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Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in life; it gets even more exciting when your baby hits certain milestones, like feeding them their first solids. You’ll need all sorts of supplies for this, including the best self-feeding spoons for babies. These are perfect for babies who can hold their spoon and use it to feed themselves independently.

This article has everything you need to know about eating with your child, from mealtime tips to what you should buy as far as utensils go. Start here if you’re looking for some help. Let’s make those first few years an enjoyable experience both at mealtime and beyond!

7 Best Baby Spoons For Self-Feeding

When you’re ready to start feeding your baby solid foods, it can seem like there are a million things that need to be bought for the process to go smoothly. One of these is the best spoons for self-feeding your baby. These are essential when starting solids because they allow babies to feed themselves comfortably even if they can’t entirely control their arms.

  1. Silicone baby spoons

Silicone, which is BPA and phthalate-free, is a common material used for many baby products. It is also the same material used for many spoons because the silicone is soft enough to prevent sore gums. Just a heads-up, aside from using it as a spoon, your little one will also use it as a teether.

  1. Temperature-indicating feeding spoons

In serving food for babies, you should ensure that it isn’t too hot or too cold. The temperature should be suitable to give their tummies warmth and not shock it with coldness, but it shouldn’t be too hot as to burn them. The right temperature promotes healthy digestion and safety too. You’ll know if the food is too hot as temperature-indicating spoons change color.

  1. Baby spoons with bamboo handles

Are you raising an environment-conscious child, or do you want any product your baby uses to be from natural sources? Try using spoons with bamboo handles. If you are an environmental advocate yourself, using this product will help you stick to your lifestyle.

  1. Bendable toddler spoons and forks

In your baby’s sixth month, the time when you start feeding them solids, their ability to grab and control their hands is not yet fully developed. A bendable utensil helps in allowing your baby to still feed themselves by scooping food from every angle.

  1. Spoon with holes

Scooping is a skill your baby will develop in their older months. If you want to train your little one to eat independently early, use a little spoon for baby food with a hole in the middle. This spoon traps some food in the hole, even if your baby doesn’t have full control of their scooping skills yet. You’ll be confident that your baby will get food on the spoon each time.

  1. Stainless steel spoons

Metal spoons are worth the investment because they are the most durable kind of spoons and they will last for ages. Nonetheless, it is too hard for a baby’s soft gums, so it is better reserved for toddlers who have better control of utensils. To make it more child-friendly, the handles of these toddler utensils are made of silicone.

  1. Spoons and forks with sensory bumps

Ensure that the spoon or fork your baby puts into their mouth will not cause them any harm from inserting it too deep into their mouths by using a spoon and fork with choking guards. These infant spoons and forks have sensory bumps placed just before the handle to ensure that the utensil can’t go further than where it’s supposed to go.

As your baby grows and develops, their eating utensils should grow with them. Make sure to reflect on which among these different spoons is the best for your baby’s age and capabilities.

best spoons for self feeding baby

Exciting Baby Meal Ideas

Now that you know the different eating tools, get your baby started with some exciting meal ideas that are easy to make. These also give you a glimpse of what foods they can easily digest and which ones can cause indigestion. Ensure their health is prioritized at all times!

Everything puree 

Mix fruits and vegetables together for a complete meal. Try mixing avocado with apple, banana with carrots, or spinach leaves, peas, and sweet potatoes, just to name a few! Remember that your baby’s taste buds may not be familiar with a lot of these foods yet, so it is best to start by layering these purees in their food bowls as they eat.

Pasta lovers

Aside from fruits and vegetables, add other ingredients to make mealtimes more exciting. Cook pasta with a simple sauce made of butter or cream cheese while adding in some parmesan cheese for that yummy taste—just the way you love it! You can also try adding a dash of salt, pepper, oregano, basil, and thyme.

Porridge, oatmeals, and soup

Start with a simple porridge and oatmeal. These are easy to digest. Combine them with fruits like bananas, apples, or apricots for your baby’s morning meal! You can also cook some chicken in the pot with noodles, while slowly adding in carrots. Chop them into small cubes; then, add them all together for a warm chicken noodle soup.

Chicken and fish 

If your baby is okay with porridge, oatmeals, and soup, it is time to introduce some new flavors. Try frying the chicken or a fillet of fish with a bit of oil for a crisp treat, then add it to your baby’s favorite meal time food bowl! You can also try adding sauces or ketchup for additional taste.

best self feeding spoons for babies

Tips To Make Meals Exciting

Mealtimes are never fun if your baby is just not into the food you’re trying to give them. To make it more exciting, here are some tips that will surely get their taste buds flowing!

  • Serve assorted and balanced meals. Start by giving your baby a varied diet. It means they will get more of the nutrients their bodies need for holistic baby capabilities development.
  • Be patient in feeding and teaching self-feeding. Remember, your baby is growing up and developing their skills which include eating. So make sure not to force them but instead be patient with them, especially when food spills or they refuse to eat what is served.
  • Be great role models. Let your baby grow up to be just like you—eating a balanced and healthy diet. Aside from the food you eat, your child will learn about the proper use of utensils just by watching.
  • Eat together. As much as possible, have your baby eat together with you. This way, they will be more comfortable trying out the food served because you are enjoying it too.
  • Always go for fresh. Make sure to buy fresh food for your baby’s meals. Ready-made baby food is convenient, but the nutrition from fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables is the best!

Watch every mealtime turn from stressful ones into something you and your baby look forward to by following these tips.

Best Baby Spoons For Self-Feeding From Ashtonbee

With these tips and the proper baby spoon for self-feeding, you can give your little one a fun time every mealtime. As they grow up to be more independent with feeding themselves, you must provide them with food and an environment where they feel safe and comfortable.

If you want advice on making this process easier or need help choosing the right spoon set for your child, Ashtonbee has your back! We have products on-hand that you can check on our website. We know all about babies’ needs, so don’t hesitate to browse through our resources to learn more.

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