s worth your money.

  • The newborn baby pillow helps your kids sleep in a proper position. It ensures your baby’s head is aligned with the spine to prevent injuries and deformation.
  • The pillow is soft and comfortable, and its design allows for better airflow to keep your kid’s neck cool as they sleep.
  • The pillow is hypoallergenic, has bacteria-resistant memory foam, and is made from 100% organic and breathable cotton.
  • You can use this pillow as an insert in bassinets, infant car seats, strollers, and cribs.

We hope this article guides you with your purchase of baby pillows. Remember, in their first 12 months, little kids generally don’t need pillows. However, some baby pillows are designed to prevent the flat head syndrome.

If you’re looking for more high-quality baby gear, Ashtonbee has it all. We have everything from changing pads, knee pads, high chairs, feeding gadgets, baby bikes, to even safety accessories. Browse our collection today.

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